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The fact that Lily and the Marauders went to Hogwarts in the 70s doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

Imagine Lily Evans in bell bottoms. Imagine her bringing a record player and vinyl records to Hogwarts.

Imagine Peter Pettigrew with a Beatles haircut.

Imagine Remus Lupin wearing a Tom Baker scarf and being a Whovian.

Imagine Lily introducing Sirius Black to classic rock and Sirius wearing band t-shirts all the time and becoming a metal head.

Lily taking James to the cinema and watching his head explode (could you imagine James watching the first Star Wars when it came out in 1977!!!!!)

I want more 70s Marauders!


Young (baby) David Tennant Photo shoot - from 1998 (he’s 27)

I apologize that I don’t have all of them without watermarks…

the year is 2037. gorillaz phase 10 is out. 2D is completely bald and murdoc is old and gray. literally his vibrant green skin has faded to a dull gray. his hair has thinned and left him with terf bangs, a bitter reminder of his previous beatles haircut. noodle and russel are still spry but russel’s beginning to feel his age. years of drumming have left him with terrible arthritis in his hands. noodle has pursued her dream of becoming a professional ramen maker and has her own ramen business, making the entire band doubly rich. the plot of phase 10 is that murdoc wandered off in a walmart and the rest of the band must find him but keep getting distracted by old people stuff. all of the songs on the album are about decorative soaps, candles and cheap food. the only music video produced this phase is just 2D complaining about the cheese being too expensive. he’s not even singing he’s just examining it and making dad noises. it actually turns out that murdoc has been dead since 2025 and his ghost has just been playing bass the entire time. he then possesses both russel and the walmart and traps everyone in there. russel and murdoc have become one ethereal being and from then on all phases take place in the demonic walmart.

He [Jurgen Vollmer] had his hair Mod-style. We said, ‘Would you do our hair like yours?’ We’re on holiday - what the hell! We’re buying capes and pantaloons, throwing caution to the wind. He said, 'No, boys, no. I like you as Rocker; you look great.’ But we begged him enough so he said 'all right’. He didn’t do it quite the same as his.
His was actually more coming over to one side. A kind of long-haired Hitler thing, and we’d wanted that, so it was really a bit of an accident. We sat down in his hotel and he just got it - the 'Beatle’ cut!
For the rest of that week we were like Paris Existentialists. Jean Paul Sartre had nothing on us. This was it. 'Sod them all - I could write a novel from what I learnt this week.’ It was all inside me. I could do anything now.
When we got back to Liverpool it was all, 'Eh, your hair’s gone funny.’ – 'No, this is the new style.’
We nearly tried to change it back but it wouldn’t go, it kept flapping forward. And that just caught on. We weren’t really into the coiffure. It was like Mo’s out of the Three Stooges. It fell forward in a fringe. But it was great for us because we never had to style it or anything – wash it, towel it, turn upside down and give it a shake, and that was it. Everyone thought we had started it, so it became 'the Beatle hairdo’.
—  Paul McCartney about the trip to Paris with John in 1961 (Anthology)
Love Comes in Threes - PT 1 -

Yoongi + Jungkook + Reader polyamory relationship

A/N: This is a new series I’ve been wanting to start for so long! And I am now getting to write it! This is mainly written on mobile, so forgive any mistakes! I will go through it many times to clean it up thoroughly! I hope you enjoy this series as much as I will writing it!

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Love Comes in Threes PT 1

Pairing: Jungkook x reader x Yoongi

Genre: Fluff, Smut, and Angst here and there

Warning: Mentions of sex, swearing, and the nightmare of highschool.

Words: 948

AU!: Highschool/college + Poly

Description: You and Jungkook are seniors in highschool. Dating for a year, you two sit down at your favorite coffee shop, only to find a man that may change the dynamic of your relationship forever…

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Title: Faget
Description: Two sexually frustrated teenage boys have to clean up their teacher’s classroom with no one else in the building.
Genre: Smut
Author’s Note: for kari’s birthday bc she’s a ryden slut tbh. i put too much detail in about mormonism but i swear to god what i wrote is factual bc my grandpa is literally in the stake presidency which is hella high up and my mom did real estate in vegas so yeah

Ryan scrunched up his nose. It smelled like mold on the lower floors. He’d told Mrs. Holladay countless times to get it checked out but she just didn’t listen. He thought that private schools clearly had enough money to pay to call in a contractor but they seemed to be too busy spending it on things like carpeting for the old wooden staircases and dry erase markers that you couldn’t recycle. Privates schools were absolute overpriced dumps he decided; they were like landfills for funding.

Mr. Wentz slapped his marker on his palm to signal the two students to look up at him. “Alrighty,” he shouted when they both cooperated. “So, Ryan you’re here for you know, detention, and Brendo, well you’re just an impeccably good student to the point that it’s almost annoying. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to give you a harsher punishment Ryan, but you really didn’t do much wrong and it’s a lot easier if you and Brendon just work together. You two are just going to clean up the classroom, okay? I’m pretty sure the custodians are sick of you kids and your sh– stuff” Ryan rolled his eyes and inhaled. It was a pretty easy punishment though and he was grateful for that.

Brendon always cleaned up for the teachers. He was the most reliable student ever, some teachers liked him more than others because of it but they were all glad he wasn’t causing any trouble. He went exactly by what his family taught him, to always do far more for others than you would do for yourself and more importantly, to be obedient. It was also sort of a church thing but he liked the message and chose to do it however he could. It was sort of funny, his sisters were supposed to be the ones that cleaned and cooked and took care of everyone but he did that more than any of them did. Then again, one of them was already married so she was almost completed with what she needed to do in life, she just needed to have children. Brendon was so excited for her to start a family, he was really good with kids.

The teacher left the room and left Brendon a key because he trusted him enough to lock up because everyone else had left. Ryan looked up at the oak framed clock, it was 4:55. Brendon already had a broom and was staring wide eyed at the key in his hand. Ryan mentally laughed a bit, Brendon was fifteen and still acted like a fifth grader that wanted to impress all of his teachers to get gold stars on his homework more often.

“So, uh, what did you get detention for?” Brendon stumbled on his words. He was so bad at talking to new people, especially people older than him. Ryan was a junior, meaning that in a way he was better than Brendon. That wasn’t technically true but Brendon thought he was below everyone and that’s why he had to be so obedient. It made perfect sense to him.

“Wearing makeup,” Ryan answered confidently. He was actually really insecure about it, it was humiliating to work up that much confidence and be rejected by both his peers and school. All he wantes to do was wear silver eyeshadow, it made him feel powerful. He’d gotten so good at doing his makeup, it was an art and he wouldn’t let anyone tell him it wasn’t. It was pretty and he liked being pretty.

“Oh,” Brendon nearly squeaked. He’d never met a boy that wears makeup, that was a thing that only girls did. “Isn’t that a little, uh, gay?”

“No,” Ryan snapped back defensively. “I like Keltie, I’m not gay and makeup doesn’t mean you’re gay, it means you like makeup.” Brendon had never thought about that. He just thought that if you did something that only girls were supposed to do, you were gay because people who are attracted to men have to be feminine. He’d never questioned the reasoning behind it, it hadn’t seemed so flawed before. He’d always been told that if people don’t do things to make themselves feel good and if they did, they were selfish.

Brendon had liked a girl named Audrey who got suspending for dyeing her hair pink. He had to admit that he thought it looked sort of cool but it was against dress code and his mom would beat him with a wooden spoon if starting dating a girl with unnatural colored hair. Plus he had absolutely no chance with her, she was gorgeous and sort of rebellious and sweet and perfect and he just had a bad Beatles haircut and liked to mop and spend hours his playstation. It was one of God’s cruel jokes to a teenage boy except Brendon wouldn’t phrase it like that because he was taught God did no harm unless it was necessary. It was almost impressive how church oriented his family managed to be despite living in Las Vegas where prostitution is legal and you were able to find a strip club by simply looking out your window. The last part wasn’t really true but it was definitely a city centered on money and sexuality and funny enough, most of the casinos were owned by the LDS church.

“So, I’ll sweep if you wipe off the desks, okay?” Brendon offered nervously. Ryan nodded and went to grab a rag off of one of the desks. He was dreading getting gum off of the bottoms of desks with all of his heart. Kids were so gross, Ryan wished he could say he didn’t understand why but he understood a bit too well. For one thing, it was easy just to make others clean up after your shit, it required absolutely no real effort and they weren’t stupid, they knew that they’d never be held accountable for anything.

Brendon spent more of his time bent over with the dustpan than he did actually collecting the dirt and particles that went inside. Ryan didn’t even bother to thoroughly scrub the desks, they’d get dirty and scuffed up again anyway. Yet every time he brushed over the ugly oak desks, he thought about all of the gum underneath and more gum to be stuck underneath and nearly cringed. By the time he made it to his third desk he began gagging and ran to the trash can to regurgitate all of the contents in his stomach thanks to the stupid stale invisible desk gum. He leaned over and let the acid run over his teeth and feel even more disgusted than before.

Brendon certainly didn’t have any empathy for him, he began laughing and very loudly at that. Ryan continued coughing and gagging before grabbing the unopened water bottle Mr. Wentz left on his desk and turning around to chastise Brendon. He chugged the water to rinse away all of the aftertaste of his own vomit.

“What do you think is so fucking funny?” Ryan scowled. Brendon kept on giggling and covered his mouth to calm down and tried to recompose himself.

“I’ve never seen someone puke just from cleaning,” Brendon nearly snorted. Ryan flared his nostrils and put down the water bottle again and watched Brendon. Brendon kept carrying on, now cackling because of how upset Ryan had gotten. Ryan was waiting for him to shut up a bit but that took a while. Motivated by rage and embarrassment, Ryan ran over to younger one and pushed him to the ground and nearly knocked the wind out of him. “What was that for?” Brendon wheezed.

Ryan threw his legs over both of Brendon’s sides and pushed his hands into his shoulders to pin him down.

“You little shit,” Ryan hissed at the boy who was now below him. Brendon looked like he was still in shock from being knocked over. It hurt his tailbone and head a bit but he was alright, his lungs just weren’t fully functioning yet from having all of the air drawn from them. When he did begin breathing, it was more like panting, it came in short heavy spurts and he had to try not to start coughing.

“I’m sorry,” he pleaded once his breathing was back to normal. Ryan stared down at him and contemplated how to punish him for laughing at him and wrestling was the only thing that came to mind. They both weighed like a hundred pounds though but then it would be sort of a fair fight. The only problem was that Ryan couldn’t do anything physically draining to save his life and Brendon probably couldn’t either. He was starting to lose his balance the more he thought and when he tried to recompose it, he felt a little twitch of sorts beneath him.

“You fucker,” he whispered at Brendon. Okay maybe Ryan was a little gay but obviously so was Brendon. The boy below him gulped and didn’t bother to move because he didn’t know what to do. After an almost agonizingly long amount of time since he was being pinned down, Ryan leaned down his torso and brought his lips to Brendon’s. At first it wasn’t really contact until they both started getting more into it and Ryan loosened his hold above Brendon. They started sort of lazily grinding, not really making any progress before Brendon wiggled out from underneath Ryan and Ryan was left on his back.

Brendon crawled over to Ryan’s legs and lay over them to get access to the waistband of his pants. He fiddled with the belt, getting it off rather quickly due to experience from with getting his off after church because the pants he had to wear to sacrament burned and itched. He unzipped them and pulled them down to about Ryan’s knees. Ryan had really long white legs that Brendon was almost tempted to stroke because they looked so clean. Brendon waited a moment before pulling down his boxers. He’d really never considered giving fellatio before but there he was. He pulled them down at last and contemplated how to start.

Brendon had never even seen another penis besides his own. He thought they all sort of looked the same unless they were old and wrinkly and had only masturbated three times. Ryan let out a shaky sigh from waiting and lack of stimulation and need for stimulation. Brendon put his hand on Ryan’s hips and lowered his mouth down onto the head of Ryan’s dick.

“Hold down your left thumb,” Ryan instructed. Brendon looked up confused. “It reduces your gag reflex.” Brendon had never even considered his gag reflex and immediately took Ryan’s advice due to memories of the dentist having to put in his palate expander three times due to his tongue pushing it out. He resumed what he was doing before starting sucking, not knowing what to do. He tightly gripped his thumb and attempted to take all of it in at one. His gag reflex didn’t totally go away,causing him to cough a bit and his throat muscles to act. Ryan moaned at the constriction which Brendon thought was pretty weird but didn’t say anything about it.

Brendon lifted up his head up and flattened out his tongue and licked up the bottom of Ryan’s dick. He stuck his mouth back where it was and started twirling his tongue around the head looking for some sort of positive reaction. Ryan let out more shaky moans and Brendon took it as a sign to continue. He licked over the top where the slit was and then but his mouth down further. “Holy fuck Brendon,” Ryan gasped. He was close to ejaculating and didn’t alert Brendon of it. Brendon kept on his using his tongue and hollowed out his cheeks the more he went down.

Ryan gave out around the time Brendon’s gag reflex kicked in the second time. Brendon lifted his head off and began coughing before spitting it out on top of his hand.

“Sorry I didn’t warn you,” Ryan leaned forward on his elbows. Brendon kept coughing and tried too steady out his breathing so he could respond.

“No, it’s fine. Uh, sorry if I did a bad job,” Brendon apologized. Ryan shook his head and wiped off his nose with his left hand.

“No, it was good. I’m assuming that’s the first time you’ve given head,” Ryan looked up at the ceiling light above him before making eye contact with Brendon.

“Yeah,” Brendon laughed. Ryan began putting on his clothes and trying to get himself together again.

“Should we, uh, finish cleaning?” Ryan offered unsurely. He really didn’t want to finish scrubbing Mr. Wentz’s classroom after that whole experience between puking and getting blown. Brendon scanned the room and contemplated it a bit.

“No, I don’t think so. I doubt Mr. Wentz will mind,” Brendon said quietly. Ryan grinned and they both rose to their feet. The clock said it was now 5:20 and they both needed to get homework done and get home so they didn’t get reprimanded by parents. Brendon grabbed the broom and dustpan from behind him. “I have to drop these off at the supply closet,” Brendon explained. Ryan nodded and grabbed the rag from the desk he was working on before handing it over to wash Ryan’s semen off of his hand. “Oh, thanks.”

They both walked out of the building together and stood awkwardly at the doors in front of the gravel parking lot.

“Um, I’m going to go walk home,” Ryan stuttered. Brendon nodded and looked out at the parking lot.

“Yeah, my mom’s here.”


“So, uh, see you tomorrow?” Brendon half smiled.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow,” Ryan nearly bit his tongue. He knew it probably wouldn’t happen and that they’d just be awkward and distant but it was nice to lie.

Alright (requested)

S T E V E  R A N D L E imagine

//This one’s for Anon and it’s kinda sequel to “Meeting Steve”! You can find it in my masterlist :)\

It’s been about three months since I’ve moved here and met Steve Randle. He was kind of complicated. He was a cool guy but he has his bad side like everyone else. It just showed more than most people. He was blunt and stubborn. But at the same time, he cared. I don’t really know where we stand anymore. Boy, it’s crazy. I thought I was in love with him but sometimes he makes me pissed off. Sometimes on purpose, just to mess with me. I don’t get why, he knows I hate it. I tried talking to Sodapop, his best friend, about it but he just said not to sweat about it. I guess Steve was always like that with his girls..

I was walking with Cherry and Marcia again to the DX after school. We’ve been doing this every friday since I came here. Marcia said she wanted to do it since Steve and I were kind of a thing but we all knew it was over her obsession with Soda. I guess Steve and I are a thing. We went out a couple of times, maybe a few kisses here and there, but he never admitted I was his girl or anything. Much less any feelings. Sometimes I’d see him with this greaser girl named Evie but usually they were yelling at each other or something. Sodapop told me not to worry about it. Cherry told me to just not care. It was Steve anyways. I heard through the grapevine that he and Evie were a thing but he never answered me when I asked about it. I wanted to not care but it really pushed me off the edge. I heard my name come out of her mouth once or twice so if I was involved, why couldn’t I know? But I guess Steve just never talked well.

“Y/N?” I snapped out.

“Yeah? Sorry,” I smiled, looking at them.

“Thinking about it?” Marcia snickered. “Come on, he’ll come around or something. But if he doesn’t, I know Randy wants to get with you.”

“Just ignore her, Steve’s just difficult,” Cherry whispered in my ear.

“What was that?”

“Hey!” Sodapop shouted, jogging passed us.

“SODA WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” Marcia yelled.

“SCHOOL! PONYBOY’S FIRST TRACK MEET OF THE YEAR,” Soda hollered, running off the direction we came from.

“Oh,” Marcia sighed.

“It’s okay, I think Randy likes you,” Cherry joked, opening the front door.

“I’m done with Randy. Randy likes everything and everyone,” Marcia rolled her eyes. “Sorry Y/N, but I do know he’d like to get with you. Sodapop on the other hand-”

“Who wants to get with Y/N?” Steve’s voice boomed behind us. Marcia’s eyes widened and I laughed but it didn’t matter. Steve knew about her crush, he just didn’t care about it.

“Randy, tall Soc with that semi-Beatle haircut. You should hurry up and make her yours before she’s not available anymore,” Cherry advised.

“I ain’t scared of no Soc,” Steve smirked.

“Yeah but Y/N’s still available for anyone,” Marcia chimed. I felt this weirdness in the air. Steve didn’t say a word after that. He just stayed quiet, rummaging through a few boxes while Cherry and Marcia munched on some licorice. They were both looking at me like something scandalous happened.

“I’ll be outside if anyone needs me,” I muttered. I grabbed a twinkie and made my way out the door. I found a bench to sit on and a few seconds later, I heard the door chime.

“You know, you have to pay for that right?” Steve said, walking over to me.

“I know,” I looked up at him and bit my lip.

“You wanna ditch this place?” he smiled and pinched my cheek.

“No, not really.”

“Alright, lay it on me,” he sat down next to me.


“Tell me what you want. Do you want to be with someone else? That Randy guy or what?” his voice was stern and serious.

“I wanna go- go steady,” I admitted. “I want to be official.”

“Alright,” he shrugged.

“What?” I asked.

“Do you have a problem with your hearing or what?” he chuckled.

“How come I had to tell you? Why didn’t you just-”

“I ain’t good with admitting things,” Steve said. I rested my head on his shoulder.

“Well if you want to be with me, you have to admit things. I can’t just read your mind,” I told him.

“I know,” he shook me off and playfully punched my arm.

I punched him back harder, “Tell me how you feel about me.”

“No,” his voice was harsh again.

“Why not?” I turned my full body towards Steve and looked at him confused. “I’m your girl now right? Is it bad?”


“Then tell me,” I stared at him. “And don’t tell me it’s gay.”


“Alright? I’m alright?” I scoffed.

“No, alright I’ll tell you,” he shook his head. “You gotta slow down doll. I wasn’t even finished talking and-”

“Tell me,” I smiled at him.

He sighed and slowly said, “I think I-”

“Steve,” I whined.

He got up, “If you can’t wait, then I’m just gonna go.” He started walking away but I got up quickly and hugged him from behind.

“I love you,” he burst out, turning around.

“W-what?” I looked up at him, surprised as he looked annoyed.

“I think you have a hearing problem Y/N,” he chuckled, putting his arms around me.



George Harrison, and Pete Best, Wallasey, 17 December 1961

Photos © Albert Marrion

“It was everybody’s idea to wear leather as soon as we saw it. Leather jackets were always the thing - Marlon Brando - and jeans. In Germany they had great leather, and our friends wore it. Astrid [Kirchherr] was dressing like that when we were still just Liverpool scruffs. She was the one who had the leather kecks and the Beatle haircut.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]

hey boooys wanna know how to get the ladieees? ;)

  • get a beatles haircut and dye it black
  • don’t shave for about two days
  • get a cockney/midlands british accent
  • wear a red contact on your left eye
  • tan green
  • drrrrrrrrrag your rrrrrrs
  • start worshipping satan
  • get a cute lil beer gut but stay skinny
  • dress fashionably, preferably black
  • turn into an evil mastermind
  • change your name to murdoc
  • cry over the fact that you can never be him so just give up
My sons
  • First Doctor: grumpy grandpa child son
  • Second Doctor: beatles haircut awkward recorder son
  • Third Doctor: kicky punchy floofy-hair son
  • Fourth Doctor: toothy scarf candy son
  • Fifth Doctor: beige beige cricket dad son
  • Sixth Doctor: big rainbow carrot juice son
  • Seventh Doctor: spoony schemey umbrella son
  • Eighth Doctor: huggy kissy amnesia shoes son
  • War Doctor: time war son
  • Ninth Doctor: buzzcut leather jacket son
  • Tenth Doctor: nice hair angstcake son
  • Eleventh Doctor: awkward baby giraffe chin son
  • Twelfth Doctor: angry fluffy grey owl son

The fact that Lily and the Marauders went to Hogwarts in the 70s doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

Imagine Lily Evans in bell bottoms. Imagine her bringing a record playing and like 100 vinyl records to Hogwarts.

Imagine Peter with a Beatles haircut.

Imagine Remus wearing a Tom Baker scarf and being a huge Whovian.

Imagine Lily introducing Sirius to AC/DC and Sirius becoming a punkhead.


I want more 70s Marauders!