beats by the pound

when I was thirteen, I had my first love  There was nobody that compared to my baby And nobody came between us no one could ever come above She had me goin’ crazy I was starstruck She woke me up daily Don’t need no Starbucks She made my heart pound And skip a beat when I see her in the street and At school on the playground but I really wanna see her on the weekend…She know she got me dazin cause she was so amazing nd now my heart is breakin But I just keep on sayin


— Broken? Me? Oh no, Ana. Just the opposite.” He reaches out and takes my hand. “You’re my lifeline,” he whispers, and he kisses my knuckles before pressing my palm against his. 
With his eyes wide and full of fear, he gently tugs my hand and places it on his chest over his heart—in the forbidden zone. His breathing quickens. His heart is beating a frantic, pounding tattoo beneath my fingers. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine; his jaw is tense, his teeth clenched.
I gasp. Oh my Fifty! He’s letting me touch him. And it’s like all the air in my lungs has vaporized— gone. The blood is pounding in my ears as the rhythm of my heart rises to match his.

I want that cuddling that starts out so innocent. The kind where you’re already so close but you just want to pull each other closer. Pull me in as tight as you can and while we’re tracing patters with our finger tips on one another’s skin, I want you to steal a kiss. One that’s completely harmless but one you did just because you wanted to feel my lips on yours. And then when you pull away realize you want to come right back for more. I want to feel the softness of your lips and taste how badly you want me. Let me turn the tracing of my fingers over your skin into scratches on your back. Let me be your blanket of skin as I slowly place my body on top of yours. Feel free to explore me let everything from your hands to your mind roam completely free. Let me understand the way your heart beat starts pounding so hard I can almost feel it and your breathing get so heavy it’s almost hard to control as my tongue moves along your body. Don’t be afraid to hurt me babe. Claw, bite, pull my hair do whatever you have to do. I promise when you see the lovely marks left on your thighs by my mouth you won’t be ashamed. All you’ll think about is moaning my name and how with every hickey, every scratch and bite mark there’s a name on your body.. and it’s mine.

I once read this quote that true love is recognizing another human being as real. I loved you because you were so real to me. Every scar, your eyes, your smiles. They were all so real to me. You smelled of rain and a childhood lost all too soon. You felt like hurricanes and your mother who just wouldn’t, couldn’t, love you the way you deserved to be loved. Your embrace felt like your parents battleground, you on the sidelines alone, wondering what you did wrong. 

You are complex, metaphoric, philosophical. You are part of my soul, the yin to my yang, my polar opposite. You are the quickening of my pulse, a heart beat pounding at the mere mention of your name.

You are the tears on my pillow at night. My trailing thoughts when my friends notice I’m lost in conversation. You are my every day dream.

Jokers Daughter Imagine: We Stand Up For Each Other

Request: (anon) I have a request of the Joker being “accidently” disrespected during business and his daughter steps in before he does (like the club scene in the movie). Your writing is beautiful and so are you!

Thank you hun!!


The music in the club was pounding making Jokers heart beat fast as he watched Harley dance. He looked over and saw you at the bar with your friends laughing and having a good time. He gripped his cane when Monster T walked in and reached out his hand.

“He don’t shake hands, sit down and have a drink.” Frost said before sitting off to the side next to Joker. He took a seat on the booth across from the clown and prince and waited for him to say something. When he got nothing but silence he turned to see what Joker was staring at. He saw you and your friends all dressed up having a good time. “You have some fine pieces in this club Mr. J.” he said not knowing who you were.

You turned around to check on your parents and saw your dad staring, you smiled back at him to let him know you were okay and saw his face change from protective to rage. You saw the the man was sitting with him and immediately knew something was wrong. You threw back your drink and told your friends you’d be right back.

Joker stared at the man with blood boiling before he began to speak “Oh I know you didn’t meant that….” Joker said putting a sadistic grin on his face.

Monster T still didn’t realize what he had done and laughed thinking J was joking with him. “No J I mean it, how do you get all this hard candy in the club? Which one is yours and can I get a taste of one?” he said pouring his drink down his throat. Frost made an audible gulp noise that confused T.

“Which one is mine? Well considering that’s my daughter, she’s mine. And since those are her friend, they are not yours.” He leaned forward and rested the tip of his cane on the mans neck pushing in slightly. Frost stood up ready to do something.

Monster T could feel his heart sink into his stomach. “J… I didn’t know I uh..” he struggled to get the words out.

“You didn’t know? So you just go around lookin at young girls in my club.” he stood up and approached him slowly.

You stepped into the booth just before he lunged at him. Joker looked up and his face softened when he saw you.

“Daddy what’s going on?” you said concerned.

Monster T turned and he couldn’t stop himself from looking you up and down and immediately shook his head knowing how stupid that was. 

“You can’t help yourself can ya hunka hunka?” he laughed wildly and you smacked the mans face back when you noticed him staring at you.

He stood up and it surprised both you and your father. 

“Listen I came here for business, how was I supposed to know J? You let slutty girls run around this trash club all the time!” he puffed out his chest in anger, his ego was bruised after being bullied by the clown and you.”

Joker walked up inches away from his body and poked his chest with his finger. “You insult the clown princess and me and my club? You must have a death wish mother fucker.” Joker pulled out his gun and put it on T’s temple and got ready to fire.

Suddenly a glass came shattering across the mans head and he dropped into the booth. You stood over him with blood running down your hand and without a second thought grabbed your fathers gun and started pistol whipping T’s skull in. 

The Joker watched confused as his daughter got covered in blood and kept beating the man up. He wasn’t sure how to process what was happening. He thought about late at night when he tucked you in as a little girl and he’d tell you he would always protect you. You would look up at him and put your little hands on his chest and say that you would protect him too. He’d laugh to himself and brush it off. 

Now that you were before him defending yourself and his honor he realized just what that meant. That your loyalty and your love for him was real. It was hard for him to accept that a creature like you could feel sympathy for him. A part of him wanting to jump in and pull you away and protect you from the violence unfolding, but another part of him: the stronger part, liked to watch you prove your kingship to him. He took a moment to breath in the scene, the clown family was actually real and it was all his.

“You don’t talk to me like that!” you screamed at the body below you “You don’t talk about my father like that!” he lost all the strength in his body and slipped to the blood in a pool of his own blood. You took your heel and kicked him in the ribbcage “and that’s for my mom just because!” you couldn’t tell if he was dead or not but you stopped when you felt your dads hand on your back. You turned around and saw the puzzled look on his face and felt guilt. “oh… I’m sorry daddy I just couldn’t control myself what he said and how he looked at me I….” you noticed the blood down your front “I’ll clean all this up I promise and I won’t interfere again I was just worried about you and.” you were cut off when your father wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into him.

You felt the comfort of his strong arms around you and sank into the hug. Frost left the booth more stunned than either of you and called for some goons to get supplies and to give you two a moment.

“You don’t need to say sorry princess.” he whispered in your ear.

“You’re not mad? But look at the mess I made!” you said wanting him t be honest with you.

The Joker closed his eyes and breathed in to focus his head again. He wanted to stay in this dream like state of admiring you, but he had a job to do. He was the Joker. He belted out the most maniacal laugh he could muster and pulled himself away to look you in the eye. 

“Mad?? I’m flattered! I guess you have more in me than I thought. Plus baby red was always your color!.” he put his smile tattoo over his mouth and you giggled back at him before placing a kiss on it and going back to resting your head on his chest. 

“I said I’d protect you too remember?” you said softly holding on tight to his shirt with your bloodied hands. “Clowns stand up for each other.”

im literally the biggest romantic like i just love love so much it doesnt matter i could see a couple holding hands in public and i just think thats so great and i always cry at weddings and wedding proposals and i love seeing people fall in love and i love watching the way people’s eyes light up when they see their special someone and i love roses and teddy bears and that fake capitalist holiday type of love and that genuine soft smile and tentative breath pounding heart beat type of love and that gentle kind of love that creeps up on you *sigh* i love Love

“With his eyes wide and full of fear, he gently tugs my hand and places it on his chest over his heart—in the forbidden zone. His breathing quickens. His heart is beating a frantic, pounding tattoo beneath my fingers. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine; his jaw is tense, his teeth clenched.
I gasp. Oh my Fifty! He’s letting me touch him. And it’s like all the air in my lungs has vaporized—gone. The blood is pounding in my ears as the rhythm of my heart rises to match his.”


With his eyes wide and full of fear, he gently tugs my hand and places it on his chest over his heart—in the forbidden zone. His breathing quickens. His heart is beating a frantic, pounding tattoo beneath my fingers. He doesn’t take his eyes off mine; his jaw is tense, his teeth clenched. I gasp. Oh my Fifty! He’s letting me touch him. And it’s like all the air in my lungs has vaporized—gone. The blood is pounding in my ears as the rhythm of my heart rises to match his.

The beat’s pounding in Otabek’s ear, and his hands hover over his laptop expectantly. The turntable sits in front of him, and the dance floor beyond, and as the song plays and the crowd hollers Otabek lets himself glance forward.

There, mischief in his eyes, is Yuri Plisetsky. He lets his body sway in time with the rhythm. The first thing Otabek thinks is god, that’s not fair, it’s not fair that Yuri gets to show up here in a loose cut-off, not fair that Yuri gets to twine a glow stick into the bun of his fair hair, not fair that when he tips his head to one side Otabek can see the thin sheen of sweat on his throat.

Then Yuri looks at Otabek with half-lidded green eyes and smirks a dangerous smirk, and all of Otabek’s rational thought goes out the window. He only comes back to himself when his fingers slip and he nearly misses his cue. 

With the nervous smile of man who’s just brushed by disaster, Otabek thinks that it’s really not fair at all.

Seventeen: No Matter What

Anonymous asked: hello! can you please write a scenario where you are a trainee at pledis and as a test to see how much you have progressed, you have a solo performance as sort of an “opening” for svt on your bday but because you are so focused and stressed over your performance to impress pledis, you forget it’s your bday but seventeen doesn’t and as a happy bday surprise to you and for your hard work, they dedicate your favourite song to you and invite you back on stage to properly wish you happy bday. thanks!

Summary: There is no one who loves you more than Seventeen does.

-Admin Syrup (I changed it a bit, hope you like it nonetheless! Sorry for the suuuuuuper long wait!)

You replayed the song for what seemed like the fiftieth time for the day, limbs and mind numbed from the ceaseless practicing you had done since the morning. The squeak of your sneakers against the floor, your breath coming out in sharp huffs, and the pounding beat of the music was all that registered in your mind as you observed your form in the practice room mirror. Each movement had to be perfect before you could rest, even though your muscles were screaming at you to stop. You were so focused on the mirror that you hardly noticed someone had entered; you were only dragged back to reality when the music suddenly stopped and it felt like you were doused with cold water.

“How long have you been here?” You didn’t even have to look to confirm that the owner of the deep, rumbling voice was Jeon Wonwoo.

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Missing you

Short but sweet bit of Jily


Lily’s heart was fluttering a hundred beats per minute- like butterfly wings, pounding as hard as they could, trying to stay afloat…

She couldn’t breathe. She was trembling like a leaf, pacing back and forth in her dressing gown, trying to stay calm.

Once again, she glanced at the clock. It was thirty six minutes past twelve.

Where was he?

He was meant to be back at midnight. ‘At the latest’, he’d said. He was late often enough, yes, but never this late.

“What if something’s gone wrong?” that voice in the back of her head whispered- that nasty one that always piped up if she wondered if her hair looked a mess, or her dress looked too tight. Was she just being paranoid? It’s just the nerves, she told herself. It was the stress, the panic that had been clawing at her stomach all day as she waited for James to return, so she could tell him.

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"It's like puppy love." Isaac Lahey Imagine

Isaac Lahey

Summary: Reader confronts Isaac about her feelings, only to not go as planned.

Warnings: um none I don’t think so

She watched him as he swayed through the crowded hallway to his next class. All she wanted to do was go up to him and straddle his body with hers as their lips would connect in perfect sync. Her beating heart pounded in her chest like crazy as he had spotted her from a far. His sweet and charming smile sent shivers through her body as she stupidly looked away blushing as he disappeared into the classroom.

“Are you done drooling over Isaac?” Allison bumped her shoulder into Y/N’s as she laughed. It was a daily routine for them to tease Y/N every period when she sees Isaac going to class or whenever they are having a study group she can never focus on the subject when he’s around.

“It’s like puppy love.” Lydia was the one teasing Y/N now, as Allison joined her in her laughter. Everyone knew they had a thing for each other, but typical love story; they didn’t know themselves. “You should probably tell him that you like him. It’s getting old seeing you guys do nothing about each other’s feelings.”

“I can’t find a perfect time to tell him, either some other pack is trying to kill us or school is haunting us with all those missing projects we never turned in because we were to busy saving everybody.” Y/N was tired of all the missing chances she had with him alone and never having a chance to spill out her feelings. Y/N was never afraid of talking to guys or asking them out, but with him it was so different.

“The time will come honey.” Allison gave Y/N one of her supportive smiles before the trio began to walk to class together.

After an uneventful day in Beacon Hills, which Y/N didn’t mind since running around with a pack full of werewolves and a banshee was way more exhausting that being stuck in school all day; she left the library after finishing her homework and made her way towards her own car.

Like if life couldn’t get any better for her, her car wouldn’t even start and it was already starting to get dark. Texting Allison to the rescue, she sat down on the hood of the car as she waited for her best friend to pick her up.

“Y/N?” Y/N stomach turned in spirals as she saw Isaac walking up towards her. The freshly showered scent hit her like a truck as he stood in front of her small figure. The beaten up lacrosse gym bag rested so lightly over his shoulders while his shirt was a bit wet from the droplets of remaining water that was in his wavy hair. “Why are you sitting on your car?”

“Someone stole my car battery, so I’m just waiting for Allison to pick me up.” Y/N bit the inside of her cheek as her eyes kept on roaming on his perfect features. “Stiles said he knows how to put a new one in, so by tomorrow morning it will be all good.”

“And you trust Stiles with your car?” Isaac chuckled as he stared back into her eyes. His heart fluttered as she immediately giggled back at him.

“He’s the only one I got.” She smiled back at Isaac as she placed a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“Hey, you have me too.” Y/N’s heart skipped a few beats as his words left his lips so naturally.

“Well do you know how to put a car battery?”

“No, I actually do not but you can still count on me for kicking anybody’s ass if they do anything to you.” He laughed once again at his joke as he sat down right next to her, placing his bag on the floor.

“Isaac?” She turned around to face him, only for the ache to grow even more of wanting to place her lips against his luscious one. His eyes landed on hers as his smiled faded when she got all serious.


“All this flirting and all. Does it mean something? I honestly don’t want to get my hopes us because I really like you a lot and I’m just tired of getting mixed signals from you.” Y/N blurted out as Isaac was caught of guard from her confession. He anxiously bit his lip as he tried to form an answer for himself as he watched her turn her face away from his.

“We’re friends and I’m just um.” He stuttered nervously. “My hands are so sweaty.” Isaac quickly stood up from the car and grabbed his gym bag from off the floor. Isaac blurted out random words as he tried to think of a better answer but his tongue twirled like a maniac.

“I knew this was a mistake.” Y/N quickly regretted spilling all her gut out when she knew she was going to get heartbroken. Allison’s car had turned up on the curb as Isaac was still trying to rephrase his own words.

“Y/N please wait.” He called her back as she opened the passengers door. She wasn’t going to cry or have a complete meltdown when she had known from the beginning that there was a chance he didn’t feel the same, but she couldn’t help feeling bad anyways since a part of her believed there was a good chance he did feel the same.

“I already have my answer Isaac.” She left the boy hanging by her dead car as Allison drove off out of the school. “I told him and he doesn’t like me back Allison.”

“What? You’re lying Y/N.” Allison shook her head in disbelief as she kept her eyes on the dark road. “I swear I’ll break his neck when I see him.”

After a long night of trying be sunk in to a black hole and avoid Isaac for the rest of her life, walking through the empty hallways were agonizing. The sun beamed in only for her eyes to water from the brightness. All she wanted was to be in her bed and sleep, something she didn’t managed to do the previous night.

Y/N was already forty minutes late to economics class, so she didn’t even bother entering the classroom. Opening her locker, the reflection of her bare and sleepless face was worse than any creature Beacon Hills had come across of through the years.

Grabbing one of her books and her student ID card she closed the locker lightly and headed towards the library. Thankfully, she had free period coming up; so she had enough time for a quick nap on her usual spot in the library. Ever since her first year, she had been taking naps and usually sleeping over night in the school behind the bookshelves on the second floor. The section was about mythical stories and nobody would head towards the area, only just the pack.

“Y/N?” She heard someone mumble her name, but she didn’t bother opening her eyes. She moved slightly, but her eyes were shut completely. She was too tired to even wrap her head around that someone was calling her.

Isaac sighed, giving up on calling her. Placing his bag on the floor, he sat down next to her sleeping body and brought her head carefully to his lap for her to be more comfortable rather than resting it on her hard book.

She didn’t even flinch when his fingers ran through her locks, she kept on sleeping like nothing had happened. He knew they had only twenty minutes left for their next class together, but he rather miss it than wake her up.

“I’m sorry for yesterday, I like you but I just freaked out.” He spoke up, when her eyes started to open up. “I had planned on telling on Friday after the game but I didn’t expect you to tell me like that.”

Y/N’s heart was about to jump out of her chest when his hands cupped both sides of her cheek once she stood up. His thumb caressed her cheek as they sat their silently looking at each other. A smiled creeped up on Isaac’s lips, he was overjoyed that she hadn’t rejected him like the thought she would over and over in his head. Instead, it was even better.

“You like me.” Y/N said, wrapping the idea of them around her head.

“I fucking do.” He chuckled, bring her into his lap and pressing his lips to hers. Y/N giggled into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck, caressing the back of his hair with her fingertips.

His lips felt soft on hers as she imagined it. All those late nights she couldn’t go to sleep thinking about him didn’t compare to that moment.

“Can we skip school and just make out in your car?” Isaac mumbled, pressing small kisses to her jawline as she sighed out of pleasure.

“You’re too funny.” She said sarcastically, pecking his lips quickly as she stood up from his lap. “Come on.” Y/N extended her hand to him as he stood in front of her. Her small figure was pulled against his as he brought her closer to him and pecked her lips once again.

“Let’s go.” He smirked at her as she smiled uncontrollably. Finally, something went completely right in Beacon Hills for them.

torrential - s.b

Requested: Could you do an imagine/fanfic where Sirius is comforting you during a thunder and lightning storm cause your super afraid of them?
Part: 1 of 1

Authors Note: So I hope you like it (I’m actually kind of proud of the personification in this) and I did have a sirius pun in there (he came padding down the stairs lmao im funny). ENJOY

The rain was falling in sheets. It knocked on the windows, beat the walls and pounded the roof. It was a chilly winter night, but you had forgotten about the potions essay that was due the next day, and were curled up on the floor of the Gryffindor common room, books encircling you as you frantically tried to find the history of Felix felicis.

The rain, falling heavily, was droning in the background, making you agitated and the words on the pages blurrier. A soft padding came down the boys staircase, and a shirtless Sirius Black appeared at the bottom, checking the time on the clock above the door, and said in a slightly teasing tone, “L/N? It’s like 2am what are you doing?”

You groaned and slammed one of the textbooks shut, not in the mood for Sirius Black right now. “I forgot about the potions assignment and-” His eyes widened a little and you managed a small smile, trying to avoid staring at his chest, and said in a singsong voice, “You forget the essay, too, Black? Come on, I’ve finished the first paragraph, but this second one is proving to be very difficult.”

He rushed up the stairs, two at a time, and came running back down a few moments later, already in study mode. “Have you tried that one?” He pointed at a nearby book. You shook your head as he picked it up, skimming through the index.

You worked silently for a while, noticing how every few minutes, the rain decided to pound on the windows with greater force. Everything was fine, it was just rain, you could deal with that. Suddenly, rolling thunder rippled through the air, seeming to bounce of the walls and echo in her mind. A flash appeared outside the window, a bolt of lightning shooting down towards the ground. You felt the fear build up in your chest, bubbling over and rising up through her throat. It strangled you, clouded your mind and blurred your surroundings. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Sirius had stopped working when he noticed your quill fall to the ground, “Y/N, are you okay?” 

His voice sounded distant, too far away for you to comprehend his words.

You barely noticed your hand quivering, your eyes fixated on the rain against the windows, and on the outside of the building, seeming to cover it like vines, trapping you inside.

Even though you were sitting by the fireplace, the air felt cooler now, gripping onto your skin and refusing to let go. Then, warmth. You felt it on your hand, rushing up your arm and spreading around your body. You looked to where you first felt contact, almost dreamily, and recognised Sirius’ hand gripping yours, his eyes frantic, worried.

It felt like the ice suffocating you had been melted, and, for some reason, you felt better knowing he was right there beside you. You didn’t even notice the tears sliding down your cheeks. 

And then you were in his arms, and he was rubbing your back and whispering, “It’s okay, you’re okay.” He didn’t dare say the words It’s just rain, because it wasn’t - to you, it was fear and darkness, it was death, and it terrified you. 

Sirius didn’t pull away. Instead, it felt like he held you closer, letting you rest your head on his chest. Your cheeks were wet, and you felt exhausted and finally drifted to sleep, to the beat of the rain on the windows. 

The next morning, you awoke on one of the couches of the common room, your eyes slightly puffy and head sore from lack of sleep. There was a strip of parchment on the table, and you recognised your own handwriting at the top, and a slightly different one on the bottom, thicker as if someone had written very slowly. A small note was stuck to it, You drool in your sleep.