beautiful bald women


Photos from Sigga Ella’s project ‘Baldvin’ (meaning strength), which features portraits of women of all ages who have alopecia.  

The project was done in collaboration with Iceland’s Baldvin Association to spread awareness about alopecia and “open up the discussion and work against these gender stereotypes”.

Ella says the photo series presented the opportunity to push against the stereotype that women can only be beautiful if they have long hair.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any pictures of you bigger and would you post them?

Sure do and why not?!? There’s no shame over here.

I actually modeled (for fun) for a few years in my teens before taking a two year hiatus. During that time, I went through a healthy lifestyle change (working out/eating right/removing negative people/spiritual growth etc) and came back full force around 22.

So you want 18 and fabulously bald Asha (my graduation and prom pics are preciously hilarious)?

Or do you want ‘blooming lotus, peaceful Buddha’ limited edition Asha? You got options honey lol

Photographers: R Visions/Herb Way