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Omg ♥ thank YOU for reading! Welcome to the new updates of TINF, I’m happy you enjoyed it enough to make it to current pages!!! UvU))) ♥♥♥

LMAO !!! I LOVE THIS! THANK YOU… *heart beats faster at your “yes” reply* OMG !?!?!?! LOL ♥

ANON, PLEASE… TT///////TT)))) you’re so sweet, thank you!!!! flkdhfd I’m so happy my story can help you smile a little even when you’re having such a tough time ;3;))) making TINF and knowing at least 1 person (ALL OF YOU!!! ♥) enjoys it helps me through my tough times too, so I’m super glad to be able to share it with you ;v;))) ♥♥♥

TT______TT))) CRIES ABOUT THIS.. omg.. thank you anon TT____TT))) that means so much to me..!!!!!?? Like, truly.. even though I love creating stories and art more than anything, I struggle a lot with drawing and I used to beat myself up constantly for a lack of technical skills I never seem to be able to learn properly no matter how hard I try. But this past year I’ve tried to stop stumbling myself and instead focus on doing everything I can do to accomplish the feelings I want while making my content very easy and fun to read, despite my troubles. So thank you… I’m touched that you could see something like that ;v;))) ♥♥♥ I’m very passionate about what I do and there’s a million ways to solve the same problem, right!? 💪💪💪 I’m so happy you’re enjoying it!!!! I appreciate it more than anything!!! (((U///v///U)))

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Gonna do this for Allen;; Truth! Do you think the former romantic relationship you had with Josh could've gone better?

My muse is hooked to a lie detector. Send “Truth!” + a question for them to answer honestly. If they lie they get shocked.

“Yeah…yeah, it could’ve gone better…and there’s a lot I could’ve done to make things work out better. I wasn’t thinking very clearly at the time and if maybe I had taken a step back and looked at the situation properly, I could’ve done more to fix this. If I could go back, and fix things or do it again I would in a heart beat.”

“But…yes, it could’ve gone better.”

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i literallY CANNOT STOP looking at those gifs of cal and michael. i want them sneaking into practice before everyone arrives and fucking exactly like that on ashton's drum stool. I mean, look at the way michael's face is blissed out in that fourth gif. the good lord has blessed us

DUDE im like 99.99% sure that Ashton would literally burst into tears if he found cum on his drum kit ajdkdkkdcl then malum would have to elope to Iceland before Ashton beat they asses

but anyway yes……… I want this regardless of their inevitable fates 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Ik you're a gamer si are you gonna play watch dogs 2? If you don't know about it, I suggest you look at the trailer. The main is black and blows the other guy out if the water. Sorry Aiden but Marcus got him beat.

YES I SEEN THE TRAILER FROM THE E3 CONFERENCE and I’m definitely gonna get it if I have the money for it because 1) black protag and 2) it looks really good and i’ve been wanting to get into watch dogs

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Beat: “Yes. That’s what my moans of discontent mean.” to Ieyasu? :3c

Things My Roomate Says Sentence Starters (Part 2) // CLOSED!

       “Hey! You can’t hate it that much! Besides, it’s super cold in the apartment! If Tadakatsu was here we could all snuggle up under the blanket, but I’ll just have to due for now! Besides, you are shivering up a storm!”

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“If ye put t'at in t'microwave uncovered I swear I will beat ye to deat' wit' a plastic spoon.”

Lucy slowly took the plate out of the microwave and placed it on the table “No need ta get your knickers in a twist” she muttered, pouting. 

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Would you kindly dance with me? - Crow to Fae

Fae eyed the other dragon with mild distrust knowing full well that he was a black dragon. However, the very sight of him made her heart pound in her chest. She wouldn’t have been surprised if the black could hear her rapid heart beat. 

“Yes, I would. Your name?”, the princess asked as she offered her hand to him. 

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Wouldn't be the first time Astruc's lied, particularly about Chloé.

I don’t think he’s ever lied per se. Beat around the bus, yes. There could be ways that he’s beating around the bus in the video.


If you can’t beat ‘em join them! YES San GENNY is in full effect but I’m teaching my only SAT class in NYC TOM 1030AM. Jump on the ride & be a brave baby w/ me! #RETOX #NYC #YOGA (at Little Italy in NYC)

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[Beats squeaked as he did a quick 360 to look at the Gray Face, shuffling away from the person]

* w-what?? w-who are you? what d-do you want? 

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((Mun: Do you have any rules or policies regarding OCs?)) (( karenlovesglitterandshit ))

When it comes to OCs? Not really. In my head Original Characters should not be more “powerful” than an canon character. That’s my only thing! And I’m not trying to God figure my muse but if someone is known to be the strongest then they cannot be easily beat. Matched, yes. Destroyed, killed or beaten… I think those things need to be discuss between roleplayers. But I am very open to killing off my muse for a thread or injuring them unlike a lot other muns. That those type of scenarios make you a better writer and make for an interesting read ^^

Sorry got a little off topic there x. Mun