When you want to collect all the idols, get Jake to love you, have a beautiful wedding, get Kenna a nice wedding dress, wear pretty outfits, have fun with your friends and romance Maxwell but you only have like 5 diamonds:

💞 Waking up next to Maxwell Beaumont would include 💞

▫ his fingers would gently trace across your face

▪ like you wouldn’t even feel it at first

▫ “Rise and shine, little blossom!” - “Ugh, it’s way too early!”


▫ on your jaw, your throat, your tummy & lower ;)

▪ feather-like touches

▫ (you’ll probably melt beneath his fingertips)

▪ him softly humming a tune in your ear > “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.”

▫ “Sunshine is exactly what I need right now.”-“ Like a plant.”

▪ he’ll be a cheeky bastard and tease you A LOT with his plump lips

▫ tangled sheets, intertwined hands, naked skin

▪ CuDdLiNG

▫ SPOONING !!!!!

▪ neck kisses (so many, which ofc leads to other things again…)

▫ MORNING STUBBLE (just imagine baby-face Maxwell Beaumont with stubble)

▪ pillow FigHts!!

▫ making out, ‘cause why not?

▪ sleeping in on weekdays, lmao

▫ breakfast in bed (aka the pizza from the day before)

▪ deciding to stay in bed the whole day


▪ mORe KiSSEs

▫ a lot of tickling & laughing

▪ corny jokes

▫ sitting in his lap, feeling his arms around your waist

▪ (i really, really need all of this, pls pb)❗❗

▫ “I love you” - “ I love you more!” - “Not possible.” - “Oh, shut up.“➡ more tickling

▪ your fingers in his super soft bed hair, like I wanna touch

▫ falling asleep again and being just really really cute and soft

⏩ [kill me pls 😭🔫 ]


so here goes nothing, but I’m thinking this : Maxwell Beaumont had a brief fling with Drake’s sister Savannah, until she realizes she’s pregnant with his child. Conflicted, she goes to Bertrand Beaumont. Bertrand is LIVID. A Beaumont child born to a commoner, and out of wedlock, no less. He promises her that she will receive a stipend to start a life with her child far from Cordonia, so long as she not jeopardize the Beaumont House by telling a living soul about their problem. (Maybe Bertrand even tells Savannah that Maxwell is disgusted by her since getting her pregnant, and that he now hates her. Or he tells Savannah that if she really cares about Maxwell, she won’t jeopardize his life, honor, and reputation by staying in Cordonia.) So distraught, Savannah cuts all ties with her family and leaves to France to birth and raise her child. But the stipend the Beaumont house pays her is taking a toll, and is slowly driving them bankrupt. Bertrand blames Maxwell for this ( Even though maxwell has no idea that it’s his fault the house is losing money) and that’s why Bertrand seems to always be angry with Maxwell for no good reason, and that’s why Maxwell is so confused as to why Bertrand acts this way toward him. If Maxwell isn’t made a love interest, then by the end of the book, we might see him reunite with Savannah, and his child.