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Grantaire's favorite wine district is Beaujolais. Sometimes he calls it Beaujolras. Sometimes he calls *Enjolras* Beaujolras.

Are you French? Because I feel like I need to clarify someting Very Important for every non-French people reading this.

You guys have no idea how big of a deal the Beaujolais is in France. Like. Every year, there’s a specific wine called “le Beaujolais nouveau” coming out on the 3rd Thursday of November. Oh BOI! I know it’s a cliché that French people love wine and shit but there are actual celebrations organised around that event, townhalls organise banquets and shit and you and your neighbours get shitfaced on Beaujolais night, it’s beautiful

Anyway, back to Enjoltaire

So it’s Beaujolais nouveau night, right? And Grantaire, Joly and Bossuet are already crawling under the table, laughing at stupid jokes and popping bottles open like it rains (it does). Enjolras is getting progressively annoyed because no one can hear themself speak over Bossuet’s laugh, and Grantaire is rambling incessantly.

Until, out of nowhere, Grantaire cups Enjolras’ face and starts poking his cheeks, looking at him like he’s the 8th world wonder (he is). Enjolras freezes on the spot and Grantaire slurs:

“Beaujolraaaaaaaas… Beaauujolraaaas… Of all intoxicating things, you must be the most potent.”

(Hint: Beaujolras literally translates to Beautifuljolras or Prettyjolras)