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❝ this face bears the mission of heaven. ❞ Of course, standing covered in the blood of her foes probably didn't improve that image. Or maybe it did. How was she to know what heaven would do?


It was a battle unlike Naruto had ever faced before. Battered and bruised, the Jinchuuriki collapsed to the floor, breathing erratic. This was surely the end: limbs were weak, it was hard to move and slowly his eyes were shutting. Although he had managed to hold his own, the blonde was still on the receiving end of a pummelling. Even with Kurama’s increased regeneration assisting his body, it would take awhile before he fully healed. Clearly depleted of stamina, his eyes quivered, vision becoming more and more blurry. Then the words of 18 rang in his ears, her body standing over his. The sun above linked with his blurred vision, the reflection forming what appeared to be a halo over his head - or at least that was what he saw.

“Are you… an angel..?” he whispered. Even talking hurt. “Is 18 okay, at least?”

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“ they had it coming. ” (quinn-mel)

               murder starters !     ///     accepting

          FIRST , SHE’S SITTING AGAINST a wall , already beaten  &  bloodied in her capture . then , the door opens  &  someone enters , followed by two other people . they try to get her talk about whatever the hell they want ( she’s too out of it to pay attention )  &  when they get nothing they beat on her some more . as if that’ll help her say anything when she isn’t even paying attention in the first place

          but the pain causes her to cry out . if she wasn’t already weak , she’d fight back , but there’s nothing the girl can really do . her connection to the force temporarily severed ( someone used a force technique on her to do it — she is not dead to it but blind  &  cannot feel it ) , mel can’t even lash out in protest with that . she does attempt , however , to knock her assailants off their feet .. which works , but as she’s trying to get up  &  run she receives a swift kick to the stomach by her interrogator — the last thing she sees being a boot to her face  &  she’s out cold again .

          sometime later she comes to again  &  her interrogator is back . she’s actually bothering to look now — taking note of everything about them that she can . mel knows she’ll be rescued ,  &  she wants to know whom her assailant is so she may find them later .

          again she’s questioned ,  &  again she’s kicked in the stomach which has her coughing  &  spitting blood at them  &  into the floor when she doesn’t give in . however , after that he just leaves  &  she watches , pain coursing through her body in turn .

          then she sits , back against the wall ,  &  wonders . is anyone even looking for her ? of course there are , she rebuts against her own mental question . of course there are people looking for her — her crew wouldn’t leave her to die . quinn likely wouldn’t allow it . nor would lana , for that matter . not while they’re all trying to track down revan .

          that’s when the door opens again  &  the person attempting to get information from her enters once more . he’s a sith inquisitor , she knows that much for sure , just by the way he dresses , the way he talks , the way she knows he likely used drugs to sap her strength ( then adding torture on top to help ) . but an underlying question is that she wonders if he is a revanite&  that is why she is currently being tortured for whatever reason ( seeing as she is the main reason arkous and darok are dead  &  have been since rakata prime . how she is the main force against the order of revan with her friends ) .

          ❝  coming back to try again , hm ?  ❞     the wrath asks , sarcasm laced rather thickly into her scratchy  &  weak voice .     ❝  you’ve tried how many times already ? i doubt you can break me in a third attempt .  ❞     &  that’s all it took for him to issue her next round of torture for not talking and for back talking .

          lightning hits her  &  has her screaming , writhing in pain . although she attempts to feed on it . to use this pain to help her strength come back . come on , break through the haze .. let me show this sith what real power is .. she’s mentally hoping it breaks whatever has her force connection temporarily severed ..  &  when it doesn’t , she attempts to stand while under electrocution still — which has her falling  &  screaming even more .

          but then she hears a blaster shot  &  the pain stops . the crackle of lightning in her ears goes away ,  she’s left laying on the floor . she hears a voice ( she assumes theron’s ) say ‘did you really have to kill them ?’ then she hears a voice ( they had it coming , it said ) she’d wanted to hear ever since all this happened . a voice that replied to the spoken question with such a cold  &  near-heartless disposition that she can’t help but feel … just a bit proud .

          slowly the wrath manages to look up , teeth grit  &  body shaking . she holds herself up on hands  &  knees  &  looks absolutely awful . everything hurts  &  she just wants it to go away . but quinn’s here .. she’s safe .. she can let herself be vulnerable ..     ❝  q-quinn ..  ❞     mel utters his name  &  tries to reach for him . she has an intense need to truly be safe , to be in his arms where she knows , in her time of need , he will protect her .     ❝  h-help ..  ❞     it hurts to speak , but she manages to again , all the while her voice is cracking .

          there are tears in the sith’s eyes , desperation residing in them as well . she does notice theron , but her attention remains on her husband . the pain coursing through her body is great , the edges of her vision beginning to blur  &  go black , spots appearing elsewhere  &  floating across it .     ❝  … please ..  ❞     she adds her plea with a continued cracking voice , so long after she spoke the word ‘help’ ,  &  before she knows it her vision finally goes black . falling over on to her side , the last thing she’d seen was quinn rushing to her side .

every time i bring up thor ragnarok, my brother likes to compare our sibling relationship to thor and loki’s despite how we can’t decide who’s who like sometimes i’ll say shit like “at work i’ll go out of my way to talk to the kids who are very obviously afraid of me because i’m tall, broad-shouldered, and have a buzz cut so they know i’m friendly and an ally” and he’ll be like “god, you are so thor” but then i’ll eat the last frozen burrito or smth and leave the box in the freezer and i’ll just hear him yell “this is why you’re FUCKING LOKI, NATHAN”

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Do you think Jinki will actualy be there at the shilla ocncert? Do you have a favorite season?

*big sigh* so here goes….i wanna say yes…i really really really extremely with all my heart want to say that i am 100% positive that Jinki will be going to the shilla concert….but looking at the date….and looking at the complete absence of a statement by SM regarding Jinki rejoining SHINee for their regular activities….and thinking about how it was told literally a day before that Minho wouldn’t attend the music bank in singapore…and only a couple days before td that jinki wouldn’t be attending… this point i’m biting my nails and pulling my hair never uncrossing my fingers because i am just…i want this to happen so so so bad i’ve never wanted anything more in my life at this moment (lies) than for jinki to return to us

but like as many have been saying…i think if he’s ready to return he will be there. if he isn’t then he won’t. i truly believe that it was his own decision to stay away from everything and not SM’s so…i will *clenches teeth* respect his choices but like i wish he had a little birdy whispering in his ear telling him that it’s okay to show his face and that fans miss him dearly and that we’re ready to support him way more than any antis will be able to hate on him

My favorite season is Winter!!! i love the cold i literally hate all the rain during spring, the heat during summer, and i guess fall is alright but like its hurricane season and that’s always scary for someone who lives so near the coast. but uhm i was born in January! literally smack dab in the middle of winter and like i love the fashion, the sentiments, the want to be warm and snuggle and be nice and i love when it colds enough to see your breath as smoke in the air. and snow! tho we never get it in my part of texas its always so nice to see and hope for a white christmas every year! nothing beats the winter months for me….tho i do tend to get really sad but its just the winter blues yknow (lies)

had another really fun time at work tbh. idk I really like being able to just walk around and be able to joke n fuck around with a bunch of different people while also getting something done and also getting paid for it it’s cool

Okay So...

<< @belch-huggins helped me with this idea, Meaning they pretty much came up with it and I’m posting but giving credit. :) 

So In the book, Vic approaches the losers and thinks about joining them but doesn’t. Now, my idea or headcanon whatever you wish to call it is this: 

He doesn’t because he just slowly becomes the Loser’s club mom.
Like he slowly just adopts all of them and looks after them and tries to keep them safe from Henry and the others, while still picking on them himself. No one ever said he was a good mom, but he’s a mom and he is trying his best. >>

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Fast & Sticky sounds like a promo for glue XD

KAJSHDKSJADH YES. FOR ELMERS GLUE. im sorry im jUST LAUGHING. but romantic answer is: they’re each other’s glue. like… they hold each other together and make sure they don;t fall too much into the darkness that they fight against.



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