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Bucky Barnes X Barista!Reader

A/N: This is for @just-some-drabbles 4k follower challenge! Congrats, babe!

Thanks to my fake friend @denialanderror for beta’ing.

Words: 1718

Prompt: “I got your message. What the hell was that supposed to mean?”

Warnings: bad fluff again bc im a hoe for soft things but idk how to write soft things rip


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Vinyl Appreciation Club, week 2!

The playlist:
Frank Zappa, Pygmy Twylyte*
Led Zeppelin, Black Dog
Thundercat, Lava Lamp
AJJ, Brave as a Noun
Elton John, B-B-B-Benny and the Jets
Les Miserables soundtrack, I Dreamed a Dream
Uncle Tupelo, Graveyard Shift*
The Beatles, I’m Only Sleeping (forgot to photograph that one)
Parliament, Flash Light*
*=my teacher picks

The last picture is about half the students who came to this meeting, covering their faces because I can’t/won’t put minors’ faces on Tumblr!