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Summary: Sokovia is saved, more or less, and Ultron is defeated. Whether or not Pietro will live is up in the air. Clint Barton is going to make sure that the punk ass kid has a fighting chance. 

Aou Fix-it type fic. Not beta read. Word count: 2,717. Rated T. One-Shot.

The truth is, his heart did stop. For a beat. Or two.

Ok, yes, he technically died. Later he’d find out it nearly broke his sister. He’ll tell her that he is made of stronger stuff; she shouldn’t have worried. She can’t decide if she wants to hug him, hit him, or both.

But that’s much later.

Clint accompanies him to the helicarrier. Doesn’t leave the boy’s side. He refuses to leave the punk ass kid’s side, makes sure that he get’s medical attention right away. Makes a big fuss that there is an injured Avenger there, and he isn’t talking about himself.

He takes a seat in the corner of the room as the docs get to work on Pietro. A higher vantage point would be much more appreciated, but there isn’t one so he makes due.

After a few rounds of the electric paddles, they get his heart going again. The bullets are through and through, no need to go digging around to pull any out, so they stitch up the holes that don’t require anything beyond such. They open him up to stop the worst of the bleeding and haul in more bags of blood than Clint has seen outside of a blood drive. Despite his best efforts, and the beeps and jargon chatter of the doctors, he dozes. He thinks. Either that or one of the docs slipped him something.

Probably on Nat’s orders.

Doesn’t matter. The speedster somehow pulls through. Well, for the most part. A nurse shakes him awake when they roll Pietro out and into a room.

The archer takes up occupation in the one chair in the room. Until the kid’s sister got there he’d stay with him. From what he knows neither have had someone to sit by their bedside, aside from each other that is.

Clint decides it’s time for that to change.

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idk what am I even drawing at this point, ha. So apparently Acno stopped collecting lizards after some years, but then the roles reversed and they started following him everywhere instead. The sight of the brave Dragon Slayer trying to get rid of a bunch of tiny lizards must have been pretty ridiculous

ok ok I’m done with my terrible sense of humor

ok but imagine - yu yu hakusho 90s AU

Success and nothing less.

So basically this week it’s actually hit me slam in the face.

Have you ever heard the quote ‘if you can’t beat em, join em?’

Yes we are in 2016 and yes genders are becoming more equal each day but in my personal opinion, (and I could be wrong in saying this but), I don’t think in my lifetime equality will be where woman right now aim for it to be. Particularly not in the next ten years when I have a career ahead of me. Women are currently responsible for 2/3rds of the work done worldwide, yet only earn ten percent of the income and own just 1% of property. We are nowhere near where we want to be. 

So if I can use the one thing that holds me back to my advantage, why the hell not use it for the sake of others judgments. Using my female attire, sexuality and attraction I have the opportunity to take gigantic steps closer to success, much quicker than those adding to societies comments that SB’s have no self respect. Two things (perhaps small, but still the point is there) happened this week.

1. I decided to put my photo on my CV and suddenly I get work experience from a male. Coincidence?

2. 200 people waiting to get on a 49 people bus and I get on 2nd, one after the old lady, purely from men moving out the way and being polite. I went to the front of the queue because you don’t get the things you want by standing back.

Anyway, back to my point. I can either fight up against society and most likely lose or I can get the best of both worlds. Using men to my advantage. Satisfying my needs in all angles and climbing my way to success in the way I envision using a method that is proven through nature. Men will always, in general, be attracted to women. We can make their knees weak.

Being a Sugar Baby I now have access to more income, better networks for my vanilla work and am genuinely happier in life. Uneducated people will slam you but I see this whole decision as a business decision, working towards a better life, climbing my career ladder, slamming goals that I wouldn’t have the opportunity to for several years. I know exactly what i’m worth and know exactly why I made this decision. 

So, next time you hear someone shame SB’s, take a step back and laugh. For they just got offered the biggest cheat to success in life and they didn’t take it because of society. Society affected their decision. Aka, they are living for society. The majority of those people that shame SB’s, would be one given the opportunity where they weren’t judged.

Just an opinion, but girls, my point is we are on the road to success. Hold your head high and keep on moving forward. One day at a time, we will conquer the world. Rising up next to successful businessmen we are currently seeing.

Corypheus: You shall be dealt with harshly, Tevinter- The Imperium suffers no traitors!

Dorian: Your Imperium will never be mine.



                    H E L L  Y E AH !!

I honestly can’t believe it? Like, I honestly made this blog for fun and now… Now I have to admit, I’m really deep into. Sting has grown on me and he got one of my favourite characters of all time (nothing can beat Laxus tho, huehue) but yes, I started loving him more than anything while rping with him. I love every relationship he has, I love every friend he has, I love the crack on here, I just— love you guys. For following, liking and being with Stingybee all the time! Thank you a lot for roleplaying/interacting with me and your support as well. Means so much. ♥
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Gangster Doodles アート
Kanye West-カニエウエスト#2020


Gangster Doodles アート
Kanye West-カニエウエスト#2020