beatoy cf shooting


Before Niel’s voice crack:

Niel: *sings loudly, happily, and confidently*

Chunji: *does some sort of weird humping moves, then moves his head to the beat*

L.Joe: *holds the mic for Niel, rocks his head to the beat*

Ricky: *seems to be lost in his own world*

Changjo: *grooves to the beat, being his cool self*

C.A.P: *somehow looks nervous, tapping his hand continuously*

After Niel’s voice crack:

Niel: *stops abruptly, withdraws himself from the attention, pretends that everything is normal by leaning onto C.A.P as if nothing just happened*

Ricky: *snaps back into reality* CALL!

Chunji: *copies Ricky immediately* CALL! *turns around and laughs at Niel*

C.A.P: *becomes alert right away, smiles, hits Niel while saying something like, “Be serious! Why did you do that?”*

L.Joe: *closes his eyes, smirks as if he already expected the crack to happen, probably thinking along the lines of, “Note to self: hit Niel later.”*

Changjo: *frozes for a little bit, then shrugs and chuckles, his face is saying, “Ah, Niel-hyung….. why am I even surprised?”*

Interviewer: *laughs-oh-so-happily*

Me: BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NIEL!!! *rolls around on her bed, dying of laughter*