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2-9 and 29!

ll q&a game

2- your fave when you started vs your fave now:
My fave muse at first was umi!!! I still love her a lot, but ofc I love my beautiful daughters rin and maki much more now….
As for aqours, I fell in love with you at first sight ;’)   (fun fact I actually didn’t like aqours at first, but!! I was so drawn by you’s eyes!!! and her smile!!! and her beautiful soft wavy hair!!!! I couldn’t deny my feelings and just had to admit that I liked her)

9-your dream card:


29- favourite songs

THIS QUESTION IS WAY TOO HARD UGH (- please keep in mind that my favs change pretty often depending on my current mood!!)

muse’s songs:
-beat in angel (yes I’m biased af)
-snow halation (special mention to rin’s solo version bc rippi has the voice of an angel)
-bokutachi wa hitotsu no hikari (I’ve recently rewatched the live and I’m still crying tbh)
- special mention to himitsu to hanazono even if it’s not really a muse song but I really love it so,,,

aqours’ songs
-mijuku dreamer
-omoi yo hitotsu ni nare
-yozora wa nandemo shitteru no
-strawberry trapper
(tbh I pretty much love almost all of aqours’ songs I lo v e them ok)

(+ self control bc DAMN)

Thank you for asking!!!!!!

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phil lester did you want this?

What? To leave dan alone and take his nappy bag so that he would go out into the hallway by himself and most likely make that alpha come out so I could come out of my dorm and beat him dead? Then yes, I wanted this to happen- phil


Oh this one’s gonna be FUN!

So this is the meeting with Eiichi and his dad and things are pretty interesting here so let’s take it from the top

Images 1 and 2 tell us that Raging is quite pleased with what Eiichi did and he couldn’t have hoped for anything better because you know…RAGING wants to destroy STARISH but Eiichi doesn’t..Beat them in competition yes but not destroy them

Image 3 is where you have to look at Eiichi and know one thing

He had no idea the repercussions of what he did

Let me ask you a question and think LONG AND HARD before you answer

Does an Antagonist ask “what are you talking about?” if they know they did a dastardly deed?

Here I’ll answer that for you

No they don’t unless they are feigning ignorance

The thing here is that Eiichi legit has NO IDEA what happened at this point so this is why he asked the question

Images 4 and 5 put more color to the picture

Raging tells Eiichi that he heard the report that Otoya hadn’t returned from his trip and now its about to become obvious that in this situation we look at it one of two ways

1.  We got two evil pricks here with one being as clueless as ever


2.  This is about to set off a chain and now things are gonna get messy within the RA

Well let’s continue with the discussion shall we?

Image 6 is when we can clearly see where this story went from “Eiichi is an asshole” to starting to go “Uh oh…someone is gonna have issues soon”

Eiichi questioned his father about the report that Otoya is missing and now things gets scrambled because of the way his father will act when he is questioned

Images 7-10 This is where it becomes pretty much OBVIOUS where the story was going

First Raging assumes that probably that he heard on the news about Otoya being presumed missing (he had heard from Tokiya he wasn’t at the Agency pretty much and Tokiya wanted to know what happened) but now notice this

Without hesitation Eiichi appears shocked when he heard about the the disappearance of Otoya from his trip to the house.  Remember what I said several times during the meeting with Tokiya

Eiichi didn’t know Otoya was missing!  He thought that he was back at SHINING’S!

So now shit is about to tank HARD for Raging because you see when he says this to Eiichi with his reaction it gets bad

Raging assumes that Eiichi wanted to mindfuck Otoya so bad he wouldn’t go back to the Agency…that wasn’t part of Eiichi’s plan though and he SAID THAT AT THE MEETING WITH OTOYA!  HE WANTED TO BE HIS FRIEND AND I GENUINELY BELIEVE THAT!


There is still more to this story (fucking limitations with photosets) so when we get to the endgame of this part I need you to remember this

Eiichi did have a goal but it wasn’t to destroy the kid and that is what is getting lost here.  If you are an Antagonist you should be a bit more upfront about it and the thing with Eiichi is that even with his persona I don’t see how he was going to be able to do it.  Otoya would have seen through it (we hope) but I don’t see in good conscience here how Eiichi THOUGHT what he wanted to do was going to mess with him THAT BAD!  Its a complicated mess but it gets even moreso in the next set so shall we get going?

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❛yes, i did beat him up and i will not apologize.❜

bad idea starters.

‘ juvia…. if you had hit me up earlier, i could have helped. ’ 

 he doesn’t look angry or annoyed. in fact, it’s a mere disappointment. the stranger was on the ground, trying to say something ( only for him to sound like a frog croaking out a sentence ). the sight wasn’t good enough. something is missing here… but what?

oh wait, but of course. ‘ it’d have been a perfect moment to bond and practice an unison raid. ’

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2, 3, 5, and 6 ^^

2. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after your writing? I have to read over whatever I write at least two times before publishing. I hold myself to a really high standard when it comes to grammar and word choice, (curse of the English major and future English teacher,) so I get really panicked about catching my mistakes. But I think that’s really it for rituals? 

3. What is your absolute favorite kind of fic to write? I love writing fluff. Like, angst and drama are great but at the end of the day, you can’t beat the fluff. First kisses? Yes. Unsolicited cuddling? Even more yes. Super cheesy pick ups lines that ironically work? Give me that! I love all the sugary sweet fluffy things, and I love to write my characters happy and in love and being cute if love’s not involved. I’m a sucker for the cute hurt/comfort fics that involve a lot of cuddling. I’m a sucker for the slow-build romances that end happily. I just love really sweet fluffy things. (But as I said above, angst is a part of life, so I’m totally not opposed to it. On the contrary actually. Fluff just reigns supreme.) 

5. How many words can you write if you sit down and concentrate intensely for an hour? Oh, I wish I had the time/motivation to do this! I could probably get quite a bit down if I actually sat down for an hour… I very well could write nearly a thousand words or more. But I never do that so… that kind of productivity is hard to attain. 

6. First fic/pairing you wrote for? (If no pairing, describe the plot) I think that the first fanfiction I ever wrote was for the cartoon Total Drama Island? I didn’t publish it, but it almost took up an entire notebook. The plot was that it was snowing in summer, and there was a lot of unnecessary drama because that’s what the show was about. I think most of the pairings I had were the canon pairings, and it was a time. 

Fic Writer Asks

Pure Chaos
  • Kokuma: fIGHT ME NERDS
  • Shin: How did you even get in the occult club
  • Juku: *distant crying*
  • Supana: *sighs* Did you beat up Juku
  • Kokuma: yes...
  • Supana: And blame it on Osoro?
  • Kokuma: yeah...
  • Oka: O...Oh no....

1) Do you want the band or actors to feature in the video? (lip sync/choreography/playing as a band/green screen) YES, lip sync and choreography  and playing as a band

2) Interpretive or Illustrative OR elements of both? both

3) Do you want the video to be cut to the beat? yes

4) Can you give an example of a music video that you would like yours to look like?

Name  of Producer/band: lou bega

Title  of Track: mambo number 5

Length  of Track: 3;41

Genre of song: pop

Distribution  Context (Public Broadcasting, Commercial, Instore, online)

Give an overview of the target person: enjoys pop, and dancing,

Target audience (demographics: gender, age:15-24, 18-35, 25-34, interests/lifestyle)

Both genders age 14-40

Schedule  Time – when will it be shown (breakfast, daytime, evening) (Weekend/weekday)

Evening and daytime








Story board artist - reece


Trumpet guitar microphone doll

What do you need? Camera tripod lighting


the white room

the black room

St andrews park

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You were giving a very clear threat display. I understand pitying the child, but there is no need to beat yourself up over it.

    Yes, there is.

  I ripped a child’s arm off.

I woke up in a cell with a fuckin’ muzzle on me, and police officers standin’ by with shock sticks. 

    I’m lucky this ain’t gettin’ out into the papers. If anything’s gonna ruin Aqua’s standin’, it’s me bein’ a feral monster.