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“Why did you stop?”

“Because it hurt too much. The words meant too much”

- Love in the Afternoon, Lisa Kleypas


I’m a fan of Peter Rabbit and the other stories by Beatrix Potter.

It’s a part of my childhood. A collection of stories that follow various animals who wear clothes and live in the English countryside. Its world-building and thoughtful, halcyon atmosphere are a heavy influence on my work, particularly my video game series, The Butler Detective (which also has animals that wear clothes and act like humans).

If you’ve never heard of Beatrix Potter, then I want you to do something for me.

Watch this opening for the animated series adaptation of The World Of Peter Rabbit (1992). You just have to watch the opening and a bit of animation to get what it’s about.

In terms of adaptation, this is the spirit of Beatrix Potter. This perfectly embodies what it’s like to read The Tale of Peter Rabbit. The breathtaking music, the focus on nature, the calm narration, and the beautiful animation…

Now I want you to watch the trailer for the upcoming 2018 film adaptation of Peter Rabbit.

Are you noticing a sort of, um, discrepancy between the two? They. Don’t. Quite. Match. Do they?!

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Hort x Beatrix

Italy Aesthetic

Beatrix Diary

August, 04:45 p.m

Ciao Italia! I finally arrived to Rome. To be honest I couldn’t be more excited about this intership. But the flight was a torture, middle seat in economy? My dad and his “part of the experience” philosophy can be tiring… Either way, it was worth it. I already feel….different in someway. It’s the first time I’m on my own. And at the same time it is thrilling, it’s also nerve wracking. But I’m determined to make this work. One way or another.

I will update this (you?) soon.


meowchi-chan  asked:

What are your thoughts on each of Karlheinz's wives?

Hmmmm…well for the most part, I like them. But mostly they just make me sad XD I’ve done some research for Champagne and Chicanery since Beatrix and Christa don’t really pop up in HDB and that’s the only game that really interests me :p

Obviously it’s a mess and they’re all fucked up in their own ways but I don’t really feel like doing full out character analysis rn lmao. So I guess I’ll just list why I like them.

Cordelia is such a depressing character lmao. Like she is the very projection of the male gaze. And I mean this could be argued multiple ways, that either because of that she has just bought into what everyone’s told her (i.e. just a woman and therefore has no value outside of sex) OR you could see it as her taking control of that definition and using it as her own source of strength. But at the same time that’s really all she knows how to do is seducing men. And when it comes to Karlheinz (arguably the only man she really cares about) it just doesn’t really work. So she goes to very horrible extremes to get the attention she’s always been told she deserves. Which is just…sad.

Beatrix I don’t really have pity for. She seems to be the only one in this goddamn game with their head on their shoulders lmao. If you ask me I think she’s Karlheinz’s favorite wife. I’m not sure if they really loved each other, but I think they got what they needed from each other, and to a certain extent that’s enough? But I think Beatrix’s fucked uped-ness doesn’t come from Karlheinz as much as it does from Cordelia. Because we all know how much of a bitch Cordelia can be lmao. So like imagine this slut (I think Beatrix definitely sees Cordelia as such) telling you like “My son is gonna be king blah blah you’re a second wife blah blah my son is so much better” and like just imagine it. Like you have Beatrix, epitome of prim and proper. And you have her sons which are very much the same. And then you have Ayato’s scraggly ass like the triplets can’t even put on their suspenders correctly. I feel like Beatrix pushing her sons to the breaking point was more of a “bitch the fuck you ain’t” response to Cordelia’s harassment. Because all in all I think she did love her sons very much. She smiled when Reiji killed her. She was proud. *cries*

Christa…ok I lied I don’t really like Christa all that much lmfao. Personally I find her kind of weak. Which like yes yes I know she has issues boohoo she was seduced by Karlheinz wah how horrible. Idk. It’s still weak to me XD Although she does remind me of like this whole gothic heroine. Depressing shit. Actually it’s kind of like Jane Eyre you know the secret wife locked up in the tower cuz she’s crazy lmfaoooo. That said I don’t know very much about her. But of the three wives I definitely find her to be the weakest, in all sense of the word. 

The Three Wives of Karlheinz: Part 2

If you haven’t read the first part you can read it here. This post will be picking up many years (Or as I call them “Vampire Years”) after Subaru’s birth. Something I didn’t mention in the first post is when I say a year has gone by I am kinda talking “vampire years” since they seem to age really slowly. So 1 vampire year is like multiple years. I don’t know the aging process of vampires/other supernatural things but yeah…I’m gonna take a stab at it in another post. Anyway enjoy the read!

This post will mention some darker themes such as: depression, physical, verbal, psychological and sexual abuse and self harm . If any of these subjects bother you, PLEASE DO NOT READ THIS. While I am not going into gruesome or graphic detail, these themes will still be mentioned and I do not want anybody to be uncomfortable. Also this is merely a theory of my own interpretation!! Strictly my opinions!! So let me say it one more time: If you are sensitive to any of those subjects above, don’t read this and this is just my opinion

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consumed-by-hatred  asked:

Hi! Can you write a smut imagine in which Luke is the school nerd and he is in love with a girl named Beatrix since ever and he is very shy and awkward when she's around? And he thinks that she doesn't know that he loves her but actually everybody is, and one day she starts to sexually tease him? Thank you a lot!





It wasn’t a secret that Luke was in love with Beatrix, has been since they were kids. Beatrix was beautiful, popular and basically ran the school. Luke was the complete opposite, shy, awkward and the schools nerd. His legs would turn to jelly at the sight of her walking down the halls. “Stop drooling, nerd” one of the schools meat heads teased as Luke watched Beatrix strut towards her locker, he shrugged it off. Eyes locked on her. “Hey Luke” she cooed, getting closer she lightly squeezed his arm “h-hi Beatrix” he stuttered, trying to wrap his head around the situation “so, there’s this English test coming up on Friday and I was wondering if you could help me study for it?” she asked, pouting as she arched her back. All he could do was nod and swallow the lump forming in his throat, she smiled from ear to ear “thank you so much, meet me in the library after school?” she asked, releasing her grip on his arm “yeah o-okay” he smiled, watching as she gave his one last smile before walked away. Sliding down his locker, he couldn’t wipe the grin resting on his face at the thought of being alone with the beautiful girl.

Luke began counting the minutes until the final bell rang, absentmindedly tapping his foot as his teacher droned on. Normally he would have his full attention on the board, scribbling down notes as if his life depended on it but all he could think about was Beatrix, he could still feel the tingles on his arm were her hand once was. The second the final bell rang Luke shot from his chair before his teacher had the chance to dismiss the class. He walked straight to the library. Facing the door he watched as kids roamed in, taking quick glances at him before retreating to the books. Biting his lip the nerves built inside of him with every person that walked in none of them were her. Just as he began to think she stood him up, the library door opened, revealing Beatrix. Releasing a breath Luke didn’t know he was holding, he smiled at her. “Hey Luke, thank you again for helping me” she smiled, sitting next to him, dropping her English book on the table. “Hi Beatrix, it’s no problem really” he smiled, dropping his gaze to the book in his hand. “Should we start with Shakespeare?” 

She hummed as Luke explained the plot of Romeo and Juliet, rubbing circles on his inner thigh as she leaned closer to him, her hand began to slide further up with every word that left his mouth “a-and so basically they em, t-they committed su-suicide together” he stuttered as her breath fanned his face, his pants getting tighter with every move she made. Beatrix went to speak but the buzz of her phone cut her off, she took a quick glance before removing her hand from his leg, packing her things. “I have to get going but thank you for helping me, maybe we can do it again tomorrow?” she winked, standing from her chair, he nodded gawking at her. “Great, I’ll see you then!” she called over her shoulder leaving Luke flustered, wondering how he’s going to fix his problem downstairs.   

What would you do if that happened to you?! I’d crawl into a whole tbh! BUT I hope you enjoyed and smmmank you for requesting my lovely smol bean! x

Princess Máxima of the Netherlands (now Queen Máxima) goofing around with her mother-in-law, the then Queen Beatrix in Lech in 2013.