beats by ye


Arthur: OOoOoOoooOo what do we have here

Mica: It’s Ross’s school project, he says if I don’t do it he’s gonna beat- he’s gonna beat my fanny.

Arthur: yes, yes this reminds me of my youth 

Arthur: i will help you with this small science

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The stream sound nice! But no feeling bad (>~<)/ take cookies and blanket and hot coco and sit and relax play night in the woods or/and little nightmares and don't push yourself too hard! You be neglecting no body here cause you too nice for that and there is no need to beat yourself over it!!!

Ye stream it is then! dun worry im well taken care of thankies grey boo <3

yeee i really gotta play night in the woods now that im free

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The class stared ahead as their teacher, the #1 hero All Might, fought against a moderately powerful villain. The criminal seemed to be nothing to him, seeing as he was continuing the class even as he tried to bring the scuffle to an end.

“Now you see class, these random outings are important, for you never know what villains you may come across on a given day.”

He hit the opponent with an uppercut and grinned wider, “Like this man here has proven he is quite strong, but if I were to grab him like so…”

He gripped the other’s ankle, swinging him up into the air, “I can easily alleviate any violence with a quick flip or throw!”

And with that, All Might chucked the villain halfway across the park they stood in. He landed in a tree with a loud cracking sound, remaining there as he was surely unconscious from the force.

“Now the plan is to teach you all to figure out what you can do in any given situation. Take what you have, and try to use it to your advantage. And that, young heroes, is how you prove how much a hero you are.”

He ended his speech with a swing of his arms, dipping his head down towards his elbow, coming back to his usual position only to be greeted by silence.

The entire class stared at him, their mouths agape as they tried to process what just happened.

“What? Didn’t I take care of this situation cleanly and quickly?” All Might asked, smiling, but looking slightly worried.

“All… Might…” Kirishima began, trying to choke back his laughter, tears forming in his eyes as he tried so hard to do so, “Did you just… dab?”

As soon as that last word slipped from his mouth, the entire class erupted into laughter. The image of their teacher and the #1 hero dabbing after chucking a villain halfway across the park kept playing over and over in their minds. It was as ridiculous looking as it sounded, and they couldn’t hold it together any longer.

All Might stared at the mess of cackling before him, some of them holding their stomachs and others already on the ground from laughing so hard.

He didn’t understand. Wasn’t that something teenagers did when they did something they thought was wonderful? Why were his students in stitches on the ground?

They went practically silent for a moment, a few whispers heard spreading around with a slight snicker here and there.

“Hey… Hey All Might…”

He looked over at where the voice was coming from, it was Midoriya Izuku, slowly getting to his feet, the other students around him doing the same.

“Yes, young Midoriya?”

He tried to suppress his smile, leaving an odd expression on his face. “I think we all would just like to say… that we think you are pretty awesome… and that we wanted to say…”

The students went quiet for a second, before they all spoke in unison.

“You’re the best DAB ever!”

They shouted and swung their arms up at the exact same time, breaking down in more laughter afterward, before stopping to stare up at him with expectant looks on their faces.

All Might was dumbstruck for a second, before he started chuckling himself. Those chuckles quickly turned into loud chortles of laughter. His entire class, a bad pun, and a dab in unison. He couldn’t take it.

They all began laughing again, and any bystanders or passersby just saw the #1 hero and his class, doubled over in laughter, not knowing the reasons why.

Later, All Might would adopt the move as his ‘Best Dab Ever’ celebratory move.

The whole class is proud beyond belief.

Moffat discourse is showing up and I’m getting a lovely reminder of why I deleted my first blog.

And not because I disagree with all the criticisms about the guy, but because it gets down right depressing. Almost toxic. It’s like when Voltron/Steven Universe fans send death threats because the creator didn’t pander to them. Except this time it’s not even the fanbases. It’s just assholes who find faults in everything he does beating the same dead horse. Yes, Moffat ruined Doctor Who and Sherlock and your marriage and this totally isn’t hyperbole at all, guys! But move the fuck on.

Let Me Help You Relax

Requested by an Anon:Hi! Can I get a Happy imagine where he and his wife are moving and he comes home to find her stress cleaning? Please.

I ran my hands through my hair, pulling it up into a messy bun, I had so much to do, and so little time to do it. We were moving from Tacoma to Charming, in two days. Most of the house was packed up, except for the few essentials we needed up until we left.

I was a nervous wreck, I was leaving my home and going to a strange town, where I didn’t know anyone. I had to start all over again, proving that I was an old lady/wife that was worthy. 

Letting the croweaters know that you  that you never touch my husband, or I will beat you beyond recognition. Yes, rumors could pass from one clubhouse to another, but until you prove it, there was always one bitch that liked to push the boundaries.

 Then there was showing your loyalty and trustworthiness to a new Queen. We aren’t talking about just any Queen either, this was the national charters Queen. I’d met Gemma a time or two when she came up to Tacoma, the women was scary.

The whole situation had my stress and anxiety levels running high, I grabbed a bucket of cleaning supplies and went up stairs to start cleaning. I started at the top of the house, and worked my way to the bottom. I didn’t stop for lunch, I was so into my frenzy.

I was so into cleaning. I didn’t hear Happy come home, until he wrapped his arms around me lifting me off the kitchen floor. “Have you been cleaning all day?”

“It needed to be done, and it relaxes me!” I tried to get out of his arms. “Let me go, I’m sweaty and I smell.” 

He grinned at me. “Then let’s take a shower, because I’m all sweaty and smelly too!” He tossed me over his shoulder carrying me up the stairs to the master bathroom. 

He pulled off my clothes, then he undressed, reaching into the shower, he turned it on. Pulling me into his arms, he kissed me. “I know when you go on a cleaning frenzy like this, you’re stressed. Tell me what’s bothering you.”

“It’s nothing…” He growled at me. “Alright, it’s the move…I’m just stressed about going to a new place…I’ll be fine once I’m settled. I know you don’t need this shit right now…”

He pulled me to him kissing me. “You can always tell me what’s troubling you baby. I love you.” He picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, stepping into the shower. “Let me help you relax.”

I laughed throwing back my head. “I’m sure you can…..”

We stayed in the shower until the water turned cold, by the time we got out, I was very relaxed, and didn’t feel the need to clean.


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Seeing as he unintentionally offended Karamatsu, Dylan has come to his inbox to make amends. The brunet loops his arms over Kara's shoulders and leans up, pressing a sheepish kiss to the blue-eyed male's lips.

[☁] – Was his heart beating too fast? Yes. Was he sure he was hyperventilating? Not exactly but it sure felt like it. Karamatsu was unable to form a single word as he was kissed. His face was red and he was sure his heart was beating so fast that he was going to die. 

“Wh-what is this for???” Confused Karamatsu is confused. 

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I hate that Cavs fans think that it is all about beating the Warriors. Yes, I believe that they are the best team in the NBA and they will be here for a while but what about the other 28 teams? It is not a 100% guarantee that the warriors and cavs will see each other in the finals again. No one knows what the future will hold (trades, injury) and you have to prepare for that as well

Barring major injury, I can’t see a scenario in which the finals next year won’t be the Cavs and the Warriors. Lebron’s team is always going to the finals, no one in the West can beat the Warriors.

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Do you ship current Klaus with current Caroline. For me the ship has been run so far into the ground with kids etc, that I don't really care about them, more about the fact that we are in fact endgame and beat all the odds.

Yes and no I guess. I hate the kids storylines in both shows, as well as what has been done to the characters but I can’t let them go either. Granted I don’t watch either show so I guess I have loosened my grip.

I am also a huge supporter though of them being endgame, regardless of what shit the writers have them in. Within reason of course.

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I would read all of those books in a heart beat?? yes?? YES??? yes sign me up

OMG thank you sm?? that means a lot tbh

hey if you or anyone else is interested in them like please feel free to ask about them whether it be through ask or message and maybe i can like post stuff from or something idk

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"does he beat Flug"? Um, yes? BH kicks him over a fence and then literally walks on him when he passes and needlessly strangles him in the medusa short. To say it's not abusive is absurd.

You obviously have never been beaten because you don’t know the difference between slapstick violence and actual abuse.