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Mac And Me (1988) tells the story of an alien family that gets transported to Earth and loses their youngest child, Mac, who is later taken in by a lonely kid. If this sounds eerily similar to E.T., it’s because the producers of Mac And Me have such an obvious, unhealthy obsession with Spielberg’s movie that I’m pretty sure this is how MAM got made: One day, someone stumbled upon their handmade E.T. gimp suits, and in a moment of panic, the producers blabbed something about them being costumes for a new alien movie they were working on.

A few months later, Mac And Me hit theaters, where thousands of people had to sit through an opening wherein an alien gets sprayed in the face with an unidentified liquid, and then proceeds to suck it. What happened later, though, was even more shameless.

Taking a Reese’s-Pieces-stained page from E.T., Mac And Me struck a product placement agreement with Coca-Cola whereby they would apparently replace half of their props with Coke cans.

It wouldn’t be so bad if that’s all they did, but like a kid on a runaway wheelchair speeding down a hill, it didn’t stop there. In the movie, Coca-Cola isn’t just the only liquid Mac is able to consume. At one point, it actually brings his dead family back to life. I know Coke has long been synonymous with Christmas, but that doesn’t mean it can perform fucking miracles.

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