Samurai Gunn out for PC right now ⊟

It won’t release for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita until some time next year, but Teknopants/Beau Blyth’s “lightning-fast Bushido brawler” is out RIGHT NOW for Windows computer machines.

Why you should pick Samurai Gunn up posthaste:

  • It’s like a bloodier Smash Bros. with samurai (who also pack heat), with support for 2-4 players!
  • How awesome is this new trailer?
  • Duels by the sunset! Dudes getting beheaded!
  • Music by Doseone!
  • Logo by Maré Odomo and Cory Schmitz!
  • Other Tiny friends (Adam Robezzoli, Lamar Abrams, and more) lending their voices as dying samurai!

You can grab Samurai Gunn from the official site, the Humble Store, or Steam for $11.99 now.

Hyper Light Drifter is the brainchild of Alex Preston, an animator afflicted with long-term health problems, who wanted to create a game in the same vein as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Diablo.

Before launching the Kickstarter, Preston reached out to programmer Beau Blyth and musician Disasterpeace for help with his project. After procuring their talents, the three went on to form Heart Machine.

Initially, Preston and his team requested $27,000 to fund the game. Within a day, their goal was met, allowing Preston and his team to create new stretch goals for the game.

By the end of the Kickstarter, Heart Machine had managed to raise more than $640,000. This gave the team the funds they needed to expand the game world, and port the game to Sony’s PlayStation 4 and PS Vita (as well as Nintendo’s Wii U and the Ouya).

The game has undergone delays, mainly due to Preston’s heart problems.

Hyper Light Drifter is scheduled to release on PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Wii U, and Ouya in 2016.

• James


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The Last and Final Word: Beau Blyth

Beau Blyth has slowly but surely made a name for himself as an independent videogame developer to look out for with the likes of Armed Generator Doom Machine, Fish Face, Action Fist and Shoot First (all receiving favourable coverage of varying degrees from the indie community). He has grown comfortable with Game Maker, is uncomfortable that so many of his games have involved shooting and is positive about the future.

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