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My opinion on Saezuru ch. 25

My opinin on Saezuru tori wa habatakanai ch. 25

I decided that I’ll get all my emotions out when the trasnlated version is released :) Yes I’m a little bit late, I thought of not writting it…but still I wanted to share excitment with everyone else (I have read a lot of reviews and great theories :D –> mine will not be anything special).

For the beginning I need to say that I REALLY DIDN’T EXPECT ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST CHAPTER. My sloppy prediction was that yashiro would break down in the middle of ti and doumeki would then stop and would let yashiro talk (that kind of development..with deep talk and tears involved ( I got the tears though)). So I was actually really startled at the very beginning and truthfully didn’t know what to think…because my emotions were overflowing…I couldn’t decide what to feel and what would have been more appropriate ( I was so excited to see them having their first step into more deep relationship but couldn’t decide if sex was the right answer) à With the translation I can trutfully say that I love the way it was portraied…I don’t consider it RAPE as some people said … we have proparly presented rape in this manga ( yashiro getting raped by his stepfather, doumeki’s sister too) and that wasn’t either of those. But I would like to say that I LOVED that the fandom properly discussed the act of rape after the chapter 24.
So to continue I saw Yashiro in totally different light and it made me think…WHO’S THE REAL YASHIRO…is he always wearing a mask?? Does he even recognizes it himself?
Confession: When I started reading saezuru and have read a half of it I didn’t like Yashiro…or more like..DIDN’T UNDERSTAND him…I was filled with questions: What is his problem? Why he doesn’t talk about his trauma? He even portrait it as something that didn’t efect him much but it’s something that happened in his past..Why he likes painful sex? Why he doesn’t bother with whom he’s doing it?  WHY? WHY? WHY? (My mind at that time not trying to understand….I still can’t believe that if I wouldn’t create my account on tumblr I wouldn’t find my special love for saezuru!!!)
Then I discovered Tumblr and discovered @domeyashiro and other blogs which gave me second opportunity to open my heart to saezuru and I was filled with their theories and posts and just wanted more…I discovered this manga is  holding such a deep meaning and interesting story about a twisted person with a trauma, but he’s too emotionally closed to heal it himself…he needs someone for him to open up to him (which is Doumeki).
That light that enlightened Yashiro wasn’t how much he wanted Doumeki emotionally…What really touched my heart was the scene when yashiro said : You don’t have to stare so hard…That broke my heart…because at that moment the gangbang scene pooped in my head…because if I remeber correctly he didn’t care at all how misumi looked at him…or any of the »participants«…or how he looked at that moment (to be embarassed about). Or when he forced doumeki to watch him at the beginning of the story. 

Even the kiss was probably quite a big deal to yashiro I believe. He was so embarassed that he requested or more like order doumeki to do him from behind.  
The other thing that touched me was when yashiro initiated the kiss at the beginning of the third time…When did yashiro even kiss his sex partner or looked at him closely….or looked at him with the eyes filled with ecstasy??

The last third of them having sex was totally beauriful for me. It was as every third of the sex has diffferent meaning…the first one was like they are discovering something new with each other..especially yashiro…he then become so scared and embarassed he needed to »hide« his face..but the last time he became quite comftarble (not completely of course), he felt doumeki so much and he was confident enought to gave him orders(to hurt him more), and doumeki refusing him and then the most beautiful time in the chapter…KISS ON THE FOREHAD AND »BOSS, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL « :“’( literally broke 

my heart into little pieces..

And then the emotional roller coaster…I will be true with you..I was always hoping for yashiro let him emotion out and cry (the scene when he was sitting alone in his apartment crying hurts me so much even now)..but I thought it would be with Doumeki emotional confort and support…but I still liked it …at the end of the read he needs to face it alone and beat it!!! And surpass it!! 

What we can expect from the next chapter?? I DON’T KNOW A THING…and this time I’ll let it flow..I’m no good with the predictions on saezuru, so I’ll just enjoy the last three chapters trilogy …I recommend you join me :D