beatles cartoon

George: here. look at this lovely picnic casket they packed for us!

Ringo: you mean picnic BASKET dontcha

George: no! i mean casket! and wait till you see all the goodies inside! there’s heart of artichoke….you remember good old artie…. french fried potatoes…EEEUUUGUGHG

If Disney made a Reboot of the Beatles Cartoon: Okay so we‘re gonna keep the Sing-along obviously, modernise the art style a little bit maybe…

If Nickelodeon made a Reboot of the Beatles Cartoon: how about we use the timelesness of the Beatles and fill it to the brim with outdated Memes, loud and obnoxious humour and just screw the original material in general! What about Ringo Dabbing?!

If Cartoon Networks made a Reboot of the Beatles Cartoon: 👏MAKE👏 IT 👏 G A Y 👏

Girl: George! George Harrison! We shouldn’t ask you this but you’re so strong. 

Other Girl: And so famous!                                                                             

George: Yes, yes, go on.                                                                                       

Girl: We wondered if you could do something for us?                                            

George: How could I refuse such intelligent girls?                                         

*From Me to You begins playing as George does squats for 22 seconds with no apparent reason, then stops abruptly*                                                                   

George: Now what can I do for you?