Inner spaces resounding with echoes of eternity,
far beyond the realms of either this or that,
my void heart beatless tethers to this mask,
infinite fields of black pitch and emptied perspectives,
a shadow stretched forever upon my sight,
as a seed covered deep within the earth,
and if by chance watered with tears,
that have fallen from the eye of god,
to bloom once more in untold forms,
to die and yield, again and again,
…forever becoming.

Anime visual of Beatless, the latest project of supercell illustrator redjuice. An English website has launched with a lot of information about it, including plot and character descriptions. Besides that:

  • The novel (written by Satoshi Hase and illustrated by red juice) will have an English translation by Edwin Hawkes. 
  • WITS Studio with Satoshi Kadowaki were in charge of the anime illustration. I suppose it won’t be long until we have an anime announcement?
  • It also offer redjuice’s artbooks for those interested