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Four months ago, we were graced with the masterpiece that was
Double Black episode

  • the prince: *humiliates and dismisses the old woman in front of all his guests*
  • me: wow what an asshole, he deserves to suffer
  • the prince, as a beast: *pretentiously criticizes romeo and juliet after belle names it as her favorite play*

France’s forward Olivier Giroud celebrates his second goal during the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifying football match Luxembourg vs France on March 25, 2017 at Josy Bartel stadium in Luxembourg. He is now in France’s top 10 leading international goalscorers of all time

I really hate these, but I really love them too, here I am again, weird selfies, bad discription and way to many tags.

Hi I’m Savanna (she/her) and you’re all beautiful human beings! Come talk to me if you want, I’m an socially awkward potato, so don’t expect too much from me.


Happy Birthday Xiumin 🎉💕

Xiumin, you were my first bias in exo and still take the no.1 spot 💕. Even though you are not the leader, as the eldest I know you help guide the members and give them advice when needed. I adore your gummy smile and love your hands that mirror each other in sync. You are a beautiful human being.I am so proud of you for showing everyone your talent in exo-cbx and I hope to get a solo album in the future!! I know going to the military is slowly approaching and I will miss you sooooooo much during that time. I could write so much more 🌺.Thank you for all your hard work and I will continue to support you in the future 💕

Thank you baozi ~

There’s something so beautiful about being the only person in the room watching what everyone else is doing. Taking note of their actions and creating stories from the things they choose to do and decisions they make. People are so mysterious and beautiful.


I finally got to see my beautiful girl last night after two months of being away from her ❤ even though it was only for less than 3 hours and our parents were very annoying with the whole situation, I had the most perfect night. I’m so thankful I was able to hug her and kiss her and hold her hand and smile with her and laugh with her and she makes me so happy and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I hope I get to see those beautiful eyes in person again veryyyy soon because I miss her more than anything already. @annxgracie, I love you so much and you make waking up and falling asleep so much easier. I will see you as soon as possible and I can’t wait. keep smiling for me and being beautiful and being strong and amazing and funny and practically ethereal. You’re the best girl xxx I love you to the moon and back, little one ❤❤❤🐢🐢


AU : After losing the gorgeous Laurel, Felicity was totally shattered. Until someday, the beautiful canary shows up, back from the dead. But there’s a little twist, that’s not HER Laurel. The woman claiming to be her is Earth-2 Laurel, the Black Siren. 

When she realizes it, Felicity felt betrayed. But then, the blonde it-girl, discover the beauty of being dark again. She let Laurel’s doppelganger teach her how to shut the pain and she enjoys it more than she thought. 

She’s not only loving her new way of life, she’s falling for the Siren…

Villain Hacker Felicity as calculator and her girlfriend black siren request by anon


❤️ H A P P Y X I U M I N D A Y ❤️🌸 Minnie turns 27 today! I can’t believe how fast time flies. Minseok is in all honesty one of the most beautiful human beings ever, and by that I don’t mean appearance, i mean potential, personality. I got to be in the fandom for only two years but that didn’t stop me from quickly loving everything about Minseok. He has such passion and dedication for whatever he does and he’s the most selfless person ever, and tbh every single thing about him is pure beautiful. I got to witness the glory of him acting and singing and dancing and performing his heart out and that experience was as breathtaking as it could get but most importantly, i got to witness how he started breaking out of his shell and started opening up little by little and honestly guys, Kim Minseok is a legend and it really is a honor to have someone like him to look up to 😌🙌

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I'm totally among the people that were shocked and appalled that beyonce didn't win album of the year at the grammies, but I just needed to also say how fucking unusual and amazing it was to see a fat woman (adele) up there in a fucking givenchy dress and being beautiful and gracious. like I know she's not that huge but in the music industry??? for real it was fucking amazing.

I unfortunately dont have a real-time opinion because I didnt get to see the Grammys . 

But I’m sure plenty of our lovely followers feel 100% the same!  

- Mod Dom