There is a story, possibly apocryphal, concerning John Lennon during his infamous ‘lost weekend’, the period in the mid 70s when he split from Yoko and temporarily devoted himself to booze and carousing. One night, a fan came across John and his table of inebriated chums in a night club and stopped for a chat with his hero. John seemed only too happy to answer questions about The Beatles. One of them concerned the fan’s favourite song. 

‘Is it true that Hey Jude was about Julian?’ the fan asked. 

‘Actually, that one’s about Brian Epstein,’ said John, deadpan. ‘Originally it was called Gay Jew.’ 

The whole table broke into a spontaneous chorus: ‘Lah lah lah la-la-lah, la-la-la-lah, Gay Jew!’ 

At which point John burst into drunken tears and shouted at the ceiling, ‘Stupid fucking sod!’ 

The story rings true because the spiky affection Lennon displays for his lost mentor was typical.

[The Most Unkindest Cut Of All by Jim Irvine, Mojo, The Blue Issue 1967 - 1970]

Pic: Robert Whitaker, 1966.


• Blackbird ~ The Beatles •

Sto qui e ascolto la musica che vola, o volo io, mica lo capisco bene.
Ma è poi davvero importante chi vola?


The uncropped and untilted photo that was used for The Beatles’ RUBBER SOUL (1965).

RUBBER SOUL might be my favorite Beatles album. It has an Indian summer mood—the sunny joy of their early work is still there, but shadows of melancholy and introspection have appeared and are growing longer. The instruments sound clear, as if they are being played in an open field, McCartney’s soulful fuzz bass is like a hummingbird buzzing around your head. And the grass… well, the grass is there to be smoked.