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spoon.2Di magazine has shared additional previews and information about their newest vol.26 on their twitter and instagram accounts!

The previews show a closer image of Eren, a poster with Eren and Levi based on the same illustration from the cover, and a special 20 page feature about Shingeki no Kyojin season 2.

It includes interviews with the seiyuu Kobayashi Yuu (Sasha), Mikami Shiori (Krista), Shimono Hiro (Connie) and Fujita Saki (Ymir), as well as an interview with Kobayashi Yasuko (series composition). Another special interview with the seiyuu Kaji Yuuki (Eren) will also appear.

The magazine releases today, May 31st!


She was touched by Gaia 🌻🌿✨

Well, I promised pictures folks. Here we are. Now I can carry a little piece of magic and sunshine to help light my darkest days. 

Can’t believe I forgot to post this one! This was kind of two projects in one. I had to do a book cover for my Sci-Fi and Fantasy Illustration course. In addition I did this as a personal project; a graphic novel retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The script is still a working progress but in the meantime I will update with concept art until it is time to reveal the final piece. :)


I’m so excited because Phillip Pullman’s new book, The Book of Dust, set in the world of His Dark Materials, is released October 19th this year 🙌🏼

These books are some of my all time favourites and this series means so much to me, I am totally ecstatic that there’s going to be more! 🌟

I absolutely adore your blog! I wanted to draw these fellas to show my appreciation for you, you’re a really big inspiration for me!


DUUUUUUUDE! THIS IS SO INCREDIBLY SWEET OF YOU! Gosh, ya got all the bois!! OOO I LOVE the black shadow you’ve got on the back of the skull there- I really like that design choice, it’s so neat!! Ditto for the shiny eyelids, o lordy <3 AAAAAAAA MAN EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR LINEART IS //KILLER//!!! and the composition of your panels are so neat!! It’s like the opening credits to an action comic and I’M SO ON BOARD. ✨/(@0@)\✨

Gosh gosh, you’re soo incredibly darling!!! Thank you for your kind words and generous gift art!! AAAAA 💖💕💖✨

We can be an inspiration to each other!! AHAHHA I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR STYLE! GOSHHHHHH