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for October, i’m casually getting acquainted with clip studio by drawing KH Halloweentown designs & posting them daily on twitter ! 
Riku - Phantom of the Opera
Kairi - the Nutcracker princess

PS I’ll be at Kumoricon in Portland at the end of the month (table A2!!) and have these collected in a little hallowzine~


breathtaking 🌅

Bath/Body Product Magic

This was just something i was thinking about, feel free to add your own

Body wash
Protection, shielding, removing negative energy from yourself, self love 
Face wash
Removing self hate, clearing up misconceptions, glamours
Removing malevolent magic, clearing up mental blocks, banishing
Shielding, beauty, glamours, persuasion
Bath bombs
Absorbing spells directly into skin, powerful burst of magic, divination
Glamours, AOE magic, beauty, big smelly shield
Soothing, smooth things over, emotional softness, self love
Bubble bath
Divination, banishing (when you pop the bubbles), shielding