beautiful c.c

  • Lelouch: Okay guys, from now on we'll be using code names. You may address me as "Eagle 1"
  • Lelouch: Kallen is "been there done that"
  • Kallen: what the hELL?!
  • Lelouch: C.C is "currently doing that"
  • C.C: *high fives Lelouch & smirks*
  • Lelouch: Shirley, "it happened once in a dream"
  • Shirley: *blushing deeply* w-w-wHAT?
  • Lelouch: Suzaku is "if I had to pick a dude"
  • Suzaku: Lelouch I am going to kiLL YOU I BELONG TO EUPHIE-SAMA
  • Lelouch: And Jeremiah is... "Eagle 2"
  • Jeremiah: Oh thank god.
He looks at her like she is the earth, the moon and the stars,
She looks at him like he is the ocean, the sky and the sun,
They’re each other’s everything,
But they don’t know it,
Insecurity is something they have in common,
Always questioning the other’s feelings,
Both too scared to ask,
But both too curious to keep quiet,
If only they could see,
That the only thing stopping them from being beautiful perfection,
Is themselves.
—  C.C // everyone sees it but them