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You know that last quote you posted? "...her Blue eyes asking me, “Mine?”
My heart beats, “Yes, yours…”” Could I turn that into a prompt and persuade you to write a mini lizzington fic based on that? Pretty please? ☺️

I’ll see what I can do about turning it into a prompt fill in the near-ish future!

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I’m going to sleep, I have an early class tomorrow. Let’s talk again soon! -Yoongi

I know that feeling, I come home beat from work too. But yes! Keep being happy! -Namjoon

Thank you, we do too, he’s been taking short naps throughout the day so that’s helping him. But I noticed you said you were tired from work, was it a busy day? -Jin

Aw don’t cry! Then I’ll cry! But we can both be crying messes and that’s okay -Taehyung

He says thank you! I agree, his smile is bright and pretty! -Jungkook

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You kudoed one of my fics - I nearly had a coronary - be still my beating heart! And, yes, I did take your ginger ale . . .


lol but whoa dude! obviously your fic made me happy so i’m glad i could make you happy back. :) keep writing so we can keep kudosing!

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ryan beating gavin at vs but in reality gavin is the real winner because ryan pulls him to his chest apologizing for beating him

A million times yes.

Ryan may have the glory, but Gavin has his sweet Ryan cuddling up to him as an apology.

… and maybe something a bit more when they get home.

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It was called A Beating Heart, yes!!! I can't believe you remember it, oh my goodness. Thank you so much, it means the world to me. I'm actually not really on Tumblr anymore, and I'm in the middle of making the switch to Twitter. I've been going through people I follow before I delete in the next few days to see if there was anyone I wanted to keep in touch with or say hi to, and found your blog! I couldn't believe it. You had such an impact on me I had to drop by. I hope you're doing well, too!

Ahhh omg of course I remember!! I understand that; twitter is a lot better in some respects than this hell site and I find myself more drawn to it these days as well haha. I have been doing well! Hope you have been too! <3

YES! Beat Yami Bakura for the first time at Level 40! Go me! :D My overall score was 3000. Times 18 made it 54,000 points and over 200,000 points total was enough to unlock Bakura as playable!

Yami Bakura: Memories……Virtual reality…… Hahaha……I see, Kaiba. This is a well-made game. I’d like to use it as an example for my own Shadow Game! Hahahaha! It’s a battle to decide the World Duel king…… I see. That’s something worth fighting for. For a Duelist, something worth fighting for brings considerable euphoria. However……I’m simply a killer. After I defeat everyone, i will be showered in euphoria! Dark Necrofear! ! I’ll show you a terrifying strategy that no one in the world knows…… Mwahahahahahahaha!!

I think NPC!Bakura may have become self-aware. What horrors have I unleashed!? XD

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For coby:

👊: Yes, he actually knows how to fight really well. He got bullied a lot in school and James paid for self defense classes. So he could win a fight if he needed to but more often then not he doesn’t, -whispers behind hand- ‘cause he sorta kinda likes getting beat up

🌈: Yes. He’s pretty good about hiding his emotions from people he doesn’t know but if he know’s them really well and trusts them he just can’t do it.

🐍: He has, but he doesn’t really like it. The animal being his sister when she is forced to transform into a bog monster. But if it was his choice, no.


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So, that one gif of when you first meet Cullen in DA2...

You know, the one where he’s dramatically leveling his blade at someone, looking fierce? It really bothers me when I see people use it in gifsets glorifying Cullen. Because everyone seems to forget who he’s pointing that sword AT.

He’s threatening a recruit. He’s Knight-Captain – he’s supposed to be a mentor, a leader, a role model for his recruits. He’s suspicious of where this particular recruit went when he vanished, but he answers these suspicions by BEATING THE KID. Yes, the recruit had a demon in him— but Cullen doesn’t know that. All he has is a hunch. And yes, he’s freshly traumatized and Meredith has been feeding his paranoia, but that doesn’t excuse his actions.

When the recruit-turned-abomination splits open, the demon inside says something like, “You will never strike me again, mortal!” Does Cullen have a habit of physically abusing his Templar initiates? Is the demon referring to the mages getting abused under his nose? I don’t know. It doesn’t even really matter – either way, it’s awful.

That particular action shot, no matter how spiffy it looks, is showcasing a very problematic moment of Cullen’s character. It makes me uncomfortable seeing it used to exalt him instead.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

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On the subject of beating or spanking ones animals. Yes some do need a light pat on the rump or a bit of discipline if they're more unruly, but many can be taught things with body language, same for every animal. You do not have to beat your damn animals, that's needless fear and stress. A stern voice or a small light whap with a newspaper is all you need in many situations. I grew up with mastiffs & pits among other large dogs, there's discipline, then there's abuse & fear. ~Scarlet, logged out

Agreed. Sometimes one just needs professional help if a small swat with a newspaper won’t work. 

taga-bakod replied to your post “For real, if I even met Koogi would beat her up”

Yes, I was still there, but, as I said, I was showing myself out of your bubble, because, clearly, you are not capable of the level of conversation I was hoping to engage in, and, thus, bore me quite a bit. Now, goodbye.

calm the fuck down shakespeare