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In an interview with Esquire, Matt Damon relayed a story Bono told him about The Beatles:  “[Bono’s] like, a student of the Beatles. He’s read every book on the Beatles. He’s seen every bit of film. There’s nothing he doesn’t know. So when Paul stops and says ‘That’s where it happened,’ Bono’s like, ‘That’s where what happened?’ because he thinks he knows everything. And Paul says, ‘That’s where the Beatles started. That’s where John gave me half his chocolate bar.’ And now Bono’s like, ‘What chocolate bar? I’ve never heard of any chocolate bar.’ And Paul says, ‘John had a chocolate bar, and he shared it with me. And he didn’t give me some of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a square of his chocolate bar. He didn’t give me a quarter of his chocolate bar. He gave me half of his chocolate bar. And that’s why the Beatles started right there.’ Isn’t that fantastic? It’s the most important story about the Beatles, and it’s in none of the books! And Paul tells it to Bono. Because he knows how much Bono loves the Beatles.
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  • radio announcer: Tomorrow at 7 the beatles will read their own poetry
  • paul: We ain't written no poetry
  • radio announcer :
  • radio announcer:
  • radio announcer: I came out to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
Art and Obligation | Chapter 1

Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: Nc-17 (G, for this chapter) 

Set in: 1820s (au)

Summary:  John Lennon works as the apprentice of a well-known portraitist and is tasked to do the picture of the young Mr Paul McCartney. He is the son of Jim McCartney, a wealthy and powerful landowner, and has the reputation of an arrogant, spoilt brat with a pretty face, who has a way of wrapping anyone around his finger. But soon John finds that things are not as straightforward as they may seem.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles and this is fictional. I do not make money off this.

Author’s note: I’m so excited to start this fic. I have some great idea for it, so I hope you all will enjoy it just as much as I will. I know you have been waiting patiently for a long time, so I hope it holds up to your expectations. I tried to make my language a bit more “formal” at first, but it will loosen a bit later on. I just wanted to try it out. It will have angst, fluff, smut and plenty of drama as usually, so enjoy and please let me know what you think!! :)

There weren’t many people who could remember a time before the McCartneys had been one of the most prominent families in the north of England, especially around the city of Liverpool. The impact they had had on the city and its people was astounding, the family having ties with many of the most influential persons in and outside of the city, like lawyers, judges, officers, bankers, doctors, clergymen, merchants, and successful entrepreneurs, as well as other landowners. Not a day went by when the McCartney family was not at least mentioned in passing, leaving few with the ability to imagine a time the family had not been or would not be around, their influence and power reaching far beyond their own land.

Their large estate, that stood some miles off from the city, doomed up high upon the hill onto which the fast-growing city had been built, giving the impression of an ever watchful eye overlooking the city with a scrutinising gaze. It was a gorgeous manor house. A fine piece of Carolean architecture, built around the 1690s in a H-shaped floor plan, and faced with gorgeous, smooth sandstone, that coloured golden in the evening light of the autumn sun. The outside was completely symmetrical, decorated with false windows that were just so placed as to provide perfect symmetry. The building as a whole was large with two floors, a grand attic, and a basement, all housed under one dark grey tiled roof, with a copula in the centre.

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Where did you find the Harry Nilsson audio where he talks about the 'I love Paul' button, and do you have any more audio clips of Nilsson?

Geoffrey Giuliano (of sleazy, sensationalistic, and/or at the very least contentious Beatles biographies) released a 5 disc box set of assorted interviews with Beatles and members of the Beatles’ extended circle (including interviews conducted both by him and by other people) as a companion to his book Glass Onion called The Beatles In Their Own Words: A Rockumentary, which is where I found that audio clip from his interview with Harry Nilsson. The box set is fairly affordable on certain leading online auction sites, if you’re willing.

There are a couple of other clips from what’s presumably the same interview, but I’d have to dig up my discs again to confirm what was covered - his Lost Weekend partying with John in general terms, most likely. (Believe me, if the discs had also included audio of that curious “I fell for Paul’s looks” quote, I would have already posted it on @amoralto.)
Love me brew: Sir McCartney brews beer from his estate
EXCLUSIVE: The Beatles’ Macca running a microbrewery from his East Sussex home

The Beatles legend, 73, named the ale Old Stinkhorn after a phallic-shaped mushroom which also grows on his farm.

The concoction is bottled on his land in East Sussex and given as gifts to colleagues and friends.

Fran Healy, 42, of the band Travis has received regular crates since the pair worked together on his solo album in 2010.

He said: “A box turns up every year. It’s really nice.”

Macca took up his secret home-brewing hobby several years ago.

A source close to the star said: “Paul has been making the beer for a while now. It’s delicious.”

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1. the longest wave - rhcp 

2. yesterday - the beatles 

3. go your own way - fleetwood mac 

4. silver springs - fleetwood mac (fuck!!! yeah!!!!!! one of my favorite songs of all time the fricken outro is my whole life check this shit out!!!!!!!!)

5. you dont own me - lesley gore 

6. hurt - johnny cash 

7. about a girl - nirvana 

8. closing time - semisonic 

9. pale blue eyes - the velvet underground 

10. castles made of sand - jimi hendrix 

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