beats not bombs

  • Leo: Lets just do Rock Paper Scissors to see who Jason's best man is?
  • Percy: No, no, no, no. I hate that game I always lose
  • Leo: Cause you always pick rock
  • Percy: That's because nothing beats rock
  • Leo: Paper beats rock
  • Percy: Not buying it
  • Leo: Fine, we'll play a new game. How about cockroach, foot, nuclear bomb? Foot squashes cockroach, nuclear bomb squashes foot, cockroach survives nuclear bomb
  • Percy: Oh thats great. I'll be nuclear bomb, nothing beats nuclear bomb
  • Leo: cockroach beats nuclear bomb
  • Percy: Oh we'll see about that
  • [Later]
  • Leo: One two three go
  • [Leo picks cockroach, Percy picks nuclear bomb]
  • Leo: Cockroach beats nuclear bomb. Thats 38 wins in a row. I think its safe to say I'm the best man
  • Percy; Wait a minute, i just noticed something. Cockroach always wins. One more time
  • Leo: Fine. One two three go
  • [Leo picks foot, Percy picks cockroach]
  • Percy: Foot, I forgot about foot. So foot always wins. One more time. Winner, best man, period.
  • Leo: One two three
  • [Leo picks nuclear bomb, Percy picks foot]
  • Percy: Bomb! Nuclear bomb beats foot. Its like everything in this game loses to something else
  • Leo: Yes, it's exactly like that
  • Percy: Wait. Except. Aha! I was so blind. Nuclear bomb beats everything. One more time, winner take all.
  • [Leo picks cockroach, Percy picks bomb]
  • Percy: Im going home

🍒💣 super embarrassing cherry bomb dance cover 🍒💣

i literally spent the whole day practicing, filming & editing this my phone’s gonna burst. it’s not exactly the best and the timings really off for some parts but hey at least i tried!! and to commerate nct 127’s first win, it’s a good date to post this jskdnd

i posted my first and last’s cover here once, alongside with limitless’! hope you all dont cringe too hard watching this video while i go bury myself in my bed 😭

JD x Reader - Promise (FLUFF)

WC: 638 (short, I know!)
Warnings: swearing, talk of violence, suicide mention!! (The feels!)
Summary: following the plot of the musical, (y/n) fakes her own death causing JD to break (what if he didn’t go through with the plan!!)


“Come on out, (y/n)! It’s not like I’d kill you!” His voice trills from outside of the wooden closet doors. Though his tone is light, there’s anger and pain laced within it.

For (y/n), all was dark. The sliver of light from the bottom of the doors provided enough light to see your ex-boyfriend, Jason Dean, pacing about her bedroom. A large black shadow swept from side to side, ironically mimicking an expectant death. Your mind was racing, desperately grasping at straws to find an escape. In your head? Boom. Boom. Boom. Your heart beat, louder than any bomb. Knees buckling below your, you struggle like bambi to stand straight.

Suddenly, it hit’s you. Reaching up, trying to ignore JD’s manic rambling, you grab a pair of tights and began threading them across your body before hoisting yourself up.

“Fuck this!” He roars. “You have three seconds, (y/n), then I’m coming in there!”

You hang your head limply.

You hold your breath.

The door flies open and… silence.

Just minutes later, you hear a soft cry trail from the room. Fighting to ignore it, your force your eyes shut and take another large gulp of air. The game becomes harder as the cries escalate into loud, heart wrenching sobs.
“Why… why why why why why!!” You can hear him mutter to himself. “This is YOUR fault! You let her die… Idiot!” His voice picks up, the red hot anger bubbling within him.
You resist jumping out of your skin at the sudden noise.
Slowly, you open your eyes and raise your head enough to peak through your (h/c) hair. You watch, horrified, as the boy you love begins smashing his head against your desk with determination. A warm and salty tear pools in the corner of your eye and you can’t take it any more.

Without a sound, you retrace the fabric across your (s/c) neck and drop to the wooden floor beneath. Not knowing what to say, you simply walk over and sit beside him.
The added weight causes the bed to sink further, alerting him to your presence. As he looks up, you feel your heart crack into a thousand pieces, a magnificent destruction. His deep hazel eyes are riddled with red veins and rivers of tears are flooded down his face. His cheeks are red like blood and his dark hair ruffled into oblivion.

The boy pauses for a moment, as though inspecting you, proving to himself that you’re real. Suddenly, and without warning, he flings his arms around your body and clings tightly. The two of you sit like this for a while, his arms wrapped around your body and you’re around him.

You glance down and notice the sleeve of his black trench coat has rolled up slightly. Across his pale wrist, a small million of angry red lines adorn him. Some older than others, joining together like a tragic pattern. You bring his arm to your head, placing gentle kisses across each and every line in turn.

He sniffles, looking up to meet your caring gaze.
“Please…” he stammers out, voice raspy from the tears. “Don’t leave me… I I won’t d do it, I promise. Just… stay with me.” This time, you believe every word. The young boy in front of you was not the same as the one from just 10 short minutes ago. Every raging fuse has fizzled out, every wall broken down. Now, he was raw.

You saw the child in him. You saw every scar and bruise, every harsh word and abandonment. He looked so… weak.
You bring a shaky hand to his chin and lift it, as though you’re scared he’ll break. A small smile twitches on your face.

“ I promise, JD. Our love is god.”

Things to say during sex:

  • Wow, he’s so life like!
  • You’re gonna do this all on your own, just like a big boy.
  • You need a hug or something?
  • Bring it, Pretty Boy. 
  • You can be a real drill sergeant sometimes.
  • I have three guns, by the way.
  • This is really gonna suck
  • Where’s the victim’s head?!
  • You’re on speaker, behave. 
  • [gunshot noises]
  • I find I do some of my best work under intense terror. 
  • Come near my team and i will end you.
  • A Dalmatian could do it! 
  • … How the hell did we beat the bomb squad here?

I was looking at some of the comments on a hxh post I made about the CA arc and I mentioned something about how I was glad Hisoka wasnt there and a few people were upset about it but LOOOLL GOOD. Meruem would have rekt that clown boy up and you know it!