Remember when we told you that our Creative Director, Jodi Arnold, has a style crush on Rochelle from Beauticurve? We were so impressed by her natural instinct for style that she’s become our latest Style Muse! She came to visit our office in NYC where she selected her favorite styles from our pre-fall collection, Green Envy

Because true style extends beyond individual pieces, we asked Rochelle to put together her picks for a shoot in the streets of Gramercy Park. If you think stripes are only for nautical moments, her combinations of leopard, floral, and perforated faux leather will convince you otherwise. Be inspired by her pairings (photos, above) or create your own looks from her expert selection

Her bold approach was such an inspiration that we had to ask Rochelle even more questions, including the lightning round we had so much fun with during our interview with Allison from Curvy Girl Chic

ELOQUII: Has your style changed since you started Beauticurve?

Rochelle: Not dramatically. If anything I’ve just become more confident in my wardrobe choices and have been a bit more adventurous when it comes to trying new looks.

E: What’s the most common question your readers ask?

R: I always get asked about advice for starting a blog. I always answer – Just go for it! I didn’t have a “Mission Statement” or a 5 year plan when I started. I just wanted to share.

E: What’s one trend that you can’t stop loving and one trend that you won’t try again?

R: So, I’m obsessed with distressed boyfriend jeans (ELOQUII note: we have some hot new denim coming soon - stay tuned!). I want to wear them every day. I’ve been over the overall trend since my 13th birthday party… they had Mickey and the gang on them…tragic.

E: What trends are you most looking forward to this fall?

R: I love a Cape. Can’t wait to wrap up in one. I also am looking forward to holding on to my heavier crop tops by adding a crisp button down.

E: Do you have any hobbies?

R: I love to travel. Eat out. Shop. Workout. Hunt for recipes on Pinterest.

And now for the style lightning round! 

Leopard or zebra?


Sweater or sweatshirt?


Jumpsuit or pant suit?

Pant suit

Pleated or pencil? 


Black or camel? 


Ankle booties or sneakers?

Ankle booties

East coast or west coast? 

West coast - of course! Born & raised! 

Curly or straight?


If you want to bond with Rochelle over your mutual love of pumpkin pie ice cream & state fairs, head on over to her Instagram, but if you’re looking to steal her style, shop her picks right this way.

1-800-FLOWERS Florals… not the most unexpected trend of the season, however the look is most definitely blooming in a serious way this spring/summer— and in new silhouettes, styles, and unique prints. If you think this trend is not exactly your thing, try adding the print in smaller doses. Try a floral clutch or a pair of cute floral pumps. The point is to embrace the power of the flower. Pick from the crazy bouquet of floral inspirations for your perfect summer wardrobe additions. Shop this look and others at Cori Coren Boutique.
  • Floral Midi - Cori Coren
  • Black Pumps - Tom Ford (Similar Below)
  • Structured Bag - Vintage Gucci (Similar Below)
  • Oversize Sunnies - Fendi (Actual Below)

Dress courtesy of Cori Coren Boutique. All opinions are my own.

External image

To celebrate the launch of our classic tulle skirts, we partnered with a few of our favorite bloggers and asked them to take one of our skirts & customize it with their own style. We’re auctioning off their one-of-a-kind creations with 100% of the proceeds benefitting their favorite charities. In addition, we’re offering the auction winners a $250 ELOQUII credit & a styling consultation with our design team. Here’s the scoop on their skirts, charities, and how you can bid:

Rochelle from Beauticurve: “I selected The C.A.L.L. (Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime). I love kids and believe everyone deserves an awesome childhood. Since 2007, The CALL has recruited Christian families to serve children in foster care for more than 2,000 children and nearly 100 children adopted. I would like to support them in their efforts to continue this work.”

Bid on her size 14 tulle skirt here.

Nicolette Mason: “I love how Step Up Women’s Network approaches the concept of mentoring by connecting working professionals with young women. It’s so valuable for young women to see reflections of themselves in the real world - and know that they can succeed when empowered with the right resources.”

Bid on her size 16 tulle skirt here.

Margie from Margie Plus: “I was introduced to the Hetrick-Martin Institute a few years ago through my good friend Bobby Graham from GQ who is on the board of directors and I fell in love with the cause. I believe that everyone deserves a safe environment to strive regardless of discrimination and the Hetrick-Martin institute does just that. I hope to bring visibility to the cause and all the amazing services that HMI provides.”

Bid on her size 18 tulle skirt here

Mo from Lion Hunter: “I chose Munhu Inc. The criteria for choosing my charity was that it had to benefit children from Zimbabwe. I was born in Zimbabwe and have always known that when I could, I would help children back home. It does my heart good to know that children will have a better chance to grow up and make something out of themselves. When you invest in the basic needs of children, especially education, the positive ripple effect of your contribution is long term!”

Bid on her size 22 tulle skirt here.

ELOQUII Design Team: Naturally, we had to get in on the fun, too! Our Creative Director, Jodi Arnold, rescued a Pit Bull, Kimba, who you might have seen on Instagram standing in as our stylist or celebrating our birthday. We selected Second Chance Rescue, Inc for the great work they do finding loving homes for animals in NYC.

Bid on our size 14 tulle skirt here.

Auction details: The auctions will be live for 10 days and will ship free to the US & Canada. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us a!



Nothing else has the effect of a figure-hugging bodycon dress. Short for body conscious, bodycon dresses follow your silhouette, enhancing your shape adding a dash of instant sexiness. I know for some, tighter silhouettes can often be intimidating. However, a lot of bodycon pieces are actually pretty flattering, due to the fact that they suck you in, smoothing out your shape, especially when wearing a little concealed help (Spanx)!

Also wanted to picture another way to wear the dress to make more comfortable for many occasions. Simply wear it with a blazer/jacket to balance the look. As with anything you wear, its about adding elements to make it uniquely you.

This beautiful printed bodycon dress was sent to me for review from CORI COREN Online Boutique. I’m wearing a 2x in the dress. I love how it juusst reaches the knee. I’m 5’ 9”, tight and short not my fave combo. This dress hits me right where I like, when it comes to bodycons. The material provides plenty of textural interest and is soft and snug to the body. I found that even wearing it all day didn’t loosen the shape, and didn’t have an issue with the see-though effect that’s typical of these stretchy pieces. Go over to for this dress and many other super cute pieces!

  • Printed Bodycon Dress: Cori Coren Boutique
  • Tassel Necklace: TJ Maxx
  • Leather Pumps: Prada
  • Leather Clutch: Michael Kors

Dress courtesy of Cori Coren Boutique. All opinions are my own.



Had so much fun styling these looks for Monif C. Plus Sizes! Love, love, love all of these pieces. I probably don’t even need to talk about the quality – that’s synonymous with the name, Monif C. Shop these looks with the links below!

Hunter Top & Bottom  

Morgan Scuba Dress - *runs small, size up.

Codi Jumpsuit


  • (Hunter) - Pumps - Nasty Gal/ Clutch - Forever 21/ Necklace - Armani  
  • (Morgan) - Sandals - ASOS/ Clutch - ASOS/ Necklace - Anthropologie
  • (Codi) - Sandals - Charlotte Russe/ Clutch - Tory Burch/ Necklace - Jeante Boutique