beatle doodles


So I was cleaning my room out and found two notebooks from senior year last year (that I forgot to destroy in a symbolic bonfire muwahahaha).
I looked through them and thought I might share some of my doodles!
They’re mostly Beatles related cause duh. (I did draw other stuff tho- including my first ever attempt at Roberto🍋!)
All these were done from memory so please look passed the scribbling haha.

Anonymous said:Hey for the send a character thing could you draw some Mclennon? It’s John Lennon and Paul McCartney btw they were gay. Anyway we get like no fanart ever of them and I mean if you don’t like them you don’t have to, but I think it’d be nice. They look so good together too.

Ahh, it’s okay, I actually really enjoy McLennon !! I occasionally see The Beatles on my dashboard and I don’t particularly ship Paul and John, but they indeed look really cute together  ❤