beautiesofafrique the least you could do when you claim to want to apologize to people who have constantly pointed out the misinformation your blog spreads is having the decency not to block those very people so you can just easily ignore their criticisms. I’m tagging you so that you can see that you still haven’t addressed beauchampfraser’s and tazarut’s issues with your blog in any satisfying way and to tell you that blocking and putting your heads in the sand doesn’t make all the misinformation on your blog and your ignorance go away. 

The people of Gabon are ready for a revolution. They’ve been held against their will for over 50 years by a single family of dictatorship. The Bongo family have ruled the country since the death of our first democratically elected leader Léon Mba. The country is known to have rich resources from minerals, timber, oil etc…but the wealth has not been shared equally due to corruption and dictatorship, the people of Gabon 43% of the population live under 10,000 franc CFA a month which is equal to about $10 to $12. They’ve been assassinated through mystic rituals which are known in central Africa, they are tired, they are voiceless, they need us to be their voices, they need the international community to hear their cries. We need to help spread awareness of this genocide, we need president Ali Bongo ousted fast. Please share, reblog, like, tweet this message. beautiesofafrique rascalqueen vivalamac blvck-pen yourfavmoroccan