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The most underrated moment in Percy Jackson is when Percy comes out of the river Styx and literally beats Hades undead army, and then beats Hades in a fight, almost stabbing him in the face for the hell of it 


all the boys // panic! at the disco

For fuck’s sake people Wonder Woman is set in World War ONE. Those are not Nazis those are Germans. Fucking remember this

That’s the the whole point of the movie. That’s why it’s set in the World War 1 because there is no clear villain there. Everybody was an asshole. The only genocidal monsters were the Turks, the rest were just arrogant power hungry men

random internet person: “I’m just not that into Skip Beat anymore”



cut content - germ’s gramma

I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;


Step aside or experience serious pain!

Ever since I did my post about how Thomas Jefferson would go to hell, people have been like “can you do Andrew Jackson too” to which my answer is a resounding HELL NOPE. That dude will LITERALLY MURDER ME and the fact that he’s dead WILL NOT DO A THING TO STOP HIM BECAUSE HELL CANNOT HOLD HIM. Like, most U.S. Presidents are murderers by proxy, but this dude was a LITERAL SERIAL KILLER WHO LIKED TO GET HIS HANDS DIRTY. He is responsible for the only time in American History that the president’s bodyguards had to save the ASSASSIN’S LIFE from the PRESIDENT. You know how we called Nixon “Tricky Dick” because he was a liar and we called George W. Bush “Dubya” after his middle initial and we called Abraham Lincoln “Honest Abe” because he was a pretty above-the-board type of guy? They called Andrew Jackson “Old Hickory” because he liked to BEAT PEOPLE ABOUT THE FACE AND BODY WITH HIS CANE. Like he was absolutely a genocidal maniac who apparently only held the office of President because everyone was too afraid to ask him to leave but now that I’ve said that, I want you all to know that if I’m found beaten to death with a blunt object, I can save the police the trouble of investigating: It was former U.S. President Andrew Jackson come back from the dead for revenge. 

The FE Experience

Me: I haven’t played fire emblem games other then Awakening and Fates, and I loved those titles, so I’m looking forward to Echoes!


Me: … I.. I still really like the new games despite of their flaws, and I’m… curious about Echoes…


Me: … I’m not really hyped for Echoes anymore…


Request: Monsta X Reaction to someone flirting and you being uncomfortable


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On Shownu’s day off you had decided to have a date in the park, walking around and just spending time with each other. The weather was slightly warm, so you stopped and sat at a bench. Shownu left your side for just a second to grab you two some drinks. Sitting waiting for your boyfriend to return a man sat directly next you on the bench. You shift uncomfortable, but the man only scooted closer. “Your the prettiest girl here, you know.” He told you. You tried to stand up and walk away from the man, but he grabbed your wrist causing you to panic. “I would let her go if I were you.” You boyfriend Shownu said giving the man a death glare. “Woah dude I meant no harm, she said she didn’t have a boyfriend.” He said raising his arms in defense. You quickly ran to your boyfriend who embraced.

 “I was about this close to beating him, Don’t worry about people like him because I’ll always be here to protect you.”

I.M (Changkyun):

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Changkyun had left to the bathroom while you were at the club. He had left the dance floor leaving you with your other friends. Getting lost in the music you notice your friends had moved somewhere else in the crowed leaving you alone. Before you had a chance to find them a man grabs your waist pulling you towards him. “Dance with me sweetheart.” He said in your ear. You tried to push the man away, but his grip only tightened. “Let me go!” You yelled only to cause the man to begin laughing at your struggle. “She said let her go, if you want to grind on something I would be more than happy to grind your face into the floor.” Changkyun said grabbing the mans shoulder. The man scurried off at Changkyun threat. 

 “I guess I should take you to restroom with me next time.” He joked


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Jooheon would be a little more aggressive then the other guys. He was very protective over you. (Not in a bad way.) You had gone to the bar to get drinks for you and your boyfriend. As you stood waiting for your drinks a man approached you flirting with causing you to become uncomfortable. Jooheon would act in one of two ways, show the guy that you are his pulling you close or get up in his face. (Maybe even start a fight if that’s what he had to do)

 "I would do anything to protect my girl.“ 


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 Minhyuk seems like the type of boyfriend that when you were together it was as if you two were attached by the hip. He would always be with you by your side. Seeing the one time he left your side and saw someone making you uncomfortable he would instantly be by your side confronting them. 

 "Excuse me you are making my girlfriend uncomfortable please leave.”  


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I see Kihyun as the type of guy that would have a calm reaction. He would see you uncomfortable and be by your side and look at the guy with a face of “Are you serious?” And tell the guy to back off. If the guy refused Kihyun would not be afraid to go off the guy, having no shame when it came to protecting you.

 "As you can see she is not interested, but it would be in your best interest to leave.“

 Wonho (Hoseok):

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 Hoseok would be the type of boyfriend to get very touchy when he someone else making you uncomfortable. As soon as he saw your face, he was by your side wrapping himself around you to show the person you were his. He would be very possessive over you in a situation like this, especially if the person had made you feel in any way threatened. He wanted you to know that he would always be there for you. 

 "She taken, so please see yourself out.”


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 Hyungwon would probably be the most sassy about it. Seeing how uncomfortable you were as this strange man approached you, he would walk up behind you wrapping his arms around you placing a kiss on your neck. Looking up if the guy was still there, he’d say something around the lines of 

 "You’re still here because??“ 


Authors note: I am so sorry I know this was trash, but it is my first time doing reactions. REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN! (We now accept smut requests see rules to request) 

 -  Admin Wei Wei

Wanted to draw my Moon Godlike priestess again, because I still find her delightful and also I think she’s pretty. So here she is, smiting/healing people with the power of her shattered god.

Deadfire is going to be HILARIOUS.


1.08 / 6.03

Unpopular opinion: Piper McLean doesn’t punch Leo Valdez when they meet again.

Voltron Percy Jackson AU

Why am I, an account dedicated to musicals, posting Voltron headcanons?

Because I just finished season three and I need to express my feelings
So here we go
Voltron Percy Jackson AU
Also I’m a multipshipper, but for this I’m focusing on Klance because I wanted to focus on the brotherly aspect of Sheith

Lance: son of Hermes
- Okay so I thought a lot about this one, and at first I considered Aphrodite because he flirts a lot, but then I realized that he’d actually be a pretty good child of Hermes
- Children of Hermes love to play pranks, and one of my headcanons is that Lance plays a lot of pranks of his fellow paladins, so for me it makes sense to make him a child of Hermes
- He arrived at Camp Halfblood at the age of twelve, although he wasn’t claimed for a few weeks
- When he was claimed, everyone was kinda shocked
- A lot of kids grumbled about having to pay some of the other campers money because they lost a bet
- A decent chunk of kids bet he was a child of Aphrodite
- He’s the head councilor of his cabin
- All of the younger Hermes kids look up to him because he’s just?? So cool???
- Lance has a pretty big family on his mother’s side, so he’s used to being around a lot of kids
- When he got to Camp Halfblood, he wasn’t even surprised to have a lot of siblings
- He loves them all
- When the Roman Demigods show up, he is both impressed and threatened
- He thinks he’ll be outshined by this new Mars kid and this child of Bellona
- Lance quickly sees that Shiro isn’t a threat, but boy oh boy does he not like this Keith guy
- Their rivalry sparks when Keith beats him during a game of capture the flag
- This does not sit well with him
- Usually ass at capture the flag
- Fights with a bow he got from one of the Apollo kids after winning a game of capture the flag

Keith: son of Mars
- I headcanon that Keith is a child of the Roman god Mars
- One of the main reasons I headcanon Keith as a child of a Roman god is because I feel like the rivalry between him and Lance would be twice as much if they came from different camps
- The other main reason is because, compared to Ares, Mars is a lot less about “beat people and just be a tough guy” and more about “prove yourself and fight well, but don’t fight without a reason”
- He was claimed almost immediately when he first came to Camp Jupiter at the age of fifteen
- He came to camp late because he spent a lot of time just wondering around
- Keith is a Centurion of the Second Cohort and takes great pride in this
- He and Shiro are very close since Shiro used to be a Centurion of the Second Cohort alongside Keith
- Acts annoyed when Shiro treats him like a little brother
- Won’t admit it makes him happy
- He spends a lot of time at Camp Halfblood
- He teaches the Ares kids a few things about not being rash
- Lance calls him a hypocrite
- Keith gives zero shits
- Fights with Imperial gold daggers he got from Shiro

Hunk: son of Hephaestus
- Okay so Hunk is so happy as a child of Hephaestus, alright?
- Don’t get me started on this precious bean
- The yellow lion? He built that
- You heard me right, Hunk built his lion
- He totally built the other lions for his friends as birthday presents
- Hunk was claimed pretty quickly when he got to camp
- It wasn’t really a surprise to anybody
- Especially not Lance
- He, Lance, and Pidge all ended up at Camp Halfblood at the same time
- They’re the Problematic Trio™
- Lance always convinces Hunk to build stuff for his latest pranks
- They’re best buds
- I love my son
- Hunk loved Sci-Fi movies as a kid, so he builds himself a blaster
- The other campers are jealous

Pidge: child of Athena
- Pidge knew from a young age that they were a Demigod
- Their brother Matt was also a child of Athena, so there was no hiding the whole “half god” thing from them
- Ends up at Camp Halfblood a few years after Matt
- Matt’s head councilor and Pidge is proud of their brother
- Gets claimed the second they walk through the gates tbh
- Childhood friend of Hunk
- Pidge is so excited to see their friend there
- The Athena cabin greets them with open arms
- Pretty good at capture the flag, is usually paired up with the Hermes cabin for Ultimate Strategizing™
- They get along pretty well with their half-siblings, but obviously gets along with Matt the best
- Pidge had Hunk make them a grappling hook blade for a weapon
- Cherishes it more than anything

Shiro: son of Bellona
- Shiro is a prime example of a Roman Demigod
- He used to be a Centurion of the Second Cohort, but later became a Praetor
- Every camper looks up to him
- Is honestly one of the best fighters at Camp Jupiter
- Spends a lot of time with the Mars Demigods, especially Keith
- He sees Keith as a younger brother
- He acts as an older brother to the other Demigods, it doesn’t matter whether they’re actually his siblings or not
- Shiro’s a legacy, his great-grandmother was a daughter of Jupiter
- It’s to be expected tbh
- He was claimed after about a week
- The Praetors at the time were already impressed by his combat and leadership skills
- Gets sent to Camp Halfblood as a representative of Camp Jupiter alongside Keith
- He’s really confused by the fact that the Greeks didn’t have a version of Bellona
- Kinda disappointed he doesn’t have any Greek siblings
- The Problematic Trio™ take to him very quickly
- He sees Pidge as the closest thing to a Greek sibling he could have
- Has a really cool sword that’s both Imperial gold and Celestial bronze

Allura: daughter of Athena
- Allura is one of the head councilors of the Athena cabin
- Is adored by everyone
- Her father already told her she was a Demigod, he didn’t see the point in lying to her
- She has her own personal satyr
- Gets claimed by Athena right off the bat
- People were surprised by the fact she wasn’t a daughter of Aphrodite, just like they were with Lance
- She’s essentially the Greek version of a Praetor? Everyone just sorta looks up to her
- Allura has no official title, but she’s respected as if she had one
- She was sent to Camp Jupiter to invite the Roman Demigods to visit Camp Halfblood
- She comes back with two children of two gods of war
- Thinks she bit off more than she can chew
- Realizes that they aren’t that bad
- Leads a lot of camp activities
- Allura fights with a staff

Coran: satyr
- Coran is Allura’s satyr
- Alfor wanted to make sure that Allura was safe at all times, so he requested that Coran be assigned to her
- He and Allura get along very well
- He can be a bit over protective at times, but Allura knows he means well
- Lance tried to flirt with her one (read: multiple) times, Coran kicked him
- Lance was in the infirmary for three days with a concussion
- Coran felt bad afterwards
- Then Lance did it again
- Coran didn’t feel bad the second time

Here are my ship-related headcanons

- So I already mentioned that Keith and Lance are rivals, right?
- Well this rivalry is about almost everything
- Capture the flag? Lance has to prove he’s better than Keith
- Hand-to-hand combat? Keith is ready to kick Lance’s ass
- Archery? Watch as Lance tries to show off
- These two are always trying to outdo the other
- There’s a lot of showing off involved
- So much so that people just assume they’re trying to show off to their significant other?
- They take their constant teasing as an affectionate thing rather than them trying to be better than the other
- Hunk asks Lance about how his relationship with Keith is going
- Lance is confused
- Hunk is even more confused about why Lance is confused
- Pidge has to explain to Lance that everyone thought he and Keith were dating
- Pidge has to explain to Hunk that Lance and Keith were really just arguing
- Lance gets really flustered by this new information
- Assumes that it’s Keith’s fault people think they’re a thing
- Meanwhile Shiro and Keith are having a similar conversation
- Shiro catches Keith glaring at Lance
- “Trouble in paradise?”
- Keith stutters
- Asks Shiro what he means
- “You’re glaring at your boyfriend”
- Keith just stares at Shiro
- “Shiro he’s not my boyfriend what are you taking about?”
- “You could’ve fooled me. And the rest of the camp”
- Keith just walks away and grumbled about how he’d have to make sure people knew he and Lance weren’t dating
- One day Keith is trying to prove that he’s better at armed combat than Lance is
- So the two are sparing
- And Keith gets a good hit in and knocks Lance’s sword out if his hand
- He’s got his sword pointed at Lance’s throat and he’s sweaty and smirking and Lance’s heart does a flip
- And boy oh boy does he want to knock that sword out if his hands and kiss him
- But he knows that if he doesn’t that it’d seem like he was still fighting
- So he lifts up his hands to show that he surrenders
- And the second Keith sheaths his sword, Lance kisses him
- It’s desperate and full of worry yet hopefulness and Keith is confused and the kiss ends too quickly for him to react
- And Lance is staring at Keith with heartbreak in his eyes and he stutters out and apology and he looks like he’s about to cry and, fuck, Keith doesn’t like that look on Lance
- So Keith tries to stop his worries by kissing him again
- And this kiss is sweeter and Lance kisses back and they’re both smiling into it
- They pull apart and they’re panting, both from the kiss and also because they just fought, you know?
- And Lance just smiles mischievously and says
- “I bet I’m a better kisser than you”
- Keith accepts the challenge gladly
- They’re too busy focusing on each other’s lips to actually pay attention to who’s a better kisser
- Just!!!
- Rival Klance is my jam

aquaisces  asked:

April & Raph platonic bonding moment?

(the true raphril friendship dynamic)


“Okay, feet apart. Like this.”

“Feet apart, got it.”

“Knees bent.”

“I know, that’s like the first thing Splinter taught.”

“Aaaand you make sure to hit ‘im right in the diaphragm, got it?” Raph says, jabbing a quick punch in demonstration.

April nods, and raises her fists. Her form is still a little loose in spots, but much better than she’d been way back in her first weeks of training. “And then I just charge at him from down low, and catch him off guard?” April checks one last time.

Raph smiles toothily, excited for what came next. “Yep. Use your tiny size to your advantage, and gut ‘im good.”

“I’m average,” April huffs. “And you’re one to talk.”

Raph scoffs. “Whatever, I’m mutant so I don’t count towards human height standards. Now shhhh, focus. Here he comes.”

Leo had said earlier to stop doing this. Raph and April had elected to ignore him, just like every other time they were told off for practicing sneak attacks like this.

Casey, their target of the hour, walks blithely out of Donnie’s lab while still bickering with their resident genius. He’s not paying attention to his surroundings in the least, and that is exactly how Raph planned this.

He feels zero guilt over unleashing April’s latest technique on their mutual friend.

April turns into a small blur of red and yellow, and Casey’s head turns towards her too late to run. He barely gets out a confused “Hey, what’re you-?” before April plants her feet, transferring her momentum into the punch, and socks Casey in the stomach hard enough he flies backwards.

It only takes a beat of silence for Donnie to start cackling, watching Casey wheeze on the floor. April huffs again, and turns a proud smile towards Raph.

Raph tips his head at her, silently saluting her takedown methods. Heck yeah, teaching April extra tricks to beat up people had to be one of the most gratifying things out there.

“…the fuck did I do?” Casey asks weakly, clutching his stomach still.

“Sneak attack practice,” April replies smugly. “And by the way, If I’d angled that punch differently, I could have punctured something by snapping your xiphoid process backwards into your internal organs. In short, you’re dead if you don’t get to a hospital right now, Jones.”

April’s proud statement of barely escaped ER level trauma only makes Donnie’s laughter take on a higher note, and earns an impressed nod from Casey. “Cool,” Casey says, dropping his head back onto the floor. “I can respect that.”