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How Would BTS react if their s/o (also an Idol) writes a Song about them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would performe this Song live at an award Show?

NAMJOON : he’s a close-listener when it comes to lyrics, so he would catch on that it was about him rather quickly. he will cower, embarrassed how his s/o saying all these cute, nice things about him in front of everyone.
“Did they really just…?” “Oh my god why…” “This is…”

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SEOKJIN : finds it super cute, blushing about how the song is about you. he will nod along to your singing, almost like a fan keeping the beat with an ARMY bomb lightstick. throws flowers onto stage if available, blows you kisses as you perform.

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YOONGI : he somehow found out about you singing about this before the stage even started, so he acts as normal and chill as possible. but, he is internally screaming about the entire thing. he reacts calmly, but he can’t help but leak a smile.

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HOSEOK : the whole stage of them confessing your love to him would be too much; he would start crying happily. big smiles, shy clapping as you perform, keeping his eyes on you tearfully.

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JIMIN : would be too absorbed into how they’re singing their heart out to really pay attention what they’re actually singing about. but, if someone tells him about the content of the song, he would be so excited. big smiles, laughing to knock off his nervousness.

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TAEHYUNG : would almost stand up from his chair in excitement from it. would shake other people’s shoulders, bragging about how they’re singing a song about him. huge smile, trying to contain his excitement about it.
“Did you know, this song is about Kim Taehyung?” “Wow, I never knew they thought about me like that. Did you?”

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JUNGKOOK : quite oblivious to what they’re singing, immediately denying that it isn’t about him if he’s told that. amazed by your skill and musicality.

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Your heart on the other side of the trigger
you make the call and everything that keeps you strong dies
You don’t and you let everything the two of you are be for nothing

Die or live yet die inside, there’s no universe where that choice is easy
yet your heart screams and your mind whirls
and you know that you’d rather be six feet under than without him

He’s kneeling, the pain in his eyes hitting you like daggers
everyone knows now, he’s your weakness
the one thing that makes you pause, that makes you break

Your heart is bomb, beating in your chest 
trying to reach out to the missing half that resides in him
knives don’t work in a gunfight but hearts, oh hearts do