A soul is a wild thing, and my soul is free. Although I know that I’m born in a country cleared of adventures, I yearn for the place I’ve seen so many times now, on my journey through the wild, wild west until I reach Kamloops and finally Vancouver, the places my soul is free at last and from my very beginning, and where I am so much in love with everything.

Cited from: The Skeleton Keys

Approaching Kamloops

British Columbia, Canada

May I… watch? Or shall I go any… further? I’m not the one to ask, and you’re not the one to complain about things that feel so good. I never knew that my tongue could do things like that, and while your fingers do the walk in and out, my wild dreams are all about the smell and taste of your precious, your oh so precious red rose, and when I’m finally there you’re completely there, too: The best things always come in one, but I will ask for the second coming.

Taken from: ‘THE ART CRIMES: Private Party’ (

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