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ok so im seeing a lot of "smol soft bois" worried that they're not really trans because they don't like hyper masculinity. and as an anon who also submitted a rant about why i don't like the "smol soft boi" stereotype i feel like i need to say something again: Y'ALL. ITS OK TO BE A SOFT BOY TOO. the point of those posts isn't that femininity or softness are BAD, it's that they are stereotypes that don't apply to everyone (1/8)

The recent push back against the “smol soft boy” aesthetic and push for positivity for masculinity actually has very little to do with which one is “better”, and more to do with the fact that these “soft boy” posts are often made by cis women, who think they’re supporting trans men, but when in their next post they talk about how evil and gross they think Men are but oh no! no! trans men are exempt… well… (2/8)

You start seeing it for what it is, that they don’t think we’re men at all, and they want it to stay that way. See trans men were exempt from that last post because of COURSE you’re not REALLY men, silly! You’re beautiful soft small babbies who can do no wrong (because you’re still Women)! We love soft smol trans boys (not men never men!) they’re so brave and handsome for not conforming to gender role (and we can still tell you’re Women!) (3/8)

But then on the flip side we have the push that all trans men SHOULD WANT to be big hairy meathead jocks, and honestly, as someone who would LOVE to be a big hairy monster, it’s not much better than the “soft boy” posts. What about all the trans men who want to be cute and soft? What about all the nb people out there… who want to transition… but don’t want to be called men either? (4/8)

And the bigger issue here that I’ve already had pointed out to me is how easily that line of thinking is co-opted and taken over by transmeds and truscum, and just ends up hurting non-dysphoric trans men and nb people and anyone who can’t afford to even think about transitioning medically or who just don’t WANT TO either. (5/8)

This is bullshit because the whole goal of transitioning in the first place is to be more comfortable in your own body and this will mean many different things for many different people! Some people won’t need much to change to be happy! And that’s great! Some people will NEVER be able to get all the changes they want, and that’s not so great! And they DESERVE support and acceptance! Everyone wants different things from everyone else and that’s FINE! (6/8)

one of the fun parts of being trans (and, yes, there are fun parts, don’t let tumblr’s culture of suffering convince you otherwise) is YOU get to decide what kind of what kind of man you want to be. If you want to be a flower crown thigh high sock wearing clean shaven pretty smelling SOFT TRANS BOI uwu you can! If you wanna be a hard drinkin hairy ass biker who settles his disputes through fisticuffs, go right ahead! (7/8)

but you wanna know the best part??? YOU CAN BE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME TOO!!! OR NEITHER!!! Be some other kind of man if you want! Do you see any Gender Police around here, because I sure don’t! There’s nothing wrong with wanting any of it! God knows IM made of rainbows and glitter and unicorns, and im past the point of caring if other people thinks this means im not really a man. Because they’re wrong. (8/8)

okay so ya girl has been reading a lot of Hockey RPF because my soul is sin but anyways I’ve been seeing a lot of age regression tropes?? like is that a sports fic thing when people get stressed out they magically transform back into a babby for a few days. because if so then imagine Jack Zimmermann, still in Samwell, turning into his chubby kid self near finals week, very self-conscious over his body image and freaking out because he doesn’t know what’s going on and there are a bunch of adults staring at him like he’s grown a second head

Shitty, of course, along with the rest of the SMH team, still think Jack’s the cutest thing to ever grace the earth. So imagine their shock when Jack starts sniffling over his half-finished plate of chicken tenders and Shitty coaxes it out of Jack that he’s upset because he knows he’s not like his mom or dad and that he has a vague idea that the media thinks he’s ugly, and that he thinks Shitty and everyone else is making fun of him when they call him a “freakin beautiful mothereffer.” 

Honestly I just want the team to give baby Jack a bunch of love, hugs+kisses, and support. Shitty has about 50 photos where it’s just Holster and Ransom coddling Jack and taking him skating, or letting Jack ride on their shoulders. The others are all Bitty baking with him and Bitty is just melting when Jack asks if he can lick the spoon Bitty used to stir the peach filling. Baby Jack is sweet and must be protected. 

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Radioactive stuffed aromatherapy pig? 🤤

yes hi this is pigbert my beautiful pig babby who stayed with me when i was in isolation for cancer treatment bc i was radioactive and now she’s radioactive but i will never dispose of her!!! she’s eccentric & emotional and she smells like lavender 

AU in which Project Lazarus fails and Cerberus pulls a Winter Soldier: Kai Leng/Eva Shepard

!!!!!!!!!! a big wonderful amazing thank you to @szajnie (who i was lucky enough to commission) because i am absolutely FLOORED by this result: my beautiful babby Eva Shepard as Kai Leng for my Winter Spectre AU!! i swear i’ve been staring at this for hours. i love it so so much, thank you for going along with my crazy AU and producing this stunning piece of art!!!! :’))))))))