beautiful bod

I get really emotional when I think about all the damn stereotypes Magnus Bane is out here breaking tho. 

Like men shouldn’t wear makeup or be fashionable? Nah, fuck gender stereotypes! Magnus rocks that eyeliner, that eyeshadow, and that sexy ass goatee, and he’s the best dressed character on the show. 

Or men shouldn’t cry or be nurturing and soft? Nope, Magnus cries when he’s hurting and has openly talked about his struggles with depression that nearly led him to take his own life in the past. And he’s adopted a bunch of downworlders that he’s nurtured and cared for throughout his long lifetime. 

Or how about that old, outdated argument that claims men can’t be abused by women? Screw that, Camille Belcourt was an emotionally abusive woman who broke Magnus with her manipulation and mind games, and it took him centuries to finally overcome the hold she had on him.

Or that stereotype about bisexuality being “just a phase” for indecisive and promiscuous people. Hell to the no, son! Magnus Bane is over 300 years old and he has not changed his mind about his sexual identity. He’s openly attracted to all genders but the thing he wants most in the world is to be with someone he can share his love with for life. Because he’s a “one soul at a time kinda guy.”

And let’s not forget how Asian men are often desexualized or made into meek, submissive characters in media. But, no sir, not Magnus freakin Bane! He’s out here dancing and practicing magical tai chi shirtless, showing off his beautiful bod and being the most attractive and desirable man alive. He’s also extremely intimidating and commands respect and attention whenever he enters a room; he’s truly the definition of Alpha Male™.

This goes without saying but we are truly blessed to have a bisexual Asian character like Magnus Bane. He is so so so important, and don’t you ever forget it. 

Pidge's Garden: Shiro Has Muscles
  • Pidge: Using some of the stuff from my garden, I made a salve that reduces the appearance of scars. Want to try it?
  • Shiro: Sounds great! I'm kind of fond of this one, though. *taps nose* How about we try it on these? *removes his shirt*
  • Pidge: *stares*
  • Shiro: ...Pidge?
  • Pidge: *stares* Yeah.
  • Shiro: The salve?
  • Pidge: *stares* Hmm.
  • Shiro: Weren't you going to put it on me?
  • Pidge: Yup. *doesn't move*

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Some scenarios with a chubby mc?


♡   He thinks it’s literally the cutest thing
♡ MC is so darling to him that her weight doesn’t bother him even in the slightest
♡ In fact he loves kissing all over her and cuddling and telling her how beautiful she is
♡ Her weight never even crosses his mind
♡ Because she’s so beautiful to him no matter what
♡ Though he’d be lying if he said he didn’t think about her beautiful curves during specifically boring tests


♡  Strong boyfriend will literally pummel ANYONE who thinks they can make fun of HIS babe
♡ An angel? Beautiful? Perfect bod? Super cute?
♡ Could MC get any better?
♡ The answer was no.
♡ He loves to pick her up and twirl around with her in his arms and laugh and kiss all over her face.
♡ And he loves to squeeze her thighs when they’re cuddling.
♡ Nothing more pleasing than to feel her warmth under his fingers
♡ The guy adores showering her in never ending praise and never letting her for even a second think lower of herself


♡  Jumin Han? More like “Jumin get your Han(d) off my ass”
♡ He can’t help it, poor guy
♡ He’s so in love with everything about MC and he’s absolutely in love with the idea of being allowed to touch her everywhere and anywhere
♡ His favorite pastime is whispering sweet nothings into her ear
♡  And tracing thoughtless loops against her skin
♡ Just in general he loves to tell her how she’s so gorgeous and how lucky he is
♡ His only issue is that he loves her a bit too much
♡ And can’t keep his hands off of her


♡  Honestly….
♡  Jaehee loves to rest her head on MC’s chest
♡  While watching movies
♡  And just breathe in her soft scent and hold her hand
♡  Nothing intense, just watching Zen act with only the most beautiful woman ever
♡  Jaehee is always there when MC feels insecure
♡  Because she also gets the same way
♡  They can comfort each other when they’re feeling insecure
♡  And always resolve things with another movie marathon.


♡  He’s not exactly as thin as a rod either
♡ He’s got a bit of chub around his hips from all that godly HBC
♡ And you know who’s perfect for cuddling?
♡ MC!!!!!!
♡ Saeyoung loves to absolutely smother her in his arms and press overzealous kisses all over her face
♡ And just laugh with her and hold her flush against his body


This was shortly before our walk got cut short by coyotes.

sgboy still active with hot stuffs!

Was chatting with some friends and we chatted about sgboy chatroom being the key place to meet guys online in the past. Out of curiosity, I decided to log onto sgboy after many years. Rather doubtful that there are still people using it.

The moment I got into the chatroom, 5-6 chatbox popped up and I started chatting with them. Eventually, one guy got my attention and he asked to meet up since his family is away and no one is at home. However, he refused to show me his pic claiming that he is discreet. He said he is decent looking with a lean bod, but I was hesitant to meet someone without a pic. Horniness got over me and since he was really near me, I decided to just cycle to his designated location to meet him.

When I reached, I liked what I saw immediately. He said hi with a great smile, I assume he liked what he saw too. He was NOT decent looking! He was handsome and boyish, with dimples and a charming smile. His muscular arms was holding onto a 7-11 plastic bag and I realised that he had to rush out to buy lube and rubber. I like his arms, defined and muscled but yet not too big. His singlet was so skimpy that it revealed his nice broad shoulders and nicely shaped pecs. He was definitely much more than lean, my type!!

While walking to his house, he keep rubbing is arms against mine in the pretext of helping my push my bike. I can see from the tent on his shorts that he is already hard and horny already. We reached his house and he helped me park my bike in his porch, before inviting me into his house.

He brought me into his room and it was nicely scented with some aroma candles. I asked for a towel so that I can take a shower so he told me to go ahead first and he will bring me a towel later. I was sweaty after the cycle and took off my sticky clothing and started my nice warm bath. It was not long before the bathroom door was open and a naked hunk brought in a towel for me. Immediately, my little brother got even harder when I saw him. Not only he has beautiful arms, his bod was good too. Nice pecs with some visible abs. What struck my eyes was his tool, it was straight and veiny, about 6.5″ and rather thick, a sizeable one that I have not seen in some time.

He surprised me even further by coming into the shower and started to hug me. His mouth started to attack mine and gave a passionate kiss. And oh my, he was such a great kisser. His tongue slithered in the right positions and sucked my lips appropriately. Soon he started caressing my abs, then started licking them, saying that he like them very much and has a fetish for abs. I was enjoying the attention, and it was really hot looking at him jerking off while licking my abs.

He was at my abs for about 10min and my throbbing little brother was waiting for a suck the whole while. I could not take it any further and pushed his head down and surprisingly, he took it all at once. My little brother was not small either, slightly more than 6″ and moderately thick. Not many people can take it all at once and he did it easily. He was slurping at it for another 10min until finally, then suddenly he stopped! He got up and said sorry, he was too excited and he cummed!