beautiful bug

Guess what? You have the power. The power to do what, you ask? The power to fight for your dreams. The power to stand for what you believe to be right. The power to make your own unique mark in this world like none other can.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Some CGI Disney and Pixar queens! {x}

@glumshoe​  for some resolution. I kept him in the back for a little while, but I didn’t want him to die inside. When I took him out, he immediately started to perk up and move around! I set him on a bush above the ground, and in some light colored leaves so hopefully the ants and the birds can’t get to him. 

I showed him to a lot of people today, and they all thought he was beautiful too. I hate to let him go, but whatever happens to him, he’s outside on a beautiful day in the sunshine. 

I’m going to irrationally miss this little moth.

OK it's official Riverdale= Dawsons Creek.

Jughead is Pacey Witter. Archie is Dawson. Betty is Joey. Veronica is a better Jen and I am now going to be as obsessed with Riverdale as I was Dawsons Creek back in the day. All the scenes with Jughead and his dad reminded me of Pacey and his dad especially the one where he was undressing a clearly drunk FP I had flashes of Pacey talking to his passed out dad on the beach. Cole Sprouse is just like Joshua Jackson, not meant to be the lead but his acting speaks for itself and he’s so much more interesting than the main character (no offence to KJ I think hes awesome but Cole is knocking it out of the park each episode with Juggy) so the attention shifts to him because his story is so much more emotional and full of drama that the audience is easily invested in this broken boy who only wants to give love to the people in his life and get it in return. Betty is like Joey in that Jughead and Pacey never thought they deserve this ray of sunshine but they couldn’t help but completely fall irrevocably in love with them. Archie is Dawson in the way he is creative and we’ll intentioned but a bit too dumb to function and can be a huge hypocrite when it comes to the people in his life. Bughead are the sweetest and most supportive couple since Pacey and Joey and we all know what happened in the end. I fully believe in a Bughead endgame because the similarities to Pacey and Joey are so palpable I can’t imagine another ending now! I’m emotional again!!! This show man…

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