beatnik horror

BatB Project

Khan Goddard was nothing but authentic.

At nearly twenty six years old he already made a name for himself without the help of being Adam Ant’s son.

Writing screenplays since he was twelve his first Indie film got intonthe Brighton film festival when he was thirteen becoming an Indie film and was about a mob family in 1940s Los Angeles with a grim Coppola ending, he even wrote the score himself. During the rest of his teen years he was building a film company for he didnt trust any of the ones in Hollywoof but he wanted it to be in Hollywood not liking the way films kept filming other places that were not California, he misses the classic silver screen years, so he had a lot built in Hollywood whereRKO Pictures were, he started with friends from school it was called TPM (Thespis Picture Movies) and at age eighteen his first Hollywood film came out and was a blockbuster hit people said it has been a long since theybsaw a film like that.

It was called Encino, it took place in contemporary times although it looked as though it was a mix of 50s and 80s, it was in black and white and starred Tatiana Binici as the lead beatnik-horror rockabilly teenager named Lydia Gish at Dean Keaton High School (The names came from James Dean and Buster Keaton) and her romantic interest was a greaser-esque punk with Cry Baby hair named Dylan Stark played by Frank Dillane, the night at a high school party held at cheerleader Kelly Walsh’s (Played by Masiela Lusha) house her boyfriend the water polo captain Garrett Cassidy (played by Zac Efron) was found dead with 7 stabs to the chest, it was a film noir mystery romance and wrong place at the wrong time sorr of thing. It won an Oscar, ever since he has been putting out what people call the only films worth watching.

When he heard Kenneth Branaugh was making a heavily CGI rendition of Beauty and the Beast With Emma Watson as Beauty he knew something had to be done so at the same time woth a script written in two weeks, he was making one he held auditions, had an entire castle made, the details all real even the moving furniture was real like in Cocteaus film in the forties, he had the staibed glass made to look likenthw actors and the costumes uniquely made by top designers, it will take place in Burgundy and he was flying the cast and crew out oer dium, paying for everyones stya at the top luxury hotelAbbaye de la Bussière.

It was four in the morning and he just left the shower and rubbed on his lotion dressing in jeans, a t shirt, a black sweater on top, boots and grabbing his coat. He wanted his fiancee tonsleep in and he made sure she would get top treatment right now he had to get things ready before rehearsals.