beau tae ful

his-caramel-tears  asked:

How many BTS puns can you make?

Ohhh! Is that a challenge? 😏 *cracks knuckles* Let’s do this:
1. - What does BTS put in their tea? Some Suga.
2. - What’s Suga’s favorite ice cream flavor? Jimint and chocolate Chimps
3. - How does Namjoon like his tea? With some Jin mixed in with it
4.- What happens when Jungkook cums? Kookies and cream
5. - If you could describe Taehyung in one word what would it be? Beau-Tae-ful
6. -  How does Hoseok make you feel? Hoseoft
7. - (Yeah I give up that’s all I could come up with)

P.S. - I sincerely apologize about how bad these are 😂