Despite the fact that they aren’t in college, Torian and Tre are living the college dream– sharing a townhouse with some buddies in an apartment complex filled with hot college girls and partying on the regular. Tre is the younger and more focused of the two: he has a passion for photography and film and uses those skills to make money while he saves up to attend art school next year. Torian, on the other hand is a self-proclaimed ‘ladies man’ and master of the shirtless selfie. Air Force brats who moved a lot as kids, Tre and Torian are very adaptable and make friends easily– except when it comes to basketball where they are insanely competitive. Even though they fight like cats and dogs, these guys are very connected emotionally and physically in sync from years of playing sports together. Between Tre’s focus and determination and Torian’s… abs, the brothers are certain they will score both in the competition and with the female contestants. Fun Twin Fact: Torian & Tre are the first twins in their family and their favorite celebrity twins are Tia & Tamera.

“I have just been informed–” this said with a slight curl of the lip– “that you have transferred here from Durmstrang to complete your magical education. May I ask why?”
Professor Severus Snape in his dark majesty.
My illustration for Darkness & Light 1: The Potion Master’s Apprentice By: R.J. Anderson

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#Rediff : mon petit chat voleur de la nuit pour ce billet programmé pour paraître la nuit… plus qu'autre chose ce dessin m'as permis de comprendre que décidément l'humanité est complètement lobotomisé par les félins, moi le premier (:

Réalisation : octobre 2013

Temps : 1/3 heure environ.