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Preferences 4: The Boys do a Keek of you

Warning: Will probably contain swearing


Luke was in the backseat while you were driving the car and Beau was right next to you and you were both arguing about something. Both of you guys screaming. 

“That’s not enough, its not enough.” Beau screams out, his body is twisted out of his seat facing you. 

“I don’t care Beau, Stop being such a baby.” You yell back, you couldn’t take your eyes off the road but you would glance at him every other second.

“No you are doing it wrong, its wrong, its WRONG, ITS WRONG.” He starts doing his rockstar screams. 


“NNNNEEEEVVVVVEEEERRRRR.” He roars out and you can hear Luke chuckling in the background. You remain quiet until he stops and you look at him calmly. 

“You done?” you whispers. He smiles at you and gives you a bright playful nod. You laugh out and playfully slap him up behind his head. “You goofball.”

“I love you.” He tells you as he lifts from his seat and kisses you on the cheek.

“Love you too.”

@Lukebrooks: See this is why she is perfect for Beau.


“You guys so my girlfriend is so engrossed in her movie right now, i don’t even know if she realizes I left so I’m gonna go and scare her.” James says before moving his phone to show you sitting on the couch in a dirty pig hoodie and sweat pants. You have your arms resting on your knees and you really were so into your movie you don’t hear him coming up from behind you. He lightly moves your hair but you don’t move at all, he does it again but nothing happens then he bends down from behind the couch and jumps at you screaming into your ear.

You probably jumped, screamed and died in the millisecond before you realize it was him and slaps him hard in the chest over and over again. “Damn it James you scared the fuck out of me.”

You stop hitting him and have your hands to your chest trying to catch your breath. Then you noticed something, he had his phone in his hand. “Wait why are you holding your phone? James are you filming me?”

James laughs then runs out of his seat when he sees you running towards him yelling “James I’m gonna kill you.”

@James_Yammouni: Please don’t kill me for this. ily. 


You watch as Jai brings the phone to both of your faces with his arm wrapped around your shoulder. “Look whose here to surprise Baby Daniel." 

You smile and wave to the camera. 

"but right now Skip is sleeping so we are gonna give him a nice surprise.”

Both you and Jai tip toe into Skip’s room to find him crashed on his bed with his sheet tangled up in his legs. You see Jai facing the camera towards you and you bring your hand to your mouth to hold in a giggle. You slowly bend down and then softly crawl on top of Skip who started to moan. 

“Wake up.” you softly sing into his ear. 

You slowly opens his eyes completely lost and dazed before he looks towards you and smiles. You couldn’t help but smile back, you haven’t seen Skip in what felt like a year because you were both just so busy and seeing him smile really makes you realize how much you have missed your man. 

He closes his eyes and sighs out as he wraps his arms around your neck and pulls you into a tight lock against him. You let out a off as your cheek smashes into his and just like Daniel you feel him humping your leg through your clothes and blanket, of course there wasn’t that much oommff into considering he was still half asleep but it stills cause you to  laugh and move your head enough to kiss the corner of his mouth. 

“I’ve missed you.” You tell him. 

Although he still has his eyes closed and his face is facing away from you, you, Jai, and the camera caught him smiling like angel as he says “I’ve missed you so much.

@Jai_brooks: Daniels surprise morning wake up call. #SOCUTE


 "Hey guys right now I’m in the tattoo shop with this beautiful girl as she finished up her tattoo. Say hi baby." 

You were sitting on a chair with your bareless back facing the tattoo artist, Derek. You had you head down in your arms while Luke stands in front of you. You lift your head and they could see you had tears running down your face. Luke doesn’t say anything but he brushes your tears off your cheek with his thumb.

"Hey guys.” you say with a small smile before putting your head back down.

Luke walks over behind Derek to show the progress “Derek can you tell them how painful this is.”

“Anywhere you get a tattoo on bone hurts so yeah this is pretty sore.” He answers. Luke moves back to you while Derek tells you “You are doing great girl, just tell me if it get too much and we can take a breather.”

You take a deep breath before letting it out and shakes your head. Luke pans down to show that you had your hand in his, comforting you as he runs his thumb across your hand before you squeeze it really hard. 

“I think your nails broke through on that one.”

“I’m sorry” you moan out. 

“its okay babe, squeeze as hard as you need too.” He comforts, the camera moves away and the audience can see him kissing you on the head.

@Luke_Brooks: Really wanna show you this awesome tattoo that my girl just finished, she said it was painful but very worth it. Its beautiful babe. 


You and Jai were outside in the backyard of your friend’s beach house right next to two medal bars in between four palm trees. You had a sports bra and jogging shorts on with your hair up in a pony tail while he had a loose tank top on with basketball short. 

“Ok you guys ready?” Beau asks. 

You both nod your heads as you both turn around to face the bars. You and him were having a debate about who could do the most pulls up. With him being so athletic and always going to the gym and you being a university volleyball player your odds were pretty even.

“GO” Beau screams, you both starts with your backs facing the camera, throughout the entire time you guys kept up with each other but before you know it times was up and he beat you…..By two.

He starts to scream and yell out throwing his arms in the air. “YES…I BEAT YOU.” he starts to run around the yard with his shirt off. You roll your eyes as you go close to the camera. 

“My man everybody." 

Surprisingly though Jai comes up behind you and throws you over his shoulder and begins running around the yard again. 

@BeauB: These two hard heads won’t have their answers until they do the 30 second pull up challenge. Who will win?

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