beaufort 04

Beaufort Fall 2107 04 Panorama – Beaufort, South Carolina, November 14, 2017

Be aware of the discordant forces
at work in a situation,
and hold them in your awareness
while you consciously
put yourself in accord
with the deep harmonies
of goodness and truth.
Ocean waves might
remind you of those rhythms,
or a Buddhist Singing Bowl,
or the AUM at the heart of life.
Practice living within the discordant realities
as one who is in accord
with who and how you are.
Respond to the things that happen
out of the integrity of your own oneness of being
in each situation as it arises.
Be the Buddha under the Bo Tree,
Jesus in Gethsemane,
Rosa Parks in the front of the bus.
Grounded in YOU,
face the world.