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you antifa guys are actually more hateful and violent than any neo nazi group in the 21st century. its fucking disgusting and you should be branded as terrorists just as much as the KKK

We’d usually just block you, Anon, but we’re going to use your message as a reminder of where the violence is coming from in 2017.  Off the top of our heads, here’s what the year has looked like so far:

January 20, 2017: A right-wing extremist shoots a protestor at a Milo Yiannopoulos event at the University of Washington. 

January 29, 2017
: Alexandre Bissonnette walks into a mosque in Canada during evening prayers and opens fire, shooting 17 people and killing six of them.

January 2017: Over 40 Jewish centers in the U.S. receive bomb threats.

 February 22, 2017:  Adam Purinton tells two men from India to “get out of my country” then shoots both plus a bystander, killing one.

February 28, 2017: a mosque in Toronto is set on fire by arsonists.

March 12, 2017: a mosque in Ypsilanti, MI. is set on fire by arsonists.

March 20, 2017: James Jackson arrives in Manhattan with a sword and stabs the first black man he sees to death.  He later tells authorities he “intended to kill as many black men as he could.”

March 24, 2017: Yelling “I hate Muslims!” a man in Minneapolis stabbed a Somali man in an attempt to kill him.  

March 26, 2017: A racist mob attacks a 15-year-old Polish boy in Gloucestershire and, when a local Asian shopkeeper tries to intervene, attack him as well with crowbars and baseball bats, then attempt to run him over with a car.

March 31, 2017: A 17-year-old Iranian/Kurdish boy is nearly beaten to death by a mob of eight people in Croydon after he revealed to them that he was a refugee.

April 6, 2017: A Charlotte store is set on fire by an arsonist who leaves a warning message for the shop owner that he “did not want any refugee business owners and that they would torture the owner if they did not leave and go back to where they came from,” according to police.  It was signed “White America.”


April 30, 2017: A  white man storms a pool party in San Diego and shoots four black women, two black men, and one Latino man while allowing white attendees to leave.  One victim dies while the other six sustain critical injuries.


May 5, 2017: A man walking his dog on South Beach in Miami is confronted by two men who call him a “fucking faggot,” then attack him, beating him unconscious.  At one point in the attack, one of the attackers shouts  “all faggots need to die and we’re going to make sure they do!”


May 14, 2017: Vandals spray-paint hate graffiti on the home of a black family in upstate New York before attempting to set the house on fire while the family slept.  Although the family escaped unscathed, their garage burnt to the ground and their house suffered some damage.

May 17, 2017: A homophobic mob break into the home of a gay couple and shoot and stab both men to death.  

In case you have trouble counting, Anon, that’s three four five shootings, three four arsons, two three stabbings, two three mob beatings, and over 40 bomb threats by bigots, Islamophobes, nazis and racists so far this year.  Eight Nine Eleven people are dead because of these bigoted attacks and fifteen twenty-one were severely injured.   But it’s anti-fascists that people should be worried about, right?

“you should be branded as terrorists just as much as the KKK“ 

Really, now?  Anti-fascists are as much terrorists as the KKK, a terrorist organization which murdered over 3000 people in lynchings, arsons, bombings, etc. over its 150-year history, are we? 

Maybe it’s time you learned about the logical fallacy of false equivalence, Anon!


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How Would BTS react if their s/o (also an Idol) writes a Song about them (everyone knows that it is about them) and their s/o would performe this Song live at an award Show?

NAMJOON : he’s a close-listener when it comes to lyrics, so he would catch on that it was about him rather quickly. he will cower, embarrassed how his s/o saying all these cute, nice things about him in front of everyone.
“Did they really just…?” “Oh my god why…” “This is…”

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SEOKJIN : finds it super cute, blushing about how the song is about you. he will nod along to your singing, almost like a fan keeping the beat with an ARMY bomb lightstick. throws flowers onto stage if available, blows you kisses as you perform.

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YOONGI : he somehow found out about you singing about this before the stage even started, so he acts as normal and chill as possible. but, he is internally screaming about the entire thing. he reacts calmly, but he can’t help but leak a smile.

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HOSEOK : the whole stage of them confessing your love to him would be too much; he would start crying happily. big smiles, shy clapping as you perform, keeping his eyes on you tearfully.

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JIMIN : would be too absorbed into how they’re singing their heart out to really pay attention what they’re actually singing about. but, if someone tells him about the content of the song, he would be so excited. big smiles, laughing to knock off his nervousness.

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TAEHYUNG : would almost stand up from his chair in excitement from it. would shake other people’s shoulders, bragging about how they’re singing a song about him. huge smile, trying to contain his excitement about it.
“Did you know, this song is about Kim Taehyung?” “Wow, I never knew they thought about me like that. Did you?”

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JUNGKOOK : quite oblivious to what they’re singing, immediately denying that it isn’t about him if he’s told that. amazed by your skill and musicality.

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Things to say during sex:

  • Wow, he’s so life like!
  • You’re gonna do this all on your own, just like a big boy.
  • You need a hug or something?
  • Bring it, Pretty Boy. 
  • You can be a real drill sergeant sometimes.
  • I have three guns, by the way.
  • This is really gonna suck
  • Where’s the victim’s head?!
  • You’re on speaker, behave. 
  • [gunshot noises]
  • I find I do some of my best work under intense terror. 
  • Come near my team and i will end you.
  • A Dalmatian could do it! 
  • … How the hell did we beat the bomb squad here?

Your heart on the other side of the trigger
you make the call and everything that keeps you strong dies
You don’t and you let everything the two of you are be for nothing

Die or live yet die inside, there’s no universe where that choice is easy
yet your heart screams and your mind whirls
and you know that you’d rather be six feet under than without him

He’s kneeling, the pain in his eyes hitting you like daggers
everyone knows now, he’s your weakness
the one thing that makes you pause, that makes you break

Your heart is bomb, beating in your chest 
trying to reach out to the missing half that resides in him
knives don’t work in a gunfight but hearts, oh hearts do


Pairing: Jake Peralta x Reader.

Warnings: mild sexual content.

Word count: 650

Summary: Jake and the reader sneak off to handle some “urgent” matters…


My server has crashed like eight times, each with an edited version of this i’m so sick of this shit :))

Very short, I know, but I’m only testing the waters with this fandom and writing for this character. I really enjoy the show and so far I’m deeply obsessed with Peralta, so this was my go to cathartic experience for all the feels.



Y/N can barely contain herself.

In the silent confines of the closet, her breathing is labored, a jagged mess of pants and heaves. Her chest stutters up and down, falling as fast as it rises, and she struggles for breath. There’s none left in the tiny box. There’s nothing but the sound of clothes rustling and sweaty skin sticking together like glue as she goes in for another kiss. His hand slides down her side then to her waist, to the y/s/t skin peeping out from a lilac dress shirt, to her back and down to her ass, because, yeah, this is definitely more fun than filing paper work.


It comes as a whisper. A soft, sweet whimper dredged up from the deep, but it quakes the walls of the building with the weight it holds.


He groans, teeth clashing, tongue scavenging for hers, heart beating like a bomb ticking. God, it’s ticking. It has been since they stumbled into this closet, as though waiting to detonate and it’s so intense and a little bit disorienting, but heaven be dammed if he’s going to subdue it.

Jake’s hand slithers beneath her shirt and Y/N shivers at the contact. “Y/N…” He manages despite his nebulous mind.

“Jake…” she pants, lips screwed to his and muffling her speech. He flicks his tongue along her bottom lip and she let’s him, his hand clasping her cheek tight like a ripe apple.

“Uh-huh? “

“We shouldn’t be doing this…not here. “ Y/N leans back against the wall and he attacks her neck with his tongue, trailing wet kisses down from her jaw to behind her earlobe. She clamps her eyes shut, stifling a moan. She can’t. She shouldn’t. This is beyond unethical, breaching into pure sin she ought to be repentant for—but, dammit, it feels too good to stop.

Tipping her head back, she stutters a shaky breath as Jake goes to town, working his tongue down to the collar of her shirt and then back to the curve of her jaw. He’s attentive and precise. Within a second his lips are back on hers and Y/N feels the knot in her stomach coil tighter. Peralta .

Only Peralta.

Having been with him for six weeks now, she knows just as well as the sky is blue that only he can spark the fire burning in her belly. Only Jake can make the pulse of her blood run like a river, stir up a tsunami behind her ribs that makes her wonder if she’s sane. She can’t possibly be—the decision to be with him is enough of a an alibi, because who is crazy enough to date their colleague, let alone get steamy with them in the paper room?

“You okay?” His voice cuts through Y/N’s reverie, causing her to flutter her eyes open, meeting the deep brown ones a few inches away almost immediately. Her lips are wet and plump and there’s a heat pulsing in the pit of her stomach she can’t satiate.

Hooded eyes regarding him, she nods frantically. “We should get back. Terry’s probably looking for us.”


“And I don’t want my uncle blowing his top because he caught me making out with my colleague.”

“Well, they don’t call us partners for nothing.” Jake grins. Y/N punches him in the shoulder and his expression immediately consorts, a pout surfacing. “Ouch. Uncalled for.”

“Can we go now?”

“Nope. I’m not done with you yet.” He states. “Nor will I be until our desires are both satisfied. Now….” A mischievous smirk stretches across Jake’s face and, grabbing her hips, he hoists Y/N up against the wall.

Her resistance falters; a smile manages onto her face, and she shakes her head softly. The room is getting smaller and smaller and the temperature is rising, but it’s okay. Jake leans in, his face inches away, warm breath fanning her heated skin.

“…where were we?”


This is the closest thing to smut I’ve ever posted my face us still burning hot

As always, thank you for reading, likes/reblogs and follows are much appreciated. more B99 to come seeing as it is my current consuming obsession. I love Jake Peralta, he is perfect, I want him to be my second husband

Have a nice day!


(Volume 🆙 cuz that booty deserves a bomb beat to jiggle to.)
Can u believe that booty is turning 5 yrs old today?.. I can’t.. 5 days or 5 yrs.. 15lbs or 50 lbs… he’ll always be my baby. #HBD #Corgnelius

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