hello everyone and pls excuse this awful banner!!!! I reached 1.4k today so I’m throwing this together (I honestly thought itd happen in the next few days I’m so unprepared *cries*) anyways I’m doing my first-ever follow forever, and I also have a little surprise for mutuals!!!! ;)))))) before I start i’d love if yall could join my tumblr awards (they close june 29th!) anyways here we go (I hope I’m doing this right lmao)!! (also I’m sry if its not completely alphabetical order normally id care but,,, i’m so tired and I rly Tried) aLSO!!!! @ mutuals!!!! I have a Surprise for you here!!! pls pls check it out!!!!! <3333

mutuals are bolded! (everyones a fave tbh) (also jesus wtf I have so many mutuals??? who ive never known were mutuals????? ily all sm????)

special shoutouts:

@sarahthesuccess: moom u gotta get on this hellsite more often anyways I’m so thankful ur in my life, youre such an amazing person whos been by me through the ups and downs of life <33 also your arangetram speech,,,,, too beautifl,,,, im crying in the club <3333333 also!!!! you were my very first follower on here!!!! so thank u for supporting my dreams of becoming a quality hp blog (evn if they have failed, for I am a Trash) ily!!! <333

@parvander: tyler, you are probably one of the best people I know. I’m so, so glad we met, and you make my day a little brighter every time I talk to you <3 thank you for being here for me, and I want you too know that ill always be there for you too <333

@lunalovey: vob, a meme queen, you are so funny and so sweet and I’m so glad we started talking!!! I feel like ive known you forever tbh, and youre a great friend <333

@mcgonnagal: bonnie!!!! ily!!!! youre so nice and so funny and your writing is too good like wtf #goals and I’m so glad we met!!!!

@lilyevansh: beeeeeef my sweet wife!!!! ily so much, youre such a great person and youre go r g eous and so kind!!!! and gotdamn you work so hard on everything and I really admire that!!!! 

@newt-scxmander: neeb!!!!! youre so funny and so kind and youre one of the only people that post in the #ganjsfam tag so thank you for that and I’m so glad we started talking!! youre too good,,, too pure


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Okay, so now that I’ve stopped grinding for Overwatch lootboxes, I have enough credits left for two extra dance emotes

which two do I get

a) Orisa bc she’s fast becoming another main and she’d be the only main I DON’T have (even tho her dance is kinda shitty)

b) Mercy bc her dance is adorable and even tho I have less than an hour on her I’d like to Git Gud at her someday

c) Reinhart bc THE WALTZ (I never play him and never will! BUT THE WALTZ)