beautfiul guy

bitchinbubblegum  asked:

How do I talk to a boy I find attractive? I have no classes with him and I never see him around school. I only see him when I'm going to the locker room to change for cheer. People say it shouldn't be a problem because I'm "beautfiul" and "what guy wouldn't like you" but they don't understand that I'm nervous and actually have a lot to lose.

Whenever you get to see him try to look at him and make eye contact and smile. Its not too flirty but it makes you seem approachable. When you feel like you’re ready to talk to him go for it. It only takes 3 seconds of courage to do stuff like this. Remember that he’s just a person and you don’t have to be nervous to talk to him. Now when you do talk to him maybe ask about something that’s going around the school like “hey do you know when spirit week is?” Or anything that he’ll be able to relate to and won’t come off as random. Hope this helps!