beauitful eyes

I wonder if Mairon was ever in sheer awe of Melkor’s power and creations. Like to many everything Melkor did was terrifying, but to Mairon…his craetions were just beautiful. Tormented elves turned to grotesque creatures –beautiful. Destroying lands, and torturing innocent humans—beautiful, and so many more things, are just flawless in Mairon’s eyes.

And it means something if Mairon, is perhaps one of the most fair beings possibly believing that Melkor’s dark creations are far more beautiful than he is (or anything he has created).


“I don’t understand…but it worries me. I’m going to help you okay? Whether you want it or not.”


“ I can’t do this Elijah!” Flopping onto the bed, Elijah’s been teaching you magic. Well trying to since your magic awoke a few weeks ago. You wanted devinia to teach you. Thinking it made more sense a. Witch teaching a witch but Elijah wanted you to stay away from the witches here. Which caused you to fight about it a lot
“you have to clear your mind! It should be easy for you!” Hearing Elijah say that you throw a pillow at him. You were frustrated with you magical training mostly because windows and mirrors keep shattering around you. ( which didn’t help your self esteem much either)
When he calls you a airhead you lose it cussing him out. Your pretty sure you called him a dickhead. But the enitre time your screaming you see Elijah smiling. Which caused you to cuss even more. Elijah stood up fast rushing over to you (using his vampire speed to get infront of you) gripping your cheeks making you stare into his beauitful eyes as he spoke words you never expected him to say.
“ I love you”