beatles haircut

The fact that Lily and the Marauders went to Hogwarts in the 70s doesn’t get nearly enough credit.

Imagine Lily in bell bottoms. Imagine her bringing a record player and vinyl records to Hogwarts.

Imagine Peter with a Beatles haircut.

Imagine Remus wearing a Fourth Doctor scarf and him and Lily fangirling over Doctor Who.

Imagine Lily introducing Sirius to classic rock and Sirius becoming a punkhead and wearing Muggle band t-shirts.

Lily calling James “groovy” and him freaking out because he doesn’t know what that means.

I want more 70s Marauders!


George Harrison, and Pete Best, Wallasey, 17 December 1961

Photos © Albert Marrion

“It was everybody’s idea to wear leather as soon as we saw it. Leather jackets were always the thing - Marlon Brando - and jeans. In Germany they had great leather, and our friends wore it. Astrid [Kirchherr] was dressing like that when we were still just Liverpool scruffs. She was the one who had the leather kecks and the Beatle haircut.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]

He [Jurgen Vollmer] had his hair Mod-style. We said, ‘Would you do our hair like yours?’ We’re on holiday - what the hell! We’re buying capes and pantaloons, throwing caution to the wind. He said, 'No, boys, no. I like you as Rocker; you look great.’ But we begged him enough so he said 'all right’. He didn’t do it quite the same as his.
His was actually more coming over to one side. A kind of long-haired Hitler thing, and we’d wanted that, so it was really a bit of an accident. We sat down in his hotel and he just got it - the 'Beatle’ cut!
For the rest of that week we were like Paris Existentialists. Jean Paul Sartre had nothing on us. This was it. 'Sod them all - I could write a novel from what I learnt this week.’ It was all inside me. I could do anything now.
When we got back to Liverpool it was all, 'Eh, your hair’s gone funny.’ – 'No, this is the new style.’
We nearly tried to change it back but it wouldn’t go, it kept flapping forward. And that just caught on. We weren’t really into the coiffure. It was like Mo’s out of the Three Stooges. It fell forward in a fringe. But it was great for us because we never had to style it or anything – wash it, towel it, turn upside down and give it a shake, and that was it. Everyone thought we had started it, so it became 'the Beatle hairdo’.
—  Paul McCartney about the trip to Paris with John in 1961 (Anthology)
My sons
  • First Doctor: grumpy grandpa child son
  • Second Doctor: beatles haircut awkward recorder son
  • Third Doctor: kicky punchy floofy-hair son
  • Fourth Doctor: toothy scarf candy son
  • Fifth Doctor: beige beige cricket dad son
  • Sixth Doctor: big rainbow carrot juice son
  • Seventh Doctor: spoony schemey umbrella son
  • Eighth Doctor: huggy kissy amnesia shoes son
  • War Doctor: time war son
  • Ninth Doctor: buzzcut leather jacket son
  • Tenth Doctor: nice hair angstcake son
  • Eleventh Doctor: awkward baby giraffe chin son
  • Twelfth Doctor: angry fluffy grey owl son

Young (baby) David Tennant Photo shoot - from 1998 (he’s 27)

I apologize that I don’t have all of them without watermarks…