beatrix and steiner

im playing a FF game for the first time, and I was having a lot of fun with discs 1 and 2. 3, not so much. Disc 4 that I’m playing right now? fucking awful. is this really it. is that stupid boring-ass boss rush is really what it is. it better not be
however Steiner (my husband) and Vivi (my son) are still the best characters and I love them aaaaa whoooole dingadang looot


Final Fantasy 30 Day Challenge: Day 25 - Happiest Scene: FFIX’s Ending

“I didn’t have a choice. I had to live. I wanted to come home to you. So… I sang your song. - This is our song.

this took way too long. This was my favorite jrpg and i had the chance to finally replay it and beat it 100% like the over achiever I am. this game celebrated fifteen years of existence recently and this is my gift to them. 

and now i’m on hiatus until i beat fire emblem fates 6 times through. i’m crazy! I’ll do it!

A Brief Respite — Beatrix and Steiner

Finished! Went through a few different concepts for this one. Originally, I wanted them upright as if they were standing guard over the others, but I realized that on display, the vertical alignment would look weird with the rest of the horizontals. So, they’re tending to their equipment instead.

I felt a little rushed on this one as I did it one afternoon with the kids indoors. Keeping them and the dogs off my materials and paintings was a real challenge! I need a studio space T_T

Final Fantasy 9 © Square

Still to come:

Zidane x Garnet


Vivi and Eiko

Freya and Amarant