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Coming home from a very rainy day at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, we were driving home on Highway 12, when we saw the stormy sky dramatically change. It was hard to not get ran over and find a break in traffic, on this very busy rode, in the hart of the American Southwest. But it was worth the danger, for this beautiful and amazing image. Taken with my Canon 5D Mark ii and 16-35mm f4 EF lens. If you like my photos and art, you can buy them here <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a>

CIRCUMCISION: What the first woman doctor said about circumcision  ( <– )

As you might expect, however, as circumcision became more common it was the opponents of the practice who continued to use the “M”[utilation] word, and the
advocates who began to insist that it was not merely not a mutilation, but that it was some sort of beautification. One of the most eloquent opponents of circumcision in the 1890s was Dr Elizabeth Blackwell, who condemned the practice in terms that have not lost their relevance:

Warning against circumcision

A serious warning against the unnatural practice of  circumcision must here be given. A book of advice to mothers by a Philadelphia doctor was lately sent to me. This treatise began by informing the mother that her first duty to her infant boy was to cause it to be circumcised! Her fears were worked upon by an elaborate statement but false statement of the evils which would result to the child were this mutilation not performed. I should have considered this mischievous instruction
unworthy of serious consideration, did I not observe that it has lately become common among certain short-sighted but reputable physicians to laud this unnatural practice, and endeavour to introduce it into a Christian nation.

Circumcision is based upon the erroneous principle that boys, i.e. one half of the human race, are so badly fashioned by Creative Power that they must be reformed by the surgeon; consequently that every male child must be mutilated by removing the natural covering with which nature has protected one of the most sensitive portions of the human body. …

The plea that this unnatural practice will lessen the risk of infection to the sensualist in promiscuous intercourse is not one that our honourable profession will support. Parents, therefore, should be warned that this ugly mutilation of their children involves serious danger, both to their physical and moral health.  [15]

15.  Elizabeth Blackwell, The human element in sex: Being a medical enquiry into the relation of sexual physiology to Christian morality (1884; 2nd edition, London, 1894), pp. 35-6

Elizabeth Blackwell (1821-1910) was the first woman in the United States to take a medical degree.



Beautification and Conservation

Winter is both a devastating and beautiful season, with both picturesque scenes of snow-capped pines and power-outages and ice storms. The monotone colours of white and grey encourage the creation of minimalist designs, such as the snow drawings of artist Sonja Hinrichsen. With the help of sixty volunteers, the artist trekked up to Catamount Lake in Colorado, creating the immense “Snow Drawings at Catamount Lake” (2013) piece.

The artist used this project to not only show the volunteers the amazing results of combining nature and art, but to show anyone who views the images the results of such a collaboration. As the artist states, “this changes our perception of the landscape and accentuates the beauty and magic of the natural environment, and thus inspires awe and appreciation for art as well as for nature”.

Another individual who encourages creative expression in colder environments is former engineer Chewang Norphel. Though his work is not ‘artistic’, the project itself is a creative approach to combat issues of global warming that ravage his people in the Trans-Himalaya area. He has managed to actually create ten artificial mini-glaciers that supply water to 10,000 people; important especially for those living in the desert areas of that region. During the winter months, water flows from pipes into the ground so the pipes do not freeze and burst; Norphel decided to mimic this and “divert the winter ‘waste’ water from its course down the mountain, along regularly placed stone embankments that would slow it down and allow it to spread and trickle across a large surface depression…here, the slowed water would freeze and pack”, creating the DIY glacier.

The Winter season is a surprisingly perfect time for creative thinking and starting projects. Sometimes we may think of different ways to add to the aesthetics of the snowy landscape, with a few snow angels, snow people, or even intricate patterns made with footprints.

Or, winter can also inspire change, which could help the environment and future generations.

-Anna Paluch

“When I found myself in the White House it was natural—and inevitable—for me to turn to the movement we called beautification (we never could think of a better word!). Because my heart had for so long been in the environment, I began to think that in the White House I might now have the means to repay something of the debt I owed nature for the enrichment provided from my childhood onward. And since my hometown for the next few years was still to be Washington, D.C., where better to start than in the ‘nation’s front yard?’” 

–Lady Bird Johnson, in Lady Bird Johnson and Carlton B. Lees, Wildflowers Across America, New York: Abbevile Press, 1993, p. 12.

Photo by schizoform, via Flickr Creative Commons. 

Successful Landscape Contractor-A Perfect Balance of Talent & Experience in Property Beautification
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Landscaping projects are quite difficult and complex and it requires trained and qualified professionals to complete the task efficiently and timely.

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February 16, 1967. Lady Bird Johnson and Mary Lasker accept on behalf of their beautification program a surprise donation of flower seeds to be used in Washington, DC school grounds, in a presentation at the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden of the White House. 

LBJ Presidential Library photo #C4560-20a, public domain. 

“[When I was younger] I was like, ‘I don’t need makeup! I don’t wanna wake up early; I don’t wanna care that much; I’m not trying to get a boyfriend.’ So I didn’t wear makeup, I didn’t do any of that stuff. I only started ‘cause I wanted to piss off my mom. And then as I’m becoming a person, I’m like, ‘Oh, wait - makeup is not inherently misogynistic! Just stop shitting on other girls and do what you want.’ It’s like warpaint. Everyone paints to go to war. And [laughing] I paint to go to war too – just to smash the patriarchy!” -Abby

April 6, 1965. Lady Bird plants a cherry tree at the Cherry Blossom festival in the Washington D.C. Tidal Basin. 

The First Lady’s Committee for a More Beautiful Capital has been meeting for several months now, and their efforts have included plantings along the Mall, cleaning old statues, and improving the Watts Branch section of northeastern D.C. The people of Japan donated 3,800 cherry trees to the effort.