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Rhyme: Neku’s late…
Joshua: How could this happen? I had Kariya call him at 8 this morning and pretend it was 11.
Shiki: I printed up that fake schedule for him saying we’re meeting at 9 instead of noon.
Beat: I set all his clocks an’ stuff to say PM when it’s really AM!
Mr. H: …Oh, boy. We mighta overdone it.


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back with page 007 of campaign stuff! 

my tablet still isn’t working properly and the drawing shows it (I think I’m officially putting it to rest and buying a cintiq this month), but it’s my DM’s birthday and that’s the last bit of inspiration I needed to say screw the tablet situation and just keep on with the campaign archive comic in the meantime.

our campaign wrapped up at the end of april/start of may, right when I last posted a page of this. looking back at the little book where I recorded everything, i’m determined to come up with some sort of structure that works and draw through everything that happened, because it was really that fun, and drawing it makes me miss it a little less. be back with more soon!

page 006  //  page 008

Skip Beat Confession:

I am really hoping that whatever is taking Ren so long to give Kyouko a white day gift is because he’s having something custom made for her. Like he couldn’t find a gift that captured what she meant to him, but it still pisses me off that he’s taken so goddamn long and that Nakamura keeps bringing up the topic. It better be something super meaningful and not to mention romantic, like a promise ring with a rose motif.

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