beautiful and deadly all at the same time

I can’t stop thinking about this for some reason okay so we all know about hockey players and their playoff beards, yes? (lets pretend i know things about sports) what if they had the same tradition in exy? I’m just imagining all these exy boys with their beards please bear with me

  • before and during the pre championship games, the fox boys just stop shaving
  • listen to me
  • kevin with a beard, o shit
  • kevin has one of those beards that grows in real nice, i’m talking like chris evans’ beard except darker
  • he looks fucking beautiful, with his dark hair and his green eyes, he was already a heartthrob before, but exy fans (female and male alike) are losing their pants over this shit
  • neil was aware of this tradition but this is his first time participating
  • he does not want to join in, but matt hid all the razors in fox tower
  • neil cannot grow a beard. it’s patchy, it’s scraggly & itchy and he is NOT HAPPY
  • until andrew starts scratching his fingers through it when he kisses neil (which is even more frequent than before, andrew thinks neil’s ginger ‘beard’ is hot, he wont say so, but thank u playoff beard)
  • matt’s beard grows in real thick
  • dan has forced him into a flannel at least once for that LumberJACKED Aesthetic™️
  • nobody can be in the same room as them for very long, nicky jokes that dan is in heat
  • nicky always wants to look smooth and beautiful but he didn’t want to be left out
  • he convinced erik to join in all the way from germany
  • he skypes erik like 20 times a day complaining that it itches the first week
  • andrew and his blonde beard, please imagine this i’m fuckidngs;skfah
  • neil wants to die
  • andrew looks good with a beard
  • & 12000% more deadly tbh, people literally avoid crossing paths with him in pubic because of his permanent Murder Face™️ mixed with a beard
  • cue neil slipping off with andrew to do dirty things like 25/7
  • when will wymack catch a break
  • they rarely hear from aaron anymore, he’s always with katelyn (having straight person sex, as nicky calls it)
  • even wymack joins in, he looks so burly & intimidating. nicky tries to find out if abby likes it but instead earns himself 5 miles around the court
  • BONUS jean grows out his beard & is speaking french, jeremy is pretty sure he’s gonna have a heart attack, he wont survive championships with this shit

Fata Padurii (“the Forest Girl”) is a demon that lures young men into the woods, where it kills them. She has two faces: when she first shows herself to a man, she is a young and very beautiful woman, tall, thin, with big, black eyes that shine into the starlight, curved eyebrows, ruddy cheeks and long, dark hair. After she mesmerizes the victim with her beauty, Fata Padurii turns into a hideous and scary monster, she kills the boy and eats his heart. She only appears at night and never leaves the woods, so she doesn’t attack human villages. This monster is a symbol for a maturity test which all young men have to face: discovering love. The deadly threat of the demon warns the lad that love can have a dangerous side, at the same time with the beautiful one. There is a masculine counterpart for her in the dacian mythology, who appears to young women. His name is Zburatorul (“the Flying Man”), but he is less dangerous and aggressive than Fata Padurii. The romanian folklore contains several superstitions related to this demon: you shouldn’t whistle or sing in the woods at night and you shouldn’t fall asleep near a burning fire, as these signs might attract the monster. Fata Padurii is the daughter of Muma Padurii (“the Mother of the Woods”) and Paduroiul. Her parents are enemies and she doesn’t love any of them either. She stole from her mother the spell which makes her beautiful, and from her father - the magic ivy that she uses to trap her victims. She eats her prey’s heart not only as a trophy, but because she needs it for the transformation spell to work and turn her into a young woman.

Dating Klaus

‘What Would It Be Like’ for weirdling @schnusel 

  • It would have been a bit weird to start off
  • Seeing as he’s the big bad hybrid
  • But he won you over with his charm
  • And those beautiful deadly eyes of his 
  • That smile
  • The hair
  • He would probably shower you with presents
  • Maybe cute little dates around the Quarter
  • He would sometimes gift you with one of his drawings
  • One time you found a portrait of yourself in his room
  • You didn’t mention it to him, but it made you happy all the same
  • Badass couple
  • He’s probably train you how to fight
  • It would end differently than expected ;)
  • Overall you two would be golden and love birds and all that lovey dovey stuff 

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So I am obsessed with personifying the seven deadly sins as characters. Also I am watching The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix and it’s all I can think about. So here is Adam Driver as the seven deadly sins

Philip Altman: This is Where I Leave You- Lust

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While Philip Altman is one of my favorites he’s not very good at keeping his business in his pants. He has all these great qualities but he does not seem to be able to help himself around the ladies. Oh Philip, although I love your commitment to your family, I wish you were better at committing yourself to your girlfriends. 

Rick Smolan: Tracks -Gluttony

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Rick Smolan is very driven photographer who wants to help other live their dreams while capturing the beauty of their adventure at the same time. But unfortunately his passion leads him to doing whatever it takes to “get the shot”. He isn’t aware, or doesn’t seem to care, that he’s being disrespectful or rude to those around him. His main concern is doing what he wants, when he wants. 

Kylo Ren: Star Wars VII The Force Awakens - Wrath

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Our poor love has so much anger inside of him. We see him lose control on several occasions and does not seem to have much patience for mistakes. It’s more than clear that if he’s mad you do not want to be anywhere near him. If this character fully commits to the Dark Side we will see the true power his anger will bring him. 

Jude: Hungry Hearts - Sloth

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Now the aspect of sloth I am referring to is the failure to do something when you know you should. This poor man knows his wife loves their child but at the same time he knows something is not right. While he knows he needs to intervene for the sake of the child it takes him a long time to do it. 

Jamie: While We’re Young - Greed

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It is probably incredibly difficult for an aspiring documentary film maker to get noticed in the industry. So what would you do if you met a successful film maker? Jamie uses charm and deceit to get his way. Nothing is going to stand in this mans way of getting his way.

Jamie: While We’re Young- Envy

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I think Jamie personifies both these sins because I believe greed and envy kind of go together. Jamie was so ready for the fame and wealth that he used Josh’s references and knowledge to get what he wanted. He wanted to be just like Josh and did what it took to make it so.

Alan: What If - Pride

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Alan is a very cocky character. The whole movie his role seems to be giving Wallace advice. But what he didn’t really realize is that Wallace was really nothing like him so his advice was not very useful. There are a couple of times where Alan kind of crosses the line trying to be helpful but we never really hear an apology. He seems to think he knows all and doesn’t need much counseling himself.

I was going to do Adam Sackler but I do not watch Girls so I don’t think I would of classified him right. 

TWD Season 7 fail compilation: Carol

Carol was until the end of season 6 one of the most important characters who always brought the story further in a significant way and played a key role in the group.

A character who went trough significant changes, from an abused housewife to losing her daughter, to a killer and in the end to the one next to Morgan who questioned her body count and if killing others is the only way to fight for certain values and what  remains to fight and live for if the price is murder.

A sensitive, beautiful and deadly character at the same time. The one adapting with all the skills a survivor personifies. This is why survivors of trauma and or abuse are so dangerous to this world in anarchy like Carol, Daryl, and Carl fe.

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The episode The Well was beautiful and Ezekiel could see right trough her heart offering her a place where she could stay and not stay, a place where she could transcendence between the world of the death and the living. Because this is one of the many layers that personifies Carol. 

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All fine and comprehensible so far. 

Carol needs a time out and redefine for herself the values she is still breathing and murdering at the same time in a glimpse of an eye.

But where her storyline gets awkwardly off is that we don´t see her anymore for the most part of the season. And if we have a small glimpse at Carol and her personal redefinition we witness a woman who does not want her closest people to know where she is.

This is one of the moments where the story gets idiotic.

Carol lived trough a period where everyone risked their lives to search her missing daughter.

A time where she developed and found a new family.

As viewers, we are now supposed to witness that Carol is all of a sudden indifferent when someone is searching for her as it happened because of Sophia? All contrary to one of the most formative moments that shaped her entire development?

We should believe that Carol all of a sudden does not give a shit about the ones who are her new family? The ones she fought and killed for to survive?

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I did have a hard time to wrap my head around this new bitchy, frosty and indifferent Carol.

Morgan who risked his own life, who left Alexandria and his “All Life is Precious” - mantra only for mighty Carol, the one who saved her life and brought her to a safe place, that man was not worthy one single warm recognition of the new ice princess?

Not even King Ezekiel, with a productive kingdom, a garden Eden and a fucking tiger who was able to see right trough her many masquerades right trough her heart and who   provided her with a new home designed for her personal needs “You can go and not go” was not worth it for the new glacial Carol to be agreeable for one single audience to this “clown”?

Richard, desperate with a plan to fight back the savages was not even worth it a single emotion or even a slight mimic reaction?

Hell, fuck the fat idiot with the cobbler cause some jerks at the Kingdom thought milady would enjoy some homemade meal instead of all the stupid pomegranates and pears and peaches in the middle of an apocalypse. The queen needs to get spoiled in her new domicile, right? And what did they? They annoyed the shit out of her. Losers.

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None of all these efforts by all the kings in shiny armor should be good enough for the apathetic queen frosty.  Cause, you know, Carol´s only relevance is linked to Greg´s Nicotero´s close friend. 

The only moment where her story turned and Carol was allowed to be her old self,  were a cliche candlelight dinner with Daryl.

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Finally, all Caryl shippers anticipated Carol and Daryl’s moment was there. No hot sex and nudity of course.  

It was not about Carol and some emotional self-revelation. It was a solely Daryl moment, about him lying to her, to protect her. Daryl as Carol´s savior. The only moment Carol was allowed to develop.

This woman was able to take actions in her won hands and make decisions on her own and decide over death and life as a hangman. She killed to contain an epidemic and she executed a child to save another. She got outcasted and survived on her won and turned back to go on a one woman kill mission against cannibals or maniacs, the Wolves.
And what is the momentum of her development? Again a male, her soulmate Daryl she isn´t even allowed to embrace fully as a woman, whole as a woman only asexual as the elderly lady friend. Really?

Of course, no one should save Carol better and closer to her heart than Daryl in his asexual way. Not even the King and the Morgan should come close to Daryl in that for Carol most precious moment of the entire season. 

Cock-block-mission fulfilled.

And then her story and development stopped and Carol was written from now on into insignificance.
She had these moments with Ben, but for herself, they stayed insignificant.
The main protagonists affected were Morgan and Ezekiel while Carol remained froze in her untouchable state that stumbled somehow in the end with a rifle. And no one really cared.

I don´t know where they will go with her character from now on but I´m afraid Carol will get sacrificed to give again some male characters as Daryl, Morgan or Rick a reason to develop.

It’s ironic how we see beauty in the most deadly forces of nature. Like how the waves from a storm violently crashes upon the shore, or how the wrong step on top of a mountain could be our last. There is dangerous beauty all around us, so why did I not recognize that same beauty in you. Because by the time I did I was already falling to my death
—  INK 

I admit it, I’m trash, I’m complete trash. But I sorta ship Abbie and Jeremy/Henry.

I know you’re all horrified, but its true. 

I know John Noble is old, but people are getting shifted through time and there are the parallels. 

  • abandoned by their parents
  • tormented because of destiny
  • betrayed by Ichatrina

And there is so much blessed angst fodder Ichabbie, the age difference, they are on opposite sides in history…

Abbie understands what it is like to be abandoned by a parent, she understands his anger and some of his frustration.

Just imagine it for a moment. She has to talk Jeremy out of something, convince him he is on her side that she can feel his pain and she can because it is the same pain. Its ruse, but it works for just a moment and Abbie being Abbie cuts him loose after, but Henry would admire her ruthlessness all the more. 

Ichabod and Katrina are toys for him to play with. But Abbie is his true foe, his equal, beautiful, ruthless and deadly. Of course he is attracted and for just a moment maybe she felt for him and it stirred something that Henry thought was long dead….

And since this is a show with magic and fantasy people can travel in time, backwards and forwards, meet when they are the right ages. 

In 1975 for whatever reason, she meets a friendly young law student. They have challenging conversations about justice, duty, morality. He has strong moral and ethical convinctions, too high for anybody, even himself to live up to. She is a pragmatist, ruthless even, but compassionate at her core. She can’t spend too much time over a few flawed individuals when the whole world needs saving. 

Eventually they talk about abandoment, disappointment, betrayal, after confessions come comfort, maybe- Henry knows who she is maybe he is supposed to kill her, corrupt her, not fall in love…Not let her go back to his father, his unworthy father.

What drives me insane about this whole “body positivity” and claiming that “being big can be healthy” attitude is the neglect, and even abuse, of the other side of the spectrum. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for body positivity IF IT’S REAL BODY POSITIVITY. Not if you’re bashing the skinny people, calling them “priviledged” while at the same time calling them “emaciated and unhealthy”. What thin-shaming blogs tend to forget is that, while anorexia is a very deadly disease and needs to be erased, natural thinness is very possible and even healthy. Sadly, these beautiful, naturally thin people often feel ashamed of their bodies because of self-proclaiming body positive screaming “YOU’RE UNHEALTHY GO EAT 50 TACOS YOU FUCKING COATRACK!" 

Why can’t you all just be healthy body positive and attempt to help those with severe weight problems that cause actual health problems instead of making up bullshit about natural sizes?

His Eyes

Hello loves! This is based off @cirilee‘s Foxy Merman AU! This is actually much darker than I originally planned it to be, so readers beware. I really hope I haven’t butchered  your wonderful AU. Enjoy~

His eyes were far lighter than the ocean he resided in, almost bio luminescent under the deep, dark waves he calls home. They draw you in like a moth to a flame, calling you close with their strange qualities. They are what pull you from your boat without protest, plunging you into the briny deep without so much as a peep.

 And they are what keep you grounded to the ocean floor despite you need- your burning, aching need- to flee and swim to the surface for a lungful of precious air. And they keep you entranced as his lips press ever so gently against your own, allowing the passing of a single puff of breath between the two of you. And they stare down at you in amusement as you finally take in the much needed breath- swallowing the salty sea water around you. You survive.

Perhaps it was those eyes that stole the two from their boat in the first place. He had drawn them in with just a smile. The simple twist of the lips and crinkling around his eyes had melted past any resistance, leaving them limp amongst his tentacles as he dragged them under. They were powerless to this new entity.

Stanley and Stanford lay together in his hold, sighing and mewling as the gentle brushing of scales made contact with their over heated skin, sending bolts of white hot pleasure through their veins like lightening. 

“That’s it darlings,” the being croons, his voice as soft as silk and as light as air. “Relax. It will only take a moment.” 

They do so without protest, looking into his eyes as they pawed at his skin. It makes him grin, almost shark like in its danger. They fit into his embrace perfectly, smoothing themselves against his suckers like two pieces to a puzzle he didn’t know was unfinished. He pulls them close, whispered praises leaving his lips as the two keened under him, pleasured grins gracing their lips.

“You will love it here, won’t you my darlings? This will be your new home- here with me.” His voice is as sweet as honey and his hands hold strong jaws like the most precious of gems.

They beam under the attention, a healthy flush taking over cheeks that are covered in light stubble. It makes his own stomach growl and his grin turns deadly,  revealing razor sharp teeth and pupils that dilate much like a sharks. He felt their bodies shiver in fear, but the dazed look never fades from their eyes.

“Remember me, my love.” He’s speaking to them both and each one of them at the same time, drawing them in once more with a crooning song.

They would not fear the beast. They would see the creature that was beauty and danger incarnate. They would see love and lust and all that they’d ever want. They would see him.

“Say my name.” He growls.


It slips out in an agonized scream, but to him it was like the loveliest of sighs. It sends pleasure down his spine and he gives them one last kiss.

“Goodbye my loves.” 

There are two pairs of glasses that sit on the bottom of the ocean. And they are picked up periodically, cradled in strong hands and stared at by those eyes. 

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I have half a spideytorch au where they have a mindy kaling style BFF pact and one of the rules is they will pretend to be in love if they run into the other's ex or don't have a date to a wedding. But the other gets to make up how they got together.

oh my god. that may actually be the best paragraph i’ve ever read. does it get more and more over the top every time it happens? like, it starts off okay, distant family affair, “Oh yeah, we met on the job. I took some photos of him and we just ‘clicked’, y’know?” ”He does that stupid camera click joke every time.” “Don’t talk to the love of your life like that, Johnny.”

then at a Bugle wedding: “I pulled him out of a burning building. His burning building. He set his apartment on fire making toast. It’s adorable how he can’t make toast. Anyway so as I was pulling him, weak-kneed with desire-” “Smoke inhalation.” “- ANIMALISTIC DESIRE as my strong arms whisked him away from the deadly blaze. He looked up into my eyes -” “We’re the same height.” “- Way, way up into my eyes, and said, did it hurt?” “Oh my god.” 

running into Crystal and Pietro on the street? “It was at Victor von Doom’s annual gala-slash-attack on the UN. He lost his phone fighting doombots and I searched the entire city looking for him. It was beautiful, like a modern fairy tale.” “He cried when he proposed!” “We’ve adopted five dogs and a tarantula at our beautiful Swiss mountain chalet, where we are incredibly happy all the time!” “He got my face tattooed over his heart!” “You did it first!”