So, a while ago I reached 700 followers and I decided I should do something to celebrate it! Because of that I thought I’d make a follow forever, so I could thank some of the perfect people I follow for being so incredible. Anyway, these are a few of the blogs that I follow (:

Also, thanks to all of you lovely people who follow me, I love you a lot <3

PS.: If your url is in bold, that means that I: love you/ love your blog/ admire you a lot/ wish I was your friend. Or something like that (:

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Hello lovelies! It’s that time of the year again, and even though I didn’t make one last year, I decided that I should make a follow forever to show everyone how much I appreciate them all. I honestly don’t follow a crazy amount of people, so I think this is an average size for a follow forever, but I wanted to let everyone here (and anyone else that I might have missed, but am still following) that I love and appreciate each and every one of you. You all make my dash enjoyable and you’re all the reason I still get on tumblr everyday. Thank you for having such wonderful blogs. Much love and happy holidays! ❤

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okay alright it’s that time of year again!!!! firstly i want to give cieber​ aka dickhead laura aka fake heaux a big ass s/o for making this beautiful edit she knows i hate her bc she’s fake and a hoe and she’s a pain in the ass lmao thanks!!… well anyways today’s my second anniversary on here and i couldn’t be more grateful for all of you guys! i’ve met so many incredible people and obsessed over so many amazing blogs and some have even become close friends and i honestly couldn’t be any happier that i decided to join this website. 

well as you may also know i’m not the emotional type and most people don’t even bother to read all this so let’s just cut it right there and say i really do love all of you and i’m doing this as a way to thank you for the amazing year you’ve been a part of!!! i wish every single one of you amazing souls a very merry christmas and a happy new year!! on with it..

special s/o to tumblr famous lol: justinbiebertaylorswiftwaakeme-up

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also if you’re bolded it means you’re very near and dear to my heart!!

if you’re not here it doesn’t mean i don’t love you (it just means that my memory is whack lmao) so don’t forget to check out my blogroll & everyone, i wish you all the happiness in the world 😚💕🎊🎁💫😏