Somebody Else’s Baby - Beatnik Termites

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i loved this song since the first time i herd it long long time ago (when i for the first time dyed my hair red, and i’ve been a redhead since). and i have a ritual that i listen to this song while drying my freshly dyed hair.

so i dyed it, i’m waiting my dreads to dry. i think it turned out really really bright… and i LIKE IT! :D


Beatnik Termites - Somebody Else’s Baby


Strawberry Girl - Beatnik Termites

I realized I didn’t do my Nightly Ode to MJ last night, so here’s an extra special one for ya!!! (Seemed fitting!!)

When I see you with another boy
it really rips my insides
My lip trembles as I watch you
and it makes me wonder why