“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Santana

Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time (2010)

OKAY SO take out chair and sit down cause this is gonna take a while. me and carolines theory is that paul and janes relationship was fake. i mean, paul never talks about her, she never talks about him. fake celebrity relationships arent uncommon at all anyways, and jane and paul fits that perfectly. when did he write a song about her, besides honey pie and i love her (maybe)?? none. john and cyn were real, they fell in love as teenagers before beatlemania. paul and jane got together in 1964 when beatlemania happened, and if he was a single man people would think he was gay (which he was for john but thats another story). brian, knowing mclennon was real and being gay himself, got jane, an already famous actor, together with paul so people would think he wasnt gay because in the 60s if you werent married by like 25 something was wrong with you. brian also hid cynthia from public because he didnt want fans to know john was married because it would ruin his sex appeal so it would make sense if he did the same thing, in a way, with paul.
fast forward to the summer of 1968, john and paul “breakup” after india and once yoko steps into the scene, paul was a mess. john, his partner since they were teens, just left him for some japanese chick. i know how it feels when you just leave a meaningful relationship, so if paul wasnt thinking straight because of this i understand. which lead to him and jane breaking up. he and jane dated only to cover up mclennon, and now that mclennon was over so was paul and jane, but paul didnt know how to breakup with her because he wasnt over john yet so he cheated on her with francine shwartz IN THEIR OWN HOUSE. im sure anyone with sense wouldnt cheat on their FIANCEE in their own house unless something was up. there were even apple scruffs outside his house warning jane that he was cheating when she came home, and sure enough, she caught him, packed her bags, and that was that. besides, for dating her for 4-5 years, he moved on REALLY quickly, dating francine afterwards and dating linda that fall. it’s almost as if he never really loved her, but she loved him….

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  • teacher:so, for example, how did you start your day?
  • me:woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head
  • teacher:ok well, someone el-
  • me:found my way downstairs and drank a cup aND LOOKING UP I NOTICED I WAS LATE
  • class:
  • teacher:
  • teacher:you're not wearing a hat
  • me:
  • me: