Because yesterday was the one year anniversary birthday of my blog, I’ve decided to make a new follow forever.

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PSA- If i haven’t listed you in my follow forever, don’t feel bad. I still love your blog or else I wouldn’t follow it! :)


So, a while ago I reached 700 followers and I decided I should do something to celebrate it! Because of that I thought I’d make a follow forever, so I could thank some of the perfect people I follow for being so incredible. Anyway, these are a few of the blogs that I follow (:

Also, thanks to all of you lovely people who follow me, I love you a lot <3

PS.: If your url is in bold, that means that I: love you/ love your blog/ admire you a lot/ wish I was your friend. Or something like that (:

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triedtoforget asked:


Song: I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
Favorite line: You never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything
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Put a ♪ in my askbox and I’ll put my iTunes on shuffle and tell the song, my favorite line and give you a blog rate!

this is a network to cry over harry osborn and tasm in general.

  • mbf alyssa and hawk
  • reblog this post, likes are only for bookmarking
  • fill out this hilarious as hell survey
  • this has to reach 30 notes by may 25th otherwise [electro noises]
  • 8-10 members will be picked after that
  • you have to be a fandom/multifandom blog that crys tasm/tasm 2
  • send hawk an ask stating that she is your queen and you will bow down at her feet
  • have a nice theme & blog also be a nice person
  • have your askbox open
  • one of us will send you an ask saying that we are your rulers
  • you’ll have to track the tag ‘harryosbornet’
  • surrender an icon and a description for the network page
  • also your email bc we want to be friends
  • have a link to the network page somewhere in your blog
  • follow everyone else bc FRIENDS!!!1!11!!111
  • you get to be associated with hawk
  • a follow from both of us aka what everyone wants in life
  • people that will reblog your selfies, do promos, all that network-y stuff
  • help with whatever you need (hopefully)
  • generally people to cry about dane dehaan i meant harry osborn and tasm with
  • did i mention being friends with hawk

send us an ask if you have any questions. good luck little ducklings~