beatles fangirls


Today in Pop Culture History
February 7, 1964

Legendary heartthrobs, The Beatles, arrive in the United States for the first time. I wanna hold your hand…

Zodiacs as people I've met
  • Aries: Big cuddly dorks of the Internet. Awkward, loves Nintendo, can dance like h ell.
  • Taurus: Annoying little sibling who likes to throw bananas on me but can somewhat sing, b
  • Gemini: That best friend/ literal mom friend who loves The Beatles and Fangirls over everything
  • Cancer: Confident, photogenic dancer who is just amazing in general
  • Leo: Want to be loved, loves dark things and roleplaying
  • Libra: "hi ______, I'm dad" literally. Loves cricket and food
  • Scorpio: flirty creatures who are awkwardly seductive. Can draw for shit
  • Sagittarius: the brightest and prettiest creature you will ever meet. Loves cartoons and Twenty One Pilots
  • Capricorn: awkward, nerdy, and shy. Loves gaming. Is a bean
  • Aquarius: the cutest ever, has huge glasses, smiles a lot at inappropriate times
  • Pisces: Somehow manages to make everyone fall in love with them by saying nothing, doesn't do anything, loves anime, actually a ninja