#8 Preference: That Moment..


Where your arms are around his neck tightly, while his are wrapped around your waist tightly as well. ‘I love you’ he whispers smiling, showing up his dimples. You bite your lip, leading down to kiss him.


Where you’re about to leave for work or school and he grabs your hand to turn you around He leans himself on his back, pulling you down with him. ‘You’re going nowhere today’ he mumbles between kisses.


Where you two are talking outside, enjoining the time you’re spending together. At one moment he grabs a side of your neck with his hand and lead down to bite yhe other one. ‘You’re beautfitul’ he murmurs, letting hot breaths against your skin between every words, making you giggle.


Where you two are laying on your bed, looking at your twitter.
You throw your phone away and lean your head on his chest wrapping an arm around his chest and closing your eyes. ‘Forget about the haters, I’m here’ he whispers softly, tightening the grip around you and kissing your forehead.


Where he comes closer to you and hugs you tight, whispering sweet things in your ear. ‘Never leave me’ he says and you lean your forehead on his shoulder ‘Never’ you reply and he does the same thing with his forehead, smiling at your word.