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can you do a written reaction from Wonho, Jooheon, and Hyungwon where their s/o can make a beat and freestyle rap/sing about absolutely anything? For eample: their s/o would be doing their makeup and just burst into music number, tapping a beat with their makeup brush and rapping about setting their face with powder or something.

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Wonho - Totally amazed to know you could create a beat out of no where. He would join you in on the fun and start tapping the table or slam the drawers as you put lotion on your face. To know that you’re able to do this makes him happier as a person and as your boyfriend because he learned something new about you and he could jam out anytime he wants to with you. I mean, we can’t forget his Honestly rap from After School Club, am I right? He would also find it hilarious when you two are in the convenience store and you point at a ramen cup, and suddenly you’re rapping about chopsticks, ramen, and the ingredients that go into it! If he could, he would upload vlogs of the two of you just going around Seoul, singing about everything that comes by. He’ll be your accompaniment. 

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Hyungwon - Hyungwon would clap his hands and dance around as you sang about your makeup products as you applied them. He would bob his head around and make sound effects to add to your song as you rapped. He’d like to see this side of you more, the carefree, free-spirited side of yourself whenever you’re with him. When Hyungwon is in front of the other members, he’d point to an object and ask you to make a song/rap about it to amaze them. Not to mention he would add sassy or echoing sound effects just to make you laugh. “And now we’re onto powder,” “Powder.” “We make our voices louder,” “Louder.” And so on, and so forth. I could see Hyungwon bringing out a mic and imitating Jooheon or I.M.

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Jooheon - He is a rapper after all, so why not join in on your solo? Gangster rapper Jooheon is going to surface as he initiates a rap battle with you, seeing who could make the best rap about carrots and pans. He’ll smile along the way, ecstatic to realize you two sing all day if you wanted to. A great stress reliever and perhaps musical inspiration for Jooheon is something he could look forward to. He’s someone who enjoys being around others so this opportunity is something he’ll take. Definitely. Also, it’s his passion to rap and create music, so he’s more than happy to express that with you, even if it’s a simple thing like talking about face masks. At least Jooheon can make more memories with you because that’s all that matters to him.

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Beating Brush Lag in Manga Studio

Booooooooo… what is this, Photoshop?!

Lagging brushes are an occasional problem in any illustration software. Here’s a troubleshooting guide for Manga Studio if your tools are acting like molasses. (Some settings may be different on Windows or if you’re running the Clip Studio Paint branding of the software. For what it’s worth, I’m running Manga Studio 5.0.3 on Mac OS 10.7.5. Yup, I’m behind the times.) 

There are a few options to beat the lag: 

1. Quit Stuff
Bye bye, YouTube. See ya, Skype. Later, Tumblr.

Save your computer’s processor by quitting RAM-hogging apps and tasks while painting. Streaming audio/video will drastically reduce performance, but even leaving browsers open can slow things down, so best to just close it up. Guess that rules out Spotify, but then there’s always ye olde Zune. Gotta love cringing through those high school playlists while working.

2. Change Preferences
Easier than changing your mind, and quicker too.

Check under the hood of Manga Studio’s Preferences for a few speed boosts. Do the following in these sub menus:

Preferences/Tablet/Tablet Settings: Change from 1 to 6 (I believe this option is Mac only).

Preferences/Performance/Undo: Lower the Undo count. Try taking it down 10-15 notches from default. You could also turn up that long-titled setting (“Delay before recognizing new object…”) by 100 ms, but I haven’t figured out what that does exactly…

Preferences/Cursor/Display Position of Reversed Cursor: Make sure to check “No Delay”.

After changing preferences, it’s a good idea to close and reopen Manga Studio.

3. Modify Brush Tool Settings
Your brushes may take it personally, but remember you’re in charge here.

The Tool Settings window is a wealth of options for customizing brushes. Some are more processor-intensive than others. Here are a few of the best ones to modify: (Note: the look and behavior of brushes may be affected. You may want to duplicate and/or export a brush before changing its settings.)

Tool Settings/Anti-Aliasing: Turn down to “Little” or “None”

Tool Settings/Brush Tip: Reduce the number of materials on your brush.

Tool Settings/Stroke/Space: Increase spacing, but not too much. Brushes are essentially a string of material stamps. A low space setting means a smoother brush, but more work for your computer. Picture it frantically scrubbing a rubber stamp across your canvas. On that note, also make sure Continuous Spraying is not on.

Tool Settings/Watercolor Border: If your brush uses this setting, turn on the “Process After Drag” option. This renders the effect after each brush stroke and saves computing power.

Tool Settings/Correction: Turn off (or decrease) Stabilization, Post Correction, and Brush Stroke.

Tool Settings/Starting and Ending: Turn off all this stuff. Pfffft, who needs it, right?

Here’s a speed test after fiddling with some settings:

 Woooooooo! We’re getting faster! Still a bit laggy, which leads to one last tip:

4. Rework The Canvas
Might as well rework my life goals too.

Okay, disclosure: The two gifs in this post were recorded on a 4500x3000 canvas at 300dpi with a size 500 brush to emphasize lag. This third one is recorded on a 1080x720 canvas at 72dpi with a size 100 brush:

Yes! We’re cruising now! 

Canvas sizing and resolution has a big affect on brush performance. It’s a bit of a conundrum. Getting the best image quality means working at a minimum resolution of 300dpi, which can be taxing for brushes on large canvases. So what to do? Just like traditional paintings start with thumbnail sketches, digital work can start on a low-resolution canvas. Here’s the method:

Set up your canvas normally at the full target resolution. But before drawing anything on the canvas, use the handy tool under Edit/Change Image Resolution. Reduce Resolution to 72dpi. Use this smaller canvas for rough sketching, background filling, blocking in large areas of color, etc. Then increase resolution to 144dpi for building up the body of the painting, still keeping it loose. (I’d recommend switching Interpolate to Hard Outline when increasing resolution.) Finally, blow it up to full resolution and get into the nitty gritty of rendering. This is where you’ll do the crisp line work, highlights, details, etc.

The idea here is to work big to small. This will keep away brush lag by using large brushes on small canvases. As the canvas resolution increases, decrease brush size and work smaller, tightening things up in the process. NOTE: Increasing canvas resolution causes pixilation. Don’t worry about it. This can be cleaned up in the final stages of painting.

Hope this guide is helpful! If lagging persists, remember to check drivers and tablet settings as well. If all else fails, Google’s a good friend ;)


Thank you to the lovely and talented @lidicores for letting me use this beautiful illustration for a “first kiss” finnrey fic!
Finn waits. He knows Rey’s the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He yearns to wake up next to her, to cook dinner with her, to get into little dumb fights they’ll laugh about five minutes later. His heart beats faster when Rey brushes her dark hair back from her forehead, or when she takes his hand shyly on their nightly walks. He loves how her eyes light up as she crimps two wires together on the Falcon, and another switchboard comes to life. It hurts him to see how she’s always a bit surprised at how much food’s put in front of her when they eat in the mess hall at the rebel base. He’s glad he’s coaxed her into taking extra rolls at dinner, managed to make enough jokes about it that she finally seems to feel comfortable tucking a few into her knapsack.

He’s even seen Rey glance at him a few times like she did when they first met, when she thought he was a Resistance fighter. Now, though, she knows him inside and out. She understands what he ran from, what he was trained to do, and the look she gives him these days isn’t based on lies. 

So when she reaches for him, it’s not how soft her lips are, or how he finally gets to cup her cheek that brings tears to his eyes, though each moment is seared into his memory. It’s the pressure of her hand at the back of his head, the way she sways towards him, because he knows she’s saying I choose this, I choose you, and all he can do is kiss her back, to tell her you had me from the start.

the signs as bob ross quotes
  • aries: "i like to beat the brush"
  • taurus: "beauty is everywhere, you only have to look to see it"
  • gemini: "there is nothing wrong with having trees as friends"
  • cancer: "not all trees grow up to be perfect, a lot like people"
  • leo: "let's get crazy!"
  • virgo: "it's wet, slick and ready to go!"
  • libra: "i'm just crazy about ladies"
  • scorpio: "you gotta think like a tree"
  • sagittarius: "here i am the dictator and i can do what i want"
  • aquarius: "we don't make mistakes, only happy accidents"
  • capricorn: "maybe in your world, we aren't all straight sticks"
  • pisces: "just let your brush wiggle and have fun"


@birdmugs - thank you for the best OTP hashtag: #snake charmer

Blackout - Part 1

So, this story could (possibly) become a series. I love the idea of a bad boy, darker version of Prompto and the guys. Hope you all like this! 


Music blasted from the speakers overhead loud enough the shake the air as my feet gracefully carried me across the floor. Sweaty bodies twisted and moved together to the rhythmic beat. People brushed against me as I easily navigated the floor. A few tried to grab my hips and pull me back against them for a dance but I slipped from their grasp before they had a good grip on me. My mind was set on flirting a free drink from some poor lonely bastard at the bar and I wouldn’t be sidetracked. 

My heels clicked against the floor. I had nearly made it to the bar when fingers firmly wrapped around my wrist and pulled me to a stop. Warm breath fanned across my ear and I was pulled against a firm chest. “How about a dance, babe? I promise I’ll buy you whatever drink you want after.”

I pulled away enough to catch a glimpse of golden hair turned rainbow beneath the flashing lights. “One dance for one drink,” I conceded to the stranger. I didn’t have time to look at his face before I was pulled back into the writhing mass of dancing bodies. His grip was firm against my hips, pulling me back against his groin. Fingers poked from his gloves as they dug against my hip bones, a sweet spot of mine that always managed to drive me crazy. I allowed my weight to gently shift back into him as I gave myself over to the beat that washed over us. Surprisingly, his hips guided my own as we grinded together. Although I came to clubs often with my friends, I rarely danced with anyone other than them. I had never been one for strangers touching me and rubbing against me, but something about this was very different. His touch seemed to sooth my burning skin where we made contact. By the time the song had ended, we were both sweating.

Surprisingly, my partner made no move to try to keep me for another song. Instead his fingers wove through mine as he created a path for the two of us to the bar. I hoped onto a bar stool and signaled for the bartender. “I’ll have a Jack and Coke,” I called over the music. 

“Same thing,” the stranger ordered throwing up two fingers. He offered cash to the man before turning his blue eyes to mine. Freckles dotted his cheeks, pale and flushed cheeks giving him a boyish appearance - a stark contrast to the dark mischief playing in his eyes. A light stubble decorated his strong jawline and when he blinked, thick dark lashes brushed his cheeks. Blonde hair fell into his eyes before he brushed it away. 

I was snapped out of my daze when two glasses were slid before us. I grabbed my own, sipping it in appreciation as the alcohol warmed my already feverish veins. I jumped slightly as his fingers gently twisted a strand of my lavender hair. “So, you’re one of those girls,” he nodded to the drink I was holding. “Name’s Prompto by the way.” He turned his head back downing the drink. 

“Ailey,” I answered him before downing my own drink. He nodded as if the information was irrelevant. Maybe to him it was. “Well, thank for the drink.” I hopped off the stool and managed to land on my heels gracefully. Hopefully I could be tucked safely in bed before the buzz took its full affect. 

“Wait.” This time his grip was light. I could’ve pulled away but instead I found myself looking into his eyes once more. He nodded his head towards a group of booths and private rooms tucked into the back of the club, separated by thick curtains of sheer tulle and satin. “My friends are back there. You should come with me.” 

I searched his eyes, looking for the same drunken hunger I had seen on a dozen times before. I only found a cool confidence. I chewed on my lip in thought a moment before nodding. it wasn’t too late yet. 

A crooked smirk pulled at his lips. This time, his hand fell to the small of my back as we walked. Two large men dressed in all black. They only glanced at me for a brief moment before looking at Prompto and his hand on my back before pulling back the deep red curtains. The music was quieter here, enough so that I coud hear voices clearly. 

“Prompto,” a young man with shaggy black hair falling into his deep blue eyes smiled. A pretty blonde with delicate features was positioned across his lip, his hand resting on her thigh. “Thought you might’ve gotten lost.” The blonde giggled and sipped on a pink martini. 

A large man dressed in a cutoff and tight leather jeans laughed, a loud and full sound that almost made me smile. “Looks more like he found something.” Tattoos laced their way over his massive arms, stretching across the taut skin as he took a drink from a tray held out by a woman in a skimpy dress. 

“Do introduce your friend then,” a tall and slender man wearing simple glasses over his green eyes and a black button-up nodded. He sipped from a wine glass, casually glancing at a stack of papers held in his hand. 

Prompto took up residence on the couch between the human mountain and the young man with black hair. He pulled me down so that I was situated firmly against his side, one arm wrapped around the back of the couch behind me. He kicked a booted foot up onto the glass table before him. “This is Ailey,” he smiled to his friends. “One hell of a dancer.”

“Explains a lot,” specs nodded not bothering to glance up from the paper in his grip. 

Prompto waved off his comment before motioning to each friend in turn as he introduced them. “Specs over there is Ignis. This is Noctis and his fiance Luna. Gladio,” he punched the big guy on the arm, “he’s a real teddy bear.” 

Gladio barked out a laugh and continued to sip on his drink. I had taken each of the names in as they were said and continued to run them through my mind. Suddenly, a flash of clarity brightened my eyes and I sat up. “Wait,” I gasped looking around at everyone in the private little corner of the club. “Y-you’re Noctis Lucis  Caelum.” I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat. 

Immediately, the air around me shifted. No one physically moved, but tension filled the private space. It was as if everyone waited for Noctis’ reaction, all eyes flashing between the two of us. “So, you’re a smart one, then? Makes everything a little…easier then.” He smiled and kissed Luna lovingly on the lips. “You’re in the presence of royalty after all.”

I stared at him completely unsure of how to react. Everyone knew who Noctis and his friends were. His father, Regis Lucis Caelum, was the biggest crime lord that had ever existed in the history of Insomnia. People reffered to him as a king because he employed more people than the ruling council and pulled strings so that the city ran in his favor. Nothing happened in Insomnia without his approval. His son, Noctis, was in line to inherit the empire built in the city whenever his father stepped down. He and his friends were known for being ruthless as they carried out their orders. They were all royalty in their own right. 

Prompto’s lips grazed my ear. “You can relax,” he breathed. 

I knew that I shouldn’t trust him. I should get up and run as far away from this man and these people as humanly possible, hope they forget about me and just hide out for a few days. I would like to blame the alcohol for doing its job when I found myself relaxing back into the blonde’s warmth. “H-how lucky,” I finally managed. 

Chuckles emanated from everyone and the tension immediately left the space. It was as if we were all very close friends. “Drinks are free, music is loud, and we own the place,” Noctis sipped a fresh drink. “Enjoy yourself, Ailey.” He raised his glass in honor of me and everyone followed. 

I was glued to the spot for several hours, afraid to drift too far from Prompto. Everyone chatted easily, including me when appropriate. Some business was discussed in front of me but none of it made any sense and I zoned it out. Lunafreya was surprisingly kind, albeit somewhat spoiled. She had pleaded with me until I agreed to go shopping with her the coming weekend. Not wanting to anger her, I had agreed rather quickly. 

Finally, Prompto stood and stretched before offering me a hand up. We parted with the others and he twirled his key ring around his fingers. When we stepped out into the night, a sleek black bike with yellow accents waited for us. Handing me another helmit, Prompto revved up the engine and we were off into the night. 

I had given him my address before we mounted the bike. He weaved in and out of trafic, only causing me to grip his waist tighter and snuggle deeper into his back. I heard a chuckle drift through the whipping wind and he pushed the bike faster along. Several moments later, he parked just outside my apartment building. Acting as the gentleman, his gloved hand gripped my own and we walked into the building together. We were standing in front of my door before I turned to him. “Thank you…for tonight,” I blushed realizing what he was probably expecting. 

He laughed and leaned against the wall beside my door. “Of course. I saw you in that dress, walking across the floor and I just couldn’t resist.” A lopsided grin lit up his face. Despite the late hour, he seemed wide awake. 

I nodded, pulling my hair onto my shoulder. I chewed on my lip and studied the keys in my palm. I wasn’t going to give him what he obviously wanted and I had no idea how to tell him or what would happen when I refused him. I wasn’t afraid of him, but he and his friends were powerful people. 

“Hey,” he tipped my face up to his. “You going to invite me in.” His face was so close to mine. 

I gulped before managing to find my voice. “Prompto, I’m not that girl.” I shook my head and took a step back. “I…Thank you for tonight,” I repeated myself. 

The blonde cocked an eyebrow studied me for a moment. After a silence that made me nervous enough to shift my weight back and forth in my heels, he nodded as if he had come to a conclusion. “Goodnight, Ailey.” He surprised me by taking a step forward and brushing his lips across my forehead. “Sleep tight.” He stepped around me and disappeared into the awaiting elevator. 

Day 5: SET C - “Lyrics (Hearts A Mess)”

[ Pick apart the pieces of your heart
Let me peer inside
Let me in where only your thoughts have been
Let me occupy your mind
as you do mine
] [ Hearts A Mess - Gotye ]

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Gambit’s second catch and first squirrel! We had been out for almost two hours with no luck, so we started to head back in the direction of the car. I let him follow while I beat brush on the way. While in a tree just above me, he faced away from me and was super focused on a tree. He looked like he was ready to pounce any second, but I didn’t see a thing. He suddenly darted at the tree, grabbing a squirrel right off the side and plummeted down with it. I didn’t actually see him grab it nor did I think he actually had anything, but upon walking up to him obviously mantling something, I knew he caught something! He has missed squirrels in the past, so I was shaking with excitement to see that he caught a big male grey squirrel! The squirrel put up a fight, so I made in to dispatch it quickly. He had it firmly by the head, so it wasn’t going anywhere.

I am so proud of Gambit. We have put in so much time and effort, so it’s awesome to see him finally catching things!

First time trying to make fluffy American style pancakes, think they turned out pretty well! I served them with sugar and lemon juice instead of syrup which I find too sweet.

350ml milk
2 eggs
200g plain flour
2tsp baking powder
1tsp sugar
Vegetable oil for frying

Whisk the eggs and milk in a jug.
Sieve the flour and baking powder into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, the sugar and combine.
Make a well in the centre and gradually pour in the milk and egg mixture.
Beat well.

Brush a nonstick pan with oil and place on a medium heat.
When hot, pour half a ladle of batter into the pan to form a pancake about 10cm diameter.
Cook until bubbles start to form, then flip and cook on the other side until golden.

Serve with whatever you fancy!

The touch of your fingers against Calum’s bare stomach underneath his shirt distract him from his game of FIFA with the boys, still waking up as he leans back against you, trapping you between his back and the couch with your legs on either side of him. Your arms wrap around his waist as you press your face to his back, leaving kisses there that make his heart skip a beat, each little brush of your lips making his cock slowly harden.

“Babe,” Calum whines, not daring to take his eyes off the screen, “you made me miss that shot.”

He feels you smile against his back, your fingertips slipping even lower, skimming along the waistband of his shorts, “that’s what you get for leaving our cuddle to play FIFA,” you murmur, gently scratching your nails up his stomach.

He swallows thickly, his fingers stilling on the controls and you grin when Luke jumps up in victory, “HA! I am the King of FIFA!”

Calum blinks, his brain clouded with lust as you scratch your nails down this time, pressing a bit harder and you can feel his back stiffen against your front, “whatever,” he mutters finally, pushing your hands off his waist and standing, his cock a hard and obvious, tenting his basketball shorts, “are you coming babe?”

You bite your bottom lip to suppress your grin as you stand and lace your fingers with his, letting him pull you along toward the busses.