I was tagged by the lovely ashotatthenight aka beautidul Hay♥

Using only song names from 1 artist cleverly answer these questions; pass it on to 15 people.

Band: The Killers
What is your gender: miss atomic bomb
Describe yourself: just another girl
How do you feel: on top
Describe where you currently live: Here with me
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: where the white boys dance
Favourite mode of transportation: a great big sled hahahahahaha
Your best friends are: all the pretty faces
Favourite time of day: midnight show
If your life was a TV show it would be called: glamorous, Indie Rock & Roll
What is life to you: joy ride
Relationship status: waiting for love
Your fears: the world we live In

thanks Hay,it was really fun and i had great time listening to the boys while doing it :D but now i’m kinda sad bc i miss them haha

I tag the following people: thekillersetc astheworldgoesrollingpast iluvbrandonflowers the-battle-is-won trouble-some-mind desertnightbloom mdnghtshow battle-born goldensaharahotel wecouldgosailingonthesea

Please don’t hate me, but I post two photos one of Lauren and one of Dinah and I notice that they don’t have the same amount of likes, it’s not like am interested in the likes, but am thinking about favoriticism. Why does Lauren has more likes than Dinah? Is it because L is more popular? or do you find her more beautidul or what? I just don’t understand how people prefer one of them, they are all queens, they are all angels and they are all beautiful… please don’t hate me guys