beats of freedom

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If fishmob exists than conversely somewhere in the ocean there must be a fish with mob's face on it.

first of all this is Your fault,

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man, i don't even know what to do with kenny omega man; first he and kota slaughter us with their undying love. now, he riling the shit out of okada and making mr. stoic mcsparkles FEEL things like anger, disgust, irritation and maybe, just MAYBE some grudging admiration and respect. all while kenny just sort of flirts with him in his weirdo passive-aggressive way he did with kota. he's moving on in the most masochistic way possible, i think, although that title's a nice bonus as well.

okay this turned out more about kota/kenny because I hadn’t thought about Kota at all in the context of Kenny/Okada stuff till this came into my inbox, and then the information about Kota being in the G1 came out today and just. it got away from me.

In a wonderful post that you should all check out @mithen said “Kenny alternately taunts and pleads with [Kota] through social media” and I think that’s a great way to describe it.

A theme that arose in Kenny’s Kota-related interviews in 2016 was that Kota probably isn’t even on his level anymore.

“There are precious few people that can change the face of wrestling. It may even just be the two of us. So I’m going to stay here in New Japan, doing my best and waiting for him. (At the G1 finals) I finally surpassed him. I was chasing Ibushi for eight years and finally outgrew him. I hope that’s inspiration for him, right?” - Kenny Omega, Aug 28 2016 (as translated by Chris Charlton (which kenny retweeted))

He’s spent eight years chasing Kota. He wants Kota to come to him this time. He’s been waiting for him in NJPW. He’s been giving him “inspiration.”

Kota defeated Kenny the only two times they’ve ever been in singles competition against each other. Kota has also had matches against Okada at least twice that I know of (not counting Tiger Mask W, who is, of course, an entirely different person) and lost both times. Beating Okada certainly would put Kenny on a whole other level. Especially beating him clean which is something Kenny has been very focused on.

Kenny doesn’t just want to win. He’s made that clear. He wants to beat Okada. Because he’s not just after the belt and the power that comes with it. He’s after the knowledge that he’s better. Better than Okada. Better than Kota Ibushi.

if you look at it like that, one might almost say that he’s been baiting Kota in his current run for the title. I’m better than you. I’m better than you. I’m better than you. I’m doing things you never could. Come home and prove me wrong.

Parents who don’t give a shit about their child’s happiness and health piss me off so much. Lol why have kids if you’re not going to let them grow into the person they are and accept it?? You can’t mould a human into whatever you want like their play dough or some shit, it doesn’t work like that lmao

my fellow americans

what the fuck
happened to us?

we are a nation
not built on
the ten fucking

we were
punk rock
before Converse

we were
an all inclusive
vip room

fucking rode a horse
like Wallace

was the greatest smartass
that ever lived

tried his best to absolve
our sins until the father
of all trump supporters

we have a dark history
I won’t argue that
for a nation built on
freedom, equality

we’ve committed genocide
we’ve not equally separated
we’ve privitized prisons

but God Damn
is this us?

Is this really us?

I am a Patriot
in every fucking
sense of the word

but I am not our

do you see
what’s happening here?

We’ve sent children
into muddy chattering
machine gun beaches
to stop the type of
people in command
of our ship

what the fuck happened?

I’ll tell you
We let fear
beat freedom
we let faith
beat reason
we let just-us
beat the scales

we don’t have to take this
this isn’t their land
it’s our land
we, the PEOPLE
Not the fucking suits who
don’t give two shits about

rush the fucking harbor
dump the Miller, Coors,
and Budweiser
bullshit rhetoric they
ran the tab up with

don’t buy into the fear
the hate the division
they blind us with
fanning flames of
old fires we can piss on
put out for the last time

fold the flag around
the eyes of our lady again
wipe her delicate cheeks
it’s not
like she could stop these
assholes from unfolding
her cloth, she couldn’t
drop the scales
she couldn’t stand
to watch

It’s time for us to
reclaim our independence

what the fuck happened to us?
I’m not entirely sure
but I know we can find out

so we don’t repeat it
really be great again

For within living structures defined by profit, by linear power, by institutional dehumanization, our feelings were not meant to survive. Kept around as unavoidable adjuncts or pleasant pastimes, feelings were expected to kneel to thought as women were expected to kneel to men. But women have survived. As poets. And there are no new pains. We have felt them all already. We have hidden that fact in the same place where we have hidden our power. They surface in our dreams, and it is our dreams that point the way to freedom. Those dreams are made realizable through our poems that give us the strength and courage to see, to feel, to speak, and to dare
—  Audre Lorde
|Suga Drabble| "This is a bad idea"

Member: suga. Min yoongi Genre: fluff
Summery: naughty hoseok and namjoon attempt setting yoongi and his crush together, will their awkwardly planned trick work?

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This wasn’t going in any planned direction. Sure it was odd enough to be asked to dress in his most presentable clothes for dance practice, but they just drove past the building.
Yoongi rounded on the other two. Overly enthusiastic considering they were painfully sandwiched at the back seat. “Oh no” he internally panicked.
“Tell me now, what have you two planned?” He demanded in a low, cold utterance, ignoring his frantically vibrating phone.
“Yoongi-ah” Hoseok started, dropping all formalities. “I’m not saying anything unless you check your phone” he jabbed his elder, only to immediately retreat after gaining a loud scowl. Yoongi could almost predict where all of this was going, and he did nothing but pray for otherwise.
“You, what kind of childish game are you paying?” Hoseok was playful enough to drop his respect every now and then, but yoongi was in no way expecting namjoon to act the same. Slouching an arm around the black head’s shoulder, he sighed
“Hyung already told you, the answer is in that vibrating phone” he smiled mischievously. And when yoongi checked the ten or so messages flaring through his screen, the pair exchanged satisfied glances.
“I’m waiting by the ice cream shack”
“it’s too hot where are you?“
“I’m buying tickets without you.”
“Yoongi I swear to god of you are sleeping I’m going to suffocate you with the pillow”

Yoongi bit his lip in attempt to comprehend the situation at hand, well, more like to restrain himself from murdering his two band members.
“where are we going?” He asked in exasperation.
“Y/N had a day off, so we planned a date for the pair of you, you know, theme parks are where love birds confess” Hoseok giggled proudly, hitting namjoon’s thighs too many excruciating times.
“If this is a date” Yoongi stuttered as the towering railings came to view. “Why are you two here?”

The car came to a halt at the parking lot, meanwhile, yoongi’s hands where a sweating mess and his heart was beating it’s freedom out of his ribcage.
“You won’t even see us, we are just third and fourth wheels, just to get the car movin’” Rap monster gave him a thumbs up, hurring out of the car.
With a confused groan, yoongi calmed his breathing down while wiping his hands on his jeans. If he didn’t love her so much, confessing wouldn’t have been this stressful.

“Hyung look out for the Ice cream shack” Hoseok shouted facetiously, but yoongi spared him no attention, he was going over his “please love me back” speech, so intensely, he knocked a dozen people on his way.
“Ah here she is! Y/N!!” He stopped dead in his tracks as hoseok and his accomplice ran all the way to her dazzling figure. He already wanted to warp his arms around her smaller figure, never letting go. But this time, she looked brighter than ever, as if she gets more beautiful everytime he saw her. In fact, a new mental war was raging through his head, whether he should run up to her and kiss his feelings through her, or running away and never coming back. “This is a bad idea” he murmered, unable to control his emotions.
“Yoongi” she sang, resting her head on his tight chest. A tide of warm confidence rushed through his veins. The entire world muted in that quick second as an air of pensive positivity surrounded him. This is what she does to him. Whenever she is around, he knew he could take on whatever challenge he was presented with, he knew he belonged with her, and today was the day to admit it.
“I thought Jin was coming too?” Y/N broke away, turning her attention to smirking, winking hoseok and namjoon.
“He is baby sitting the maknae line, making sure nothing gets caught on fire”
“Oh so it’s just the four of us?”
“Its a double date, these two” Yoongi smugly pointed at the two boys,
“finally figured out their emotions, it’s heart warming really” and before they got a chance to clear whatever yoongi caused, he took Y/N’s hand ever so gently and guided her to the playground.

“do you want to see something beautiful?” He asked, and that’s how they both ended lazily swinging their legs across the abandoned, depressed railings,
“Where did you find such a place?” She asked in in fake awe, oblivious to the stress-frozen man beside her
“Tell me, do you know why you where asked to come to this date?” Yoongi started off, shaky and breathy, but pushed on nevertheless.
“So this is a date?” She giggled the statement off, yet the blush creeping on her face was unmistakable. This was the time yoongi regretted all his life decisions.
“This is a great idea” he let out a breathy laugh.
“What’s the great idea?”
“This” he whispered, leaning to capture her off-guard lips in a tender kiss. They both melted into it, hot and sweet, fitting perfectly against each other. This was definitely a good idea.

Heroes and Demons

It is a legend as old as time, and it goes something like this: as the world grows old, four demons knights will arise. They announce the coming of the great tide of chaos, the coming of the Great Demon King. In the north, south, east and west they can be found, and only through the holy blade of blessed heroes they can be defeated.

And once they are the gateway will open, spilling the most wicked beasts to ever exist. The earth will split and shake as the heroes take battle with the Great Demon King to restore the order of the world once more.

Or so it was supposed to be. Instead, well…

~~ ~~

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seaside grave

here’s a
mile wish:

i never want
to leave—

not even

i die.

waves crashing

like a

it’s practically
freedom at
my fingertips,


it’s always best
on a stormy day,

bitter air and
the storm-
tossed wind

grey and
blue and
green all

mixing on a
single palate

as the storm
and the sea

to conceal

their differences
of form to form

an almost

tinged in the
vague scent
of brine.

On This Day: May 14
  • 1771: Utopian-socialist Robert Owen born in Newtown, UK.
  • 1856: US President Franklin Pierce recognizes a pro-slavery dictatorship in Nicaragua established by pirate William Walker.
  • 1887: Individualist anarchist Lysander Spooner dies in Boston.
  • 1912: Bonnot Gang member Octave Garnier was killed in a shootout with police.
  • 1912: George Woodock was born in Winnipeg. He was a writer of political biography and history, an anarchist thinker, an essayist and literary critic.
  • 1931: Ådalen Shootings: Military police defending scabs in Ådalen, Sweden, pulp mill strike shoot at the strikers, killing five.
  • 1940: Emma Goldman dies in Toronto.
  • 1947: Canada’s Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 repealed along with related acts that limited immigration and citizenship.
  • 1953: Milwaukee brewery workers start successful 10-week strike for contracts comparable to East and West coast workers.
  • 1960: Police beat 200 protesting hearings of House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) in San Francisco.
  • 1961: The Freedom Riders’ bus is attacked and burned outside of Anniston, Alabama. A mob beats the Freedom Riders upon their arrival in Birmingham. The Freedom Riders are arrested in Jackson, Mississippi, and spend 40 to 60 days in Parchman Penitentiary.
  • 1968: In France, workers began occupying factories, starting with a sit-down strike at the Sud Aviation plant near the city of Nantes on 14 May, then another strike at a Renault parts plant near Rouen, which spread to the Renault manufacturing complexes at Flins in the Seine Valley and the Paris suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt.
  • 1970: Jackson State killings: Protests begin. Just after midnight, police kill two and injure 11 during violent student demonstrations at Jackson State College, MS. This is two days after six African-American men were fatally shot in the back for violating curfew in Augusta by the Georgia National Guard.
  • 1988: Spanish Anarcho-syndicalist José Xena Torrent dies in Caracas, Venezuela. He was active with the CNT and one of the editors of Ideas.
  • 2000: Million Mom March against gun violence and for tighter gun control in Washington, DC.

An endless wallow of
What the fuck did we
Oh yes, fuck we yes I remember

And it straggles with every beat
Strangles the scent of
Freedom from your mystery
Sick from the movement

That i dance with
Run from
Swim in
Until I am reminded

You’ve left this vastness
That once was
Potential for a marriage destroyed
And indecent hope

Sometimes I feel like I love You

In rock and roll, you can realize anything that you can in jazz… There’s no limitation other than the beat. You have more freedom than you do in anything except jazz. - Robby Krieger

Rap Daddy (Part 4)

Episode 4: Rap Doll

As the cameras began filming it could be seen that the two person couch was back. “Hello” Namjoon greeted before sitting down on the couch taking off his hat to readjust his hair before slipping the hat back on

“Thank you for joining us as our fourth and final Rap Daddy. Kim Namjoon, stage name Rap Monster. Working your way from the underground rap scene to leader of an idol group. Working with many other artist in the industry and furthering your involvement in music.”

Various clips of Namjoon on stage were played. His many accomplishments on display for everyone to see. “Before agreeing to be on this show you had announced that you were thinking of taking a hiatus but someone changed your mind.”

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