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iron heart | tony stark

Title: Iron Heart

Pairing: Mentor!Tony Stark x Reader

Summary: After building it in her dorm room, Y/N showcases her version of the Iron Man suit off to Tony Stark himself. Loosely based off Riri Williams

Warnings: none

Word Count: 698


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You were wringing your hands, waiting on the elevator for it to finally get to your floor. You were absolutely nervous as hell and couldn’t believe where you were right now.

You had managed to build your own replica of one of Tony Stark’s famous Iron Man suits in your dorm. Apparently word had gotten around and back to the man himself as you were now on your way to a meeting with him. You were still in shock as you sat in the car on your way to the Avengers base.

“Only one more floor.” You breathed as the number changed to the second highest floor. You huffed, tapping your foot as the elevator dinged and the doors opened to a living space. You stepped inside, taking in the scenery – completely amazed at the beauty.

“Welcome, Miss Y/N L/N, you may have a seat wherever you’d like. I’m informing Mr. Stark of your arrival.” His AI sounded through the room as you do as she says, taking a seat on the couch.

From your spot you can see out onto the base, agents are running to and fro with files as others make idle conversation. The sight of a quinjet  taking off excites your eyes, you watch as it makes its way into the sky.

“Impressive, isn’t it?”

You turn and see Tony Stark himself in the doorway. “Turning an old shed into a fully functional team base.” He comes over and sits down in a chair across from you, planting his feet on a glass table you were too afraid to even look at, let alone touch, “You must be Y/N L/N, I’ve heard all about you.”

You smile and nod, “Mr. Stark, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” There’s a small glint in his eye that you cannot place, “Likewise.” He sits up suddenly and claps his hands together, “So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to see the beaut.”

You nod, “I figured you’d like to get down to business – she’s outside.” You gestures towards the window where your version of his suit was on display in the courtyard.

“Let’s do a trial, shall we?”


You lead the way to your shiny red tin can, letting Tony admire your work. “Rather impressive, she looks like one of my own.”

“She?”  You ask, raising a brow, “I refer to my suits the same way one would a car. They’re my babies.” He shrugs, examining the details on the chest plate.

“How long it take you to make?” You purse your lips, crossing your arms, “Long enough.” He looks at the man who drove you here, Happy Hogan, who merely shrugs as well. “Hmm and you built this in your dorm?

“Yeah, my roommate was a pain in the ass – kept touching stuff , so I had to move it a couple of times. But yeah, more or less.” Tony claps his hands together, “Can you fly it?”

“Yeah, I guess. Not too high, I’m still figuring out the repulsors, but the rest of tech rings true.” You press down the ruby in the ring on your left hand and the suit opens up. You step inside, facing Happy and Tony before it closes again.

The suit powers on and your own AI you had dubbed, Val, speaks to you, “Good afternoon, Y/N. Doing a mid-day flight, I suppose?”

Blue light begins dancing in front of your face showing you facts like wind force, trajectories and such, “You suppose right. Gotta show them how it’s done, Val.”

“Don’t get too cocky!” You hear Tony yell and you smirk to yourself as Val clears you for lift off. You take off into the air easily and smoothly, Happy and Tony both stumble back at how quickly you do it.

“Woohoo!” You cheer, as you fly past the windows of the base. You can see Vision in the kitchen with Wanda Maximoff. She’s drinking coffee and he’s reading the newspaper. You fly around a bit more before swooping back around towards Tony and landing where you started.

At your command, the suit opens again and you step out, “So what do you think?”

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i own abt 10 so far!! i rlly wanna buy more tho ; w ; my favorite stuffie is named captain cuddles, he’s a rilakkuma eheh

Original Imagine:  Imagine not wearing underwear and Kol notices and when he asks you get turned on but before you can speak his hands go up your dress.

Author:  Caiti

Reader Gender:  Female

Word Count:  3,089

Content Warning:  Smut, moderate domination, possible language

Comments:  Feel free to send me constructive criticism, would love to know what I can do to make my writing better. Also sorry it’s so long… tried to make it a bit shorter for reader ease but i couldn’t do much more. I will also be posting all of my writings on my page.

Another year since you had been changed, another to add to the 800 and something years, you were starting to loose count. You’re human birthday was irrelevant these days, but you still counted but using Halloween. It had always been a favourite topic to study and even after all these years how times and the stories changed were incredibly fascinating. And of all the places in the world, nowhere celebrated the crossover of the harvest season as New Orleans itself. You had been travelling here for the week of celebrations for nearly 200 years. It was always open season as long as we didn’t break Marcel, Elijah or Niklaus’ rules, which was understandable. They ran the town and had to keep things in line or the locals would realise that we aren’t just stories, and we being vampires, werewolves, hybrids, witches are just at the top of the list. I am a rare form of hybrid, half witch, half vampire. I need blood to survive but my heart beats enough for me to connect to the earth for power.

It was coming up to the famous All Hallows eve and so I decided on my way into town I drop by and see how my two favourite original brothers and their friend were doing now that the war was over. As I reached the compound, I could hear Elijah and Nik arguing as usual.

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